Deciphering Aspects in the Natal Chart

After working 1-on-1 with hundreds of astrology lovers, we’ve learned that Aspects tend to be the #1 issue and growth area for students of all levels – from intermediate to professional.

Most people are at least partly familiar with the main astrological aspects: the conjunction, the opposition, the trine, the square, and the sextile – but knowing how to weave the meaning of different aspects together is a completely different story.

Aspects are the backbone of natal astrology. Aspects don’t only bring the chart to life, but can also help us make sense of transits, since transits are nothing else but aspects that transiting planets make with planets in the natal chart.

Aspects can help us understand ourselves and others in deep, profound ways. They are especially useful in understanding why we struggle in life; the awareness we gain when we understand the “bigger purpose” of the aspect is transformative and healing.

Aspects are very important, but astrology students of all levels struggle with them. Why?

Aspects, as taught in books, or on the internet and social media, are watered-down and diluted, or reduced to buzzwords and stereotypes.

How can we move away from the cookbook to a coherent, relevant interpretation? How can the aspects help tell a story of what is REALLY important in the chart?

When learning aspects, there are several areas that make a real difference:

  • Breaking down the aspects in detail, as opposed to reducing them to key words like “square = tension”, or “sextile = opportunity”; this will help us understand the modus operandi of each aspect, and the exact difference between a square and an opposition, or a sextile and a trine
  • Having a step-by-step framework where we “dissect” the aspect and introduce one concept at a time, as opposed to introducing too much complexity at the beginning
  • Learning when one aspect (for example a square) can be offset by another aspect (for example a sextile) – or how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  • Understanding aspect ‘hierarchy’ – which aspects are more important and should take precedence in the interpretation
  • Connecting multiple – and sometimes contradicting – aspects into a meaningful interpretation
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Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart

We are very happy to announce that Astro Butterfly’s School’s “Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart” program is now open for enrollment!

“Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart” is a 4-week online course where you will learn the ins and outs of astrological aspects – how to untangle the knot and scan through the complexity of sign, house, and multiple aspects combinations, and come up with a meaningful interpretation.

In “Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart” we will reverse engineer the astrological aspects. We will start with the core concepts, adding additional interpretation layers as we go.

We will use a 4-stage learning framework: “Learn”, “Reflect”, “Clarify”, and “Practice”:

  1. LEARN: The “Learn” phase is focused on assimilating theoretical concepts. The theory is presented in bite-sized lessons with graphics, images and chart examples to help you make sense of the information.
  1. REFLECT: In the “Reflect” phase you will complete an assignment that will help you integrate what you’ve learned and apply it to your own chart.
  1. CLARIFY: Then in the “Clarify” phase, you will gain broader context by asking questions, and by learning from the teacher’s and other students’ examples.
  1. PRACTICE: Finally, the 4th phase “Practice”, is about practicing what you learned so that you engrain and maximize learning.

You can go through the framework and watch the prerecorded video lessons at your own pace. You also have the opportunity to join live Q&A calls and practice workshops – if you can’t make it live, you can watch the recordings.

This 4-step framework is suited for all learning styles and is proven to deliver maximum results. When you follow the framework, you’ll learn more in 4 weeks than in years of unstructured study.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to combine the planets, signs, houses and aspects and come up with a detailed, meaningful interpretation of your aspects.

Learn more about “Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart” and join us here:

>> Deciphering Aspects In The Natal Chart <<


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