You’re Invited: The Doors To AOA Are Open!

We are excited to announce that the doors to the Age Of Aquarius Community are now open.

If you love astrology and want to commit to your passion, Age Of Aquarius is the place where you:

  • Have access to the best astrology content curated by Astro Butterfly and the Age Of Aquarius team
  • Learn about one new astrology topic in depth every month
  • Ask questions in the Community Forum and get Astro Butterfly and other astrologers’ eyes on your chart
  • Connect with hundreds of astrology lovers from all around the world
  • Get surprise gifts, invitations to in-person events, a $200 discount for the Astro Butterfly Wings natal chart certification program, and more

The Topic Of The Month

Every month you learn about a new topic from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

In June the topic of the month is “Mercury And The Mind” where we discussed the relationship between Mercury and our thinking patterns – and how to reframe those patterns that no longer serve us; Mercury’s 7-year cycle; how to microdose bravery and take risks (it’s all about mindset!), and more.

On Monday, June 27th we will run a “Guess the placement” challenge in the community forum – this is a great opportunity to test your astrology knowledge and have some fun.

In July, the topic of the month is “Astrology and Family Karma” where you will learn how to spot karmic generational signatures by comparing your chart with your family members’ charts.

Other upcoming topics are “Divination Tools” (in August), “Progressions” (in September), “The 8th House” (in November), “Planning with Cycles” (in December), and more.

Age Of Aquarius has been designed with our members in mind. You get all your questions answered within 24 hours, and if you no longer want to be a member, you can cancel your membership anytime. Just keep in mind that we won’t be promoting Age Of Aquarius until the end of the year, so if you’ve considered joining – now is the time.

Is Age Of Aquarius for you? How is Age Of Aquarius different from Astro Butterfly?

The Astro Butterfly newsletter consists of free weekly emails with the analysis of the most important transits. In the Age Of Aquarius Community, we go much deeper. If astrology is not a very important part of your life (or if you don’t have much time), then there is no need to join Age Of Aquarius – you can simply continue to enjoy the free Astro Butterfly newsletter.

If the Astro Butterfly content is delivered in written format, the Age Of Aquarius Community comes in both written and video format. If you only like written content and don’t like watching videos, then the Age Of Aquarius may not be what you expect.

If you are a total beginner, then Age Of Aquarius may be complex at times. Although we answer all questions and support our members all along the way, we have noticed that some of our beginner members feel intimidated at times. Something to consider.

Why join a paid Astrology Community?

There are various reasons why you may want to join a paid astrology Community like Age Of Aquarius:

  • You get access to high quality content – the type of content you won’t find on Youtube
  • You get your questions answered by Astro Butterfly and other professional astrologers
  • You get free mini-tarot readings and solar return readings on your birthday
  • You commit to learning, and invest in yourself and in your passion; people who invest into something they are passionate about are happier and feel better about themselves
  • You give back to Astro Butterfly, the Age Of Aquarius astrologers, and support the astrology profession
  • You become part of a high-caliber community of souls committed to personal growth and to the Aquarian Age values – when we asked our members what they love most about Age Of Aquarius, the word “people” came again and again

Learn more about the Age Of Aquarius Community and join us here:


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