Chiron, Jupiter, Venus – Longing For The Divine

As we speak, we have a cocktail of cosmic energies unseen before.

We have 3 conjunctions that happen in 3 successive signs of the zodiac:

  • Sun is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
  • Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces
  • Jupiter is conjunct Chiron in Aries

While Sun conjunct Saturn and Venus conjunct Neptune are short lived transits that happen every year, Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries is a very rare, significant transit that only happens once every 50 years on average. 

Some things about Chiron. Chiron is most commonly associated with a wound. But this is not your typical wound.

Chiron – The Deepest Wounds Of Them All

Chiron is much more subtle. Chiron is that “owie” we all feel but we can’t really put our finger on it. 

You may be in a good place in your life, but you still have a vague sense of disconnection from the world; something deep inside is ‘off’.

You know you’re here for more; but you’re not sure what this “more” is. Chasing goals leaves you empty and disappointed “that’s not what I expected”.

You experience feelings of intense longing; you crave something deep, something profound, something meaningful, something that maybe doesn’t even exist. 

This deep longing, this “owie” we all feel can go unnoticed for years. But then there’s a transit like Jupiter conjunct Chiron that brings it to the top of our awareness and DEMANDS us to do something about it. 

What’s this Chiron “owie”, this Chiron longing all about? 

We come into existence through an experience of rupture. 

Deep inside, we all miss that Neptunian sense of bliss and self-sufficiency we experienced inside our mother’s womb, and we hold some sort of resentment for being brought into the world. 

No matter how loving our parents were or how healthy our upbringing was, we still feel nostalgia for the lost paradise we emerged from. 

In the Greek myth, Chiron is abandoned by his parents at birth. This abandonment is metaphorical, and it represents the experience of rupture, the experience of being born. Expelled from paradise, from our mother’s womb, we feel like an alien in a 3D world with new laws and new rules.

Why am I here? 

Chiron – Longing For The Divine

Welcome to your Chiron wound.

Your Chiron wound is the wound of “being”. Of being alive, and of being a human being. 

The Chiron wound is engineered in our genes. Just like Chiron is a half-horse, half-god centaur, we too are half-human, half-divine. Just like Chiron, we too need to reconcile the paradox of our existence, by embracing BOTH our human and divine nature.

The feeling of longing that Chiron transits like this one awakens in us is rooted in our remembering of who we really are. We KNOW that we are more than this body, this mind, in this place at this time. We know that the empty space inside of us is divinely designed to be filled up with “something”. 

And it’s exactly this longing for “something” that will show us the way. 

Jupiter conjunct Chiron is our opportunity to heal our rupture wound and find a deeper meaning to our existence.

When we have a Chiron transit, healing the wound doesn’t only mean finding relief from pain – it means digging into the wound until we find the deeper meaning behind it.   

If there is something that keeps triggering you, chances are there is a gift there to be unveiled. A potential that is yet to materialize. Your wound is the KEY to something much greater. Your wound will continue to bug you until you recognize the gift behind it.

Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift

Every year, we time our “Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift” live program around an important Chiron transit.

Now in 2023 we are especially blessed with a stellar planetary lineup: Chiron, Jupiter AND Venus have joined forces to help us understand and heal – once and for all – our existential Chiron wound. 

This is the 5th year we run the course live (we only run it once a year). Since 2018, we have more than 1000 happy graduates, forming a thriving Chiron alumni community dedicated to healing and growth. 

“Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift” is not just an online course – it is a tried and tested process.

In the “Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift” we follow a 3-step framework that is designed after the 3 Chiron archetypes, or 3 developmental stages:

  1. The Wounded Healer
  2. The Shaman 
  3.  The Alchemist 

STEP 1: In the 1st module of the course, “The Wounded Healer” we explore our natal Chiron placement. Our Chiron sign, the aspects to other planets, and especially our Chiron house placement, all describe our “wounding profile”. 

STEP 2: If the 1st module of the course is the “What”, in the 2nd module of the course, “The Shaman” we explore the “How”.

Our Chiron wound can stay dormant until a Chiron transit activates it. That’s why in this module we look at different Chiron transits from our past so we can identify how we “do” Chiron, and what healing looks like for us. 

STEP 3: Finally, the 3rd module of the course, “The Alchemist” is the “Why”. 

Our pain and suffering are not in vain. To achieve our greatest human potential we first need to experience the wound. It’s our initial attempts to heal the wound that eventually alchemize into healing gifts. 

We are not here by chance. We are all here for a reason, and when we do the Chiron work, things finally start to fall into place. 

When Chiron travels through different signs (now it’s in Aries), it activates different houses in our natal chart, asking us to alchemize the wound that corresponds to that area of our life, and transform it into a gift. 

If you resonate with this 3-stage approach, join us in the “Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift” 3-week transformation journey. 

Each week, we dive into each of these 3 Chiron archetypes with astrology, psychology and healing tools so you can get a holistic understanding of your Chiron wound and the precious gift behind it. 

The program consists of pre-recorded teaching modules (video + text),  Q&A calls, workshops (recordings are provided), assignments, healing exercises, email and community support. 

Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift


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