Jupiter Conjunct North Node – The Call To Adventure

On June 1st, 2023 Jupiter is conjunct the North Node at 3° Taurus, opening new doors of opportunities for us. This is a unique chance to embark on a new journey! 

With Jupiter conjunct the North Node of purpose, there’s a strong pull to walk the path of our purpose. The North Node will draw us in, pulling us into the unknown.

We want to experience something deeper, something more meaningful. 

Jupiter and the North Node have quite a bit in common. They are both growth-oriented, forward looking energies. Jupiter wants to find a higher meaning, and the North Node is our actual purpose in life. When Jupiter and North Node meet, opportunity meets readiness. 

The North Node energy can be elusive – the North Node is a mathematical point, not an actual planet.

The North Node is our inner compass. It’s that inexplicable drive and longing that pulls us in and makes us do things that don’t make sense to others and even to ourselves. We don’t know why we are attracted to something, we don’t know why we feel drawn in, but the pull and longing are difficult to ignore. 

The danger with North Node transits is that we can miss the boat, because we don’t trust that longing, or that inner calling enough. We may feel the pull to do something, but then we ignore it, because it doesn’t check in with our ‘reality’. 

But the North Node IS the unknown, the North Node IS a place we’ve never been before. Is not supposed to ‘check in’ with our status quo. That would be the South Node. 

North Node, South Node And The Opposition Aspect

The very interesting thing about the North Node and the South Node is that they are the quintessence of the opposition aspect.

Not everyone has a conjunction, or a square, or a trine in their chart. But all of us have at least an opposition, because all of us have a North and a South Node, which by design, are always opposite each other. 

Understanding the North and the South Node, and how they work together, can give us clues about how all the other oppositions in our chart ‘work’.

Oppositions are probably the most difficult aspects – not because they are inherently difficult, but because, by their nature, are difficult to figure out. In most cases, we identify with one of the planets in the opposition, and we project the 2nd onto others. 

In the North Node-South Node pair, we usually identify with the South Node, because that’s the ‘familiar’. 

We apply the same principle to all planetary oppositions. If you have a Venus-Saturn opposition for example, you will likely identify with Venus, and project “Saturn” onto others, by repeatedly attracting Saturn-like partners who may be serious, responsible, or older than you. 

Relationships will eventually run in the same type of issues “my partner is so critical”, “I can’t do anything right”, “they are no fun to be around”, “we always fight about money” – but the root cause of these issues is not the partner (it’s us who unconsciously attracted them in the first place) but our failure to understand how the opposition aspect ‘works’ – i.e. through projection. 

That’s why the North and South Nodes are so difficult to figure out. That’s why it sometimes takes a lifetime to reconcile and integrate the two. 

Aspects don’t work independently. In most cases, our North and South Nodes are also engaged in other aspects with other planets that write a more detailed story about our path to Nodal integration. 

Jupiter Conjunct North Node Sextile Saturn

Coming back to our Jupiter-North Node transit conjunction. 

We know that the North Node is an elusive energy we tend to project onto others – therefore, it’s more difficult for us to recognize and own it. 

Thankfully, Jupiter and the North Node also receive the helpful assistance of Saturn. Saturn, now at 7° Pisces, makes a harmonious sextile with Jupiter. 

Just like Coelho’s Alchemist, we feel the call to adventure. And thanks to Saturn’s assistance, we are not alone. We have Saturn’s structure to guide us. 

With Jupiter conjunct North Node and sextile Saturn, opportunities will abound – but we have to recognize and OWN the North Node, and actually say YES to the call. 

Jupiter Conjunct North Node – The Call To Adventure

Paolo Coelho was born with the North Node in Taurus, and Jupiter conjunct South Node in Scorpio. His bestseller, “The Alchemist” is a great metaphor for the dynamic of the North and South Node. 

The only reason the hero, Santiago, found the treasure (South Node) is that he believed in it in the first place. He was intentional about it. He attracted it (North Node). 

Similarly, if we want to find our ‘treasure’ we first need to answer the call of the North Node – even if we’re not clear about what we’re embarking on, and even if this goes against (it will) the way we’ve been living our lives. 

The reward will come. But we have to actually go on a journey. And every journey begins with answering the call to adventure. 

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