New Moon In Gemini – Perhaps There’s A Different Way

On June 18th, 2023 we have a New Moon at 26° Gemini

The New Moon is conjunct Juno, the asteroid of commitment and devotion. Mercury, the ruler of the New Moon, is whispering sweet words into Venus’ ears. And Jupiter is applying a friendly sextile to Saturn, presenting us with practical steps to turn those goals into reality.

This all sounds nice, BUT there’s way to go. The most important aspect the New Moon in Gemini makes is a strong applying square to Neptune at 27° Pisces.

The New Moon in Gemini will remind you of what’s important to you, painting a picture of how things could be. But Neptune will make you doubt yourself every step of the way. 

Neptune Squares – Helpless Against The Tide

Neptune transits can get a bad rap because Neptune is associated with illusion, deception, and things that are not what they seem. 

However, this is a limiting way of looking at Neptune. Neptune’s end goal is not to deceive us – but to help us find a higher, more integrative synthesis. 

A square is a tense aspect experienced as a “me against the world” scenario. When we have a square transit, we feel that no matter how hard we try, there are outside forces, or insurmountable circumstances that prevent us from achieving our goals. We are in a tug of war with the world. 

A Neptune square is not an Uranian unexpected turn of events. Nor a dramatic Pluto power struggle.

Neptune squares feel like the world is slowly drowning and disintegrating. That things are slipping through our fingers, leaving us floating with the tide, headless, directionless, at the mercy of the ocean. 

Initially, Neptune squares challenge our reality. “I am just helpless against the tide?” “Can I really make this happen, or am I just daydreaming?” “I knew this was too good to be true”. 

The Neptune square will make us doubt our Sun-Moon-Juno commitment. But if we stop at this preliminary, confusing stage, we are missing the higher purpose of the transit.

Neptune – Connecting The Unconnectable

Neptune is an outer planet, and outer planets – unlike personal planets – are collective energies we can’t make sense of in the same way we make sense of Mercury or Mars. 

If Mercury is how you or I think, Uranus – as the higher octave of Mercury – is the sum of all our individual brains, and more. Uranus is the collective bank of thoughts – it’s the supercomputer of humankind.  

If Venus is how you or I feel, Neptune is the collective bank of feelings. And If Mars is how you or I act, Pluto is the collective bank of actions. 

Coming back to Neptune. Neptune is associated with unconditional love, which is really what happens when all our individual Venuses merge together to seek higher unity. 

And the way Neptune finds this higher unity is by diffusing personal identifications, you vs. me, what I want vs. what you want. Neptune is that ocean of oneness where we connect with the world at a soul level. 

We can only find the higher love, this soul connection, when we go beyond 3D identification layers.

Neptune is the God of the oceans. Think of the ocean. No one ‘owns’ the ocean. Oceans don’t have a name or an identification label in the way people or countries do. 

How could they? Their role is to connect – people, things, ideas – that are otherwise very different, and very far apart. That don’t speak the same language, and don’t operate under the same laws. Neptune’s goal is to connect the unconnectable. 

Gemini Vs. Neptune

The New Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces will make us aware of something that doesn’t make sense at first. 

You may read something that challenges your understanding of the world. This may be something that is so far away from your definition of truth that you immediately label it as a “lie”, “BS” or “conspiracy theory”. 

You can tell yourself “Ah, of course, just another Neptune delusion, so good I know astrology” …

OR you could look at it as an opportunity to reframe your understanding of reality. 

The New Moon in Gemini is wired for facts and hard data. “I see it or it doesn’t exist”. 

Neptune in Pisces is wired for finding meaning beyond facts and hard data.

Gemini and Mercury rule researchers, and Neptune and Pisces rule scientists and theoreticians. 

Einstein was a Pisces! He came up with his creative theories not by employing Gemini, hard-data approaches, but by using his imagination. Neptune helps us close our eyes and “see” what is otherwise invisible to the eye. 

It’s in Neptune’s fertile oceans that we can extrapolate numbers and notes, find theorems, and make music. But to get there, we have to go beyond our Gemini filter.

Is not that the Gemini approach is not useful. It is extremely useful – without our Gemini pair of eyes and ears, we wouldn’t survive. 

But then we want to take things a step further. We can still use Gemini to tip our toes into the ocean. Once in the ocean, we then need to trust the tide and let it take us to places we’ve never been before

New Moon In Gemini – Perhaps There’s A Different way

The New Moon in Gemini is an invitation to question our understanding of reality, and reframe our perspective. 

Perhaps there is something you feel very attached to. Juno conjunctions remind us of what matters to us. Juno is what we will never give up on because it’s part of who we are.

Perhaps you always wanted to be a writer, or a screen player. Or you’re still in love with someone who is no longer in your life. Juno is our undying devotion – what will always matter to us, the “promises we made from the cradle to the grave”.

At the New Moon, Neptune squaring the Sun-Moon-Juno conjunction will initially make us doubt our Juno commitment: “Who am I to become a screenplayer?” “Some things are not meant to be”. “I’ve always been chasing this ideal, only to be disappointed”. 

If you’ve been doing the same thing over and over with no results this doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up. Perhaps you’re not supposed to do things that way.

Perhaps there’s a different way. 

New Moon In Gemini Reflection Prompts

How do you react when faced with something that challenges your understanding of the world? How can you reframe your initial thoughts and explore new perspectives?

Is there something you have always held onto, no matter what? How might the New Moon in Gemini square Neptune invite you to reimagine your approach and consider alternative paths to make your dream a reality?

Imagine yourself metaphorically stepping into Neptune’s ocean of oneness. What new perspectives and experiences await you in this expanded space?

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  1. This was an incredibly helpful insight about the Neptune square and how to access its positive potential. Thank you!

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