Pluto In Aquarius – A New Era, A New You

The world is about to change: on March 23rd, 2023 Pluto moved into Aquarius.

As you may already know by now (everyone is talking about Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius) THIS IS BIG. This is the most important ingress of the year, and one of the most important ingresses of the decade.

Pluto will spend 2 decades in Aquarius, transforming the collective AND the individual in profound ways.

Pluto only changes signs once every 20 years, and when it does, our focus shifts to completely new areas.

If in the last 15 years (when Pluto was in Capricorn) you focused on your health or your work for example, when Pluto enters Aquarius, your focus will shift to a completely new area, like relationships. What was top of mind and an everyday reality for the past 15 years will no longer be relevant.

Pluto In Aquarius – The Only Constant Is Change

Can you feel the wind of change? Perhaps you can tell that there’s something brewing, but you can’t really put your finger on it.

Or perhaps you’re going through a transition in your life and you’re painfully aware of what’s up for a change.

In the window of time when a slow moving planet like Pluto changes sign, we usually go through some sort of transition and transformation. One area of our life comes to a natural end. One door closes, and another one opens.

But what’s on the other side?

Change can be exciting and exhilarating, OR a source of anxiety and uncertainty.

Every transit comes with a unique opportunity. We can look at Pluto in Aquarius as a destabilizing influence, OR as an opportunity to co-create with the universe and transform our lives in ways we’ve never done before.

Sometimes we resist change because “better the devil you know, right”? And while sticking to the familiar may make sense in many situations, when Pluto changes signs, the last thing we want to do is get stuck in the past. Pluto’s key function is CHANGE. As the higher octave of Mars, Pluto wants to keep the engine of the universe going.

Working with Pluto is not easy, but the journey is totally worth it. Just like a diamond is what emerges when a piece of graphite is exposed to high pressure and high temperature, a new, better version of yourself will come to life forward when you do the “Pluto work”.

What to expect from Pluto in Aquarius? I wrote several reports about Pluto in Aquarius (and will write a few more) but the truth is that if you really want to understand this transit, reading about it or watching some videos doesn’t move the needle.

Of course, we can grasp Pluto in Aquarius at an intellectual level (especially those of us more versed in astrology) but when we consume content, we’re in the spectator seat. We’re not in the middle of the action.

Pluto In Aquarius – A New Era, A New You

If you’re ready to get in the middle of the action, the Astro Butterfly school is happy to invite you to join “PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You”.

This is not just an online course – this is an experiential immersion into Pluto that will help you make sense of Pluto at a deep level.

Every transit is an opportunity. We can miss the train, OR we can get a front-seat ticket and navigate through the challenges and opportunities of the journey with awareness.

“PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You” is your ticket to the Pluto train. The course will give you all the tools you need to help you connect with Pluto at a deep level, and make the best of this important astrological event.

Learn more about the program and join us here:

“PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New Era, A New You”


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  1. Can this course be used with placidus? I have two intercepted signs and I am not able to work with a chart that has my Sun and most of my planets two houses away from where they normally fall, which is what happened with the methodology I saw you using in another course.

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