New Moon In Gemini – May 30th, 2022

On May 30th, 2022 we have a New Moon in Gemini.

The Gemini New Moon is that time of the year when we’re invited to embrace our inner Gemini.

Even if you’re not a Gemini, Gemini still rules an area of your chart (the house where you have Gemini on the cusp). When there’s a New Moon in the sign, you’re invited to explore that particular area of your chart.

Every New Moon comes with the opportunity to press the reset button and start afresh.

New Moon in Gemini – The Aspects

The New Moon is at 9° Gemini. This is our first lunation out of the Eclipse season window. Things are slowly getting back to normal.

The New Moon in Gemini makes a harmonious aspect – a wide sextile – with the Mars-Jupiter conjunction, giving us a celestial go-head to go for what we want.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries is fueling us with drive and determination. This is a bold, action-driven transit that asks us to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Whatever you put into motion now will have a long-lasting impact.

The New Moon ruler, Mercury – now stationary – is trine Pluto and square Saturn. Mercury is about to go direct and will point to what we still need to address if we want to move forward in our journey.

While Mercury square Saturn makes us aware of the limitations (change takes time, energy and resources), Pluto reminds us that however difficult the journey, our end goal is totally worth it.

There is a sense of “I’m almost there” with this New Moon. Mercury is drawing our attention to a big decision we need to make. We can see what’s on the other side – that type of life we can have if we don’t give up on our dream.

The New Moon in Gemini tells us that we can have what we want, but there is one more step. One more thing to figure out.

Mercury is in Taurus, the most fixed and stubborn sign of the zodiac. Mercury retrograde in Taurus asks us to focus on that part of us that is most resistant to change.

Big change doesn’t necessarily happen when we blindly jump into the unknown like the Fool in the Tarot deck. Big change happens when we finally say no to what’s no longer working.

At the New Moon in Gemini, ask yourself: Where am I resistant to change? Where do I feel comfortable, but bored and inspired? What would my life look like if I would get out of my comfort zone?

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