New Moon In Aquarius – AQUARIFICATION

On February 11th, 2021 we have a New Moon at 23° Aquarius. With a record of 6 planets in Aquarius, this New Moon is as Aquarius as you can get!

Until December last year we had zero planets in Aquarius. Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto were all in Capricorn. 

However, with Jupiter and Saturn shifting into Aquarius at the end of 2020, the energy has completely shifted: from Earth, rules-driven Capricorn, to Air, innovation-humanitarian-social Aquarius. 

Perhaps you have already noticed the shift… but you may still be unsure about what this Aquarius energy is all about, or how it is influencing you and your natal chart. 

One thing is for sure: at the New Moon you will find out.

With 6 of the 10 planets in Aquarius, there’s no possible way to NOT figure out what this new Aquarius agenda is all about. 6 planets in one single sign is a lot!

At the New Moon in Aquarius, there is an incredible emphasis on the Aquarius themes: social reform, innovation, groups and communities, freedom from constraining rules, open-mindedness, and humanitarianism. 

Aquarius – Knowledge To The People

More than anything, Aquarius wants to bring the light of knowledge to as many people as possible.

Groups of people unite forces to create better systems and better societies. Just like the water bearer pours forth the water of wisdom, in the Aquarian age, the truth can no longer be hidden and concealed. 

Aquarius is a fixed sign, so it is a doer. If we want a better society, in the Aquarius age, we need to join forces and take concrete actions to make things happen. 

If in Capricorn, the state/government/big institutions were ‘in charge’ and had all the power

… in Aquarius, we the people have the power, with the opportunities and obligations that come with it. 

If we don’t like a particular aspect of our society, we need to do something about it. Sometimes change comes when we rebel against the old rules, in an attempt to change them.

Other times it means quietly doing small things that make our society a better place: reaching out to our neighbors in need, or not being wasteful, and buying only the food we eat. 

New Moon In Aquarius – An “Aquarius” New Begining

Any New Moon is a new beginning, and a New Moon with 6 planets in Aquarius means a BIG Aquarius new beginning for you – depending on where the New Moon falls in your natal chart.

If it falls in the 2nd house, it can come with a new source of income, if in the 4th with a new home, if in the 6th, with a new job, if in the 7th, with a new relationship, etc. 

Another interesting thing about the New Moon is that on February 11th, 2021 we also have a triple conjunction between Mercury retrograde, Venus and Jupiter. 

Venus conjunct Jupiter is an incredibly positive omen for a New Moon, because Venus-Jupiter conjunctions promote growth, positive feelings, and a sense of belonging.

While the Saturn-Uranus square is almost exact, Venus conjunct Jupiter is a breath of fresh air that will infuse us with optimism and appreciation of the good things in life. 

Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus and Jupiter will make sure that we integrate the insights at a deep, personal level

The New Moon in Aquarius is your chance to find out what really matters to you in this new Aquarian age – and what role you want to play in this new society. 

One theme that we have all witnessed since the big 2020 shift from Earth to Air was the acceleration of online work, learning and every-day interactions. 

Many of these changes have come the hard way – with a lot of people losing their jobs, incomes, and even, people close to them.

On a positive note, the pandemic has also given us the opportunities to find new avenues of growth and self-expression. Change, however uncomfortable, always leads to opportunities. 

The question we all need to answer at the New Moon in Aquarius is:

“What role do I want to play in this new Aquarius world?” 

Mercury (our skills, thinking communication)

… Venus (our values, feelings and talents)

… and Jupiter (society and groups of people), all come together to help you find the best possible ways and answers to move forward. 

Mercury is retrograde – so look for answers inside. It doesn’t matter what other people do, or what opportunities they take. You will need to find your unique way going forward. 

The great thing about any new beginning is that it’s a blank canvas. You can literally seed anything you want, without being bound by the legacies of the past.

And the New Moon in forward-looking Aquarius is your best opportunity to do that. 

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8 thoughts on “New Moon In Aquarius – AQUARIFICATION

  1. My natal moon is at 25 Aquarius (along with natal Mercury at 7 Aquarius). I know this is significant since it’s happening close to my moon, but how exactly?

    Is it that the themes of this New Moon will benefit my natal Moon? I have Moon square Chiron and I’ve struggled with mental health and abuse for most of my life. The last two months have been very difficult. I would love to know my moon is getting a reprieve!

  2. Yes, I have already noticed some very positive changes in our personal lives. I am very hopeful for the future!

  3. How do i find out what your new moon 🌚which house its in . Am an Aquarius ♒ i have my chart but i dont know how to see which house my new moon is in ? Thank you i 💞 love your vibe on here . 🫂💜💙💚💛🧡❤💗

  4. Moon is in my 11th house on my natal chart so how will this affect me this year? Saturn was in Aries (9th house) with Jupiter in Libra (3rd house) Cancer Ascending and Capricorn (my birth sign) Descending?

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