New Moon In Cancer – Rabbits In Human Clothes

On June 29th, 2022 we have a New Moon at 7° Cancer. The New Moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith and square Jupiter in Aries.

This is a bold, action-oriented New Moon. Cancer is our inner mama bear; it is what we hold dear to our heart. Jupiter in Aries is bold and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. A square is a tense aspect, asking us to find a resolution between what feels right (Moon in Cancer) vs what we believe is morally right (Jupiter in Aries).

The New Moon in Cancer square Jupiter will give us the impulse to act upon what it is that we hold most dear.

Our emotions (Cancer) fuel our actions (Aries) and the other way around. We feel compelled to take a stand, even if we’re at odds with what’s right by society’s standards, or by our own moral convictions (Jupiter).

New Moon In Cancer – Lilith And Jupiter

The New Moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith (BML). Black Moon Lilith is a very raw, instinctual energy. Lilith was Adam’s first wife who refused to submit to him, so she left Adam and the garden of Eden.

Black Moon Lilith is where we refuse to submit to others and seek equality. BML is also a symbol for the dark side of our feminine energy; ‘dark’ not because it’s negative, but because it’s unacknowledged. If we’ve been suppressing our emotions, at the New Moon in Cancer, they will erupt in unprecedented ways.

The most intense aspect of the New Moon is the square to Jupiter. Jupiter is the Great benefic, however Jupiter squares have the reputation of blowing things out of proportion. Thankfully, Jupiter also forms a sextile with Venus at 7° Gemini. Talking things through and focusing can save the day.

Yes, there is truth in those emotions. There’s no point denying them. But reacting from a wounded child perspective is not going to help. Jupiter (in the 10th house from the New Moon in Cancer) is asking us to wisen up. Acknowledge how you feel – and from that place of honoring your truth, communicate what you feel, without finger pointing or putting others down.

I’m not going to smooth this out.

This is an intense New Moon and lunar cycle that will force us to change our ways. Change is not always easy, but it always happens for a reason.

Whatever the New Moon in Cancer will set into motion, will eventually set us on a new trajectory – a trajectory that is more aligned with our highest potential, with the person we are meant to grow into.

New Moon In Cancer – Rabbits In Human Clothes

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon in Cancer is “A group of rabbits dressed in human clothes walk as if on parade”.

We are all familiar with humans wearing rabbit outfits for commercial and entertainment purposes – but what does it mean when a rabbit wears human clothes?

Rabbits dressed in human clothes symbolize the tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms for growth purposes. That’s not because rabbits are inferior to humans. But the implication of the Sabian symbol is that the rabbits act for aspirational purposes – to come across as what they aspire to be, even if they’re not there yet.

“Fake it till you make it”. Children imitate their parents for evolutionary purposes. Students imitate their teachers to learn a new skill. Looking up to others who are experts in the field we want to excel at (Jupiter) helps us grow and evolve (New Moon in Cancer).

The question the Sabian symbol raises: where do I need to level up in my life, even if it feels awkward, even if I come across like a rabbit in human clothes?

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  2. I’m so glad i had at least my undies on – as a rabbit in the headlights – oh dear?

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