What Is Your Chiron Archetype?

The upcoming Chiron-Jupiter conjunction is BIG! We already feel it, and more and more people are becoming sensitive to Chiron’s influence.

So let’s explore Chiron. 

Chiron is primarily associated with the Wounded Healer archetype, but there are in fact 3 Chiron archetypes.

The 3 Chiron archetypes are:

  1. The Wounded Header
  2. The Shaman
  3. The Alchemist

No archetype is ‘better’ than the other. They all come with challenges and opportunities.

The problems start when we ‘get stuck’ into a particular Chiron archetype (or developmental process), and we don’t move on to the next one.

To find out what your Chiron archetype is, take the “What Is Your Chiron Archetype?” quiz.

The quiz has 10 questions and takes 2 minutes to complete. Your report will be sent via email.

Don’t overthink the questions! For accurate results, pick the answer you resonate with the most, not the one you ‘think’ you should pick:

What Is Your Chiron Archetype?


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Chiron Archetype?

  1. Thank you so much, this was joyful. According to the way I responded to the questions, I am the Shaman.

  2. Looking forward to all Chiron brings…yes, I said that. I am in this with all of me…to ultimately heal all of me. Chiron 11th house Capricorn.

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