The Astrology Of June 2022

June 2022 is a “make it happen” (Taurus) “fast” (Gemini) month.

If at the end of last month Mars and Jupiter have “lit a fire” inside us, in June we’re asked to do something about it. 

Let’s take a look at the most important transits of the month: 

June 3rd, 2022 – Mercury Goes Direct

On June 3rd, 2022, Mercury goes direct at 26° Taurus. YES!

Mercury direct will bring back our focus, mental clarity, and sense of direction. In the past 3 weeks, Mercury retrograde gave us the opportunity to address those areas of our life that were up for review.

Now that we’ve done the work, we’re ready to move on with a new sense of purpose. Full steam ahead! 

June 5th, 2022 – Saturn Goes Retrograde

On June 5th, 2022 Saturn goes retrograde, drawing our attention to themes of responsibility, duty and consequence. Saturn begins its yearly 4 and a half months retrograde journey at 25° Aquarius, and will turn direct on October 23rd, 2022 at 18° Aquarius.

In September and October, Saturn will get within 1° of orb from a square to Uranus – last year’s Saturn-Uranus square themes will re-emerge. If you have planets between 18°-25° degrees in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) Saturn will show where in your life you’re at cross purposes. 

Retrogrades are times of revision, of trying different approaches. If you feel stuck, that’s usually because there’s more than one area of your life that needs examining.

If you’re sick, it may be your  health, but also your close relationships that need your attention. If you’re unsatisfied in your career, changing jobs is just a part of the puzzle: you may also need to change locations.

Saturn retrograde (and its square to Uranus) asks for a systemic change. Saturn will give you the grit to keep going, and Uranus will show you some different perspectives. By the end of the retrograde, you’ll come up with new solutions to old problems. 

June 11th-16th, 2022 – Venus Conjunct Uranus And North Node

On June 11th, 2022 Venus is conjunct Uranus at 16° Taurus. A few days later, Venus also connects with the North Node.

Venus is the planet of love and personal values. Uranus is the planet of truth, freedom and liberation. The North Node is our compass, our life’s purpose.

We may think we are true to ourselves, that we know what we want… but sometimes it takes a Venus-Uranus transit to shake us and show us what we really want. When we do find out what it is that we want, the whole universe conspires to make it happen. 

June 14th, 2022 – Full Moon In Sagittarius

On June 14th, 2022 we have a Full Moon at 23° Sagittarius. The Full Moon is square Neptune in Pisces. The ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter is unaspected in Aries.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a culmination of the current lunar cycle that started on May 30th, when we had a New Moon in Gemini. The New Moon ruler, Mercury was retrograde so the whole lunar cycle carries this introspective quality.

At the Full Moon, we may initially feel that we’ve lost our compass (Jupiter unaspected). But that’s because our old beliefs no longer serve us… at least not in this current context.

The Full Moon square Neptune will show us that there is a way – a different way – to achieve our goals. At the Full Moon, allow the inquisitive spirit of Sagittarius to guide you in finding different answers in unusual places.      

June 15th, 2022 – Mars Conjunct Chiron

On June 15th, 2022 Mars is conjunct Chiron at 15° Aries. 

Mars is how we assert ourselves, Chiron is the wounded healer, and Aries is our identity. Some past hurts around the topic of “I am” may resurface during this transit.

Feelings of doubt, shame and inadequacy are usually triggered when we have a Mars-Chiron transit. Questions like “What’s wrong with me?”, “Am I here by accident?”, “Why can’t I find my life’s purpose?” may come to your awareness.

Instead of numbing them down, look at these uncomfortable feelings as an opportunity to understand yourself at a deeper level.

There’s nothing wrong with you – nor with your wants, needs and desires. You have them for a reason – and that reason is directly connected with your purpose in this lifetime. 

June 21st, 2022 – Sun Enters Cancer

On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer and we have the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

No matter where you live, 21st of June is one of the most important days of the year. The Sun is either at the highest point in the sky, or at the lowest. This marks a culmination – a point of “no return”. We either have the longest day, or the longest night of the year.

Things are about to shift. Our priorities may change. On this magical day, tune in and reflect on where you’re at a crossroad in your life. The universe will guide you on the next course of action.  

June 23rd, 2022 – Venus Enters Gemini

On June 23rd, 2022 Venus enters Gemini. Venus shows us what we value. If in Taurus, Venus valued stability and comfort, in Gemini, Venus values curiosity and intellectual pursuits.

Learning a new skill, traveling, meeting new people, singing, dancing, writing or working with your hands are some of Venus in Gemini’s favorite activities. 

Gemini is a Mercury sign, so of course, communication (Mercury) in relationships (Venus) is a central theme of this transit. When Venus is in Gemini, we find it easier to articulate our feelings.

Of course, feelings are there to be felt, but knowing how to label and put them into words can help us understand ourselves and others from a more objective lens. In this way, we can rewire outdated relating patterns, diffuse resentment, and find a new sense of intimacy.    

June 28th, 2022 – Neptune Goes Retrograde

On June 28th, 2022, Neptune goes retrograde at 25° Pisces. 

When a planet changes direction, there is an intensification of its themes. When Neptune goes retrograde, old dreams, desires, fantasies, longings, feelings we haven’t fully processed resurface, demanding our attention. 

What makes Neptune different from other planets is its subtlety. Neptune is not the Uranian lightbulb moment, nor the Plutonian slap in the face.

Neptune is less obvious. Pay attention to signs, serendipities, dreams, unusual communication or messages. If something feels relevant and important – even if you can’t put your finger on it –  chances are, it IS important and Neptune is whispering into your ear.

Of course, if you have planets or angles around 25° Pisces you will feel Neptune’s change in direction more intensely. 

June 29th, 2022 – New Moon In Cancer

On June 29th, 2022 we have a New Moon at 7° Cancer. The New Moon is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith (BML) and it is exactly square Jupiter, now at 7° Aries.

This is a bold, action-oriented New Moon. Cancer is our inner mama bear; it is what we hold dear to our heart. Jupiter in Aries gives us the impulse to act upon what it is that we hold most dear.

Our emotions (Cancer) fuel our actions (Aries) and the other way around. The impulse to take action is very strong, almost Pavlovian. It may be raw and taboo (Black Moon Lilith). But it will eventually set us on a new trajectory, a trajectory that is more aligned with who we truly are.

If June promises to be eventful, wait for July. In July 2022 we have one of the most anticipated transits of the year and perhaps of the decade: North Node conjunct Uranus in Taurus. I will write a separate report about this monumental transit – stay tuned!

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