Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023 – What to Expect

Saturn in Aquarius is one of the most anticipated transits of the year.  

Saturn enters Aquarius on December 17, 2020 and will stay in Aquarius until March 2023. 

We cannot talk about Saturn in Aquarius without putting it into the context of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st, 2020, at 0° Aquarius.

This is not ‘just’ a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction – this is the first conjunction in an Aquarius since the early 15th century and the cherry on top is that it occurs exactly at 0° Aquarius.

As you may already know, Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are very cyclical and belong to 200-year elemental cycles. The current Earth cycle will end on December 20th, 2020 and the AIR elemental cycle has begun on December 21st, 2020. This is BIG. 

In the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, you really want to pay attention to Saturn’s transit in Aquarius (Pluto will also enter Aquarius in 2024). 

Saturn And Aquarius

To see what to expect from this transit let’s review what Saturn and Aquarius stand for.

Saturn is the great teacher. Some of Saturn’s keywords are rules, discipline, patience, responsibility, and maturity. Saturn wants us to grow up!

Saturn has spent 2.5 years in Capricorn. Our job in the last 2.5 was to “master” Capricorn, i.e. to learn everything we can about rules, hierarchies and control. And we did (willingly or less willingly). 

Now it’s Aquarius’ turn to get scrutinized by the Great Teacher. Of course, any change is uncomfortable at first. Saturn was in Aquarius early this year when the lockdown measures were implemented. These measures forever changed the way we interact with others. We had:

Social (Aquarius) distancing (Saturn)

Air travel (Aquarius) delays (Saturn). 

Online (Aquarius) and remote working (Saturn)

Does it mean Saturn in Aquarius is all about restrictions? No. Saturn initially ‘forces’ us to go into unfamiliar territories so that we can have a paradigm shift, and develop the positive qualities of the sign.   

With Saturn in Aquarius we bring the following shifts:

  • From herd mentality (blindly and irrationally following the crowd without checking in with one own’s integrity) to good fellowship. We care for others not because we expect something in return, but from a true desire to contribute and make a difference  
  • From false democracy (expecting to exercise one’s individual rights, without fulfilling one’s obligations) to true democracy. Democracy means rights, but also obligations. Real democracy happens when people contribute to the best of their ability to a better society
  • From a false sense of freedom (rebellion without taking responsibility) to true freedom that comes from the ability to manage oneself 
  • From intellectual snobbery (promoting ‘scientific’ information without fully understanding it, while bullying those who have a different perspective) to expertise based on critical, bias-free thinking, and years and years of study
  • From technology addiction to value creation through technology. Technology was supposed to make our life easier or more enjoyable, not to get us subdued by it. Saturn in Aquarius will expose the limitations of technology and make us use it for what was meant for: to spread knowledge and bring like-minded people together
  • From human resources (people seen as production units) to human capital. When empowered, the human mind can achieve incredible things   

There is a reason why Aquarius follows Capricorn. We can not have Aquarius’ promise of freedom unless we learn how to deal with rules, processes, and hierarchies (Capricorn) first.   

But with Saturn’s departure from Capricorn, there is nothing left to learn about top-down rules and structures. Saturn in Aquarius will bring us a different type of order

Saturn = structure, discipline and order. But while Capricorn order is top-down (from the leader) – with Aquarius, progress comes bottom-up (from the individual). 

With Saturn in Aquarius, the authority is YOU. No need to look for it on the outside. It has to come from within. 

Saturn in Aquarius – Holding Space

Step by step, cell by cell, human by human, together, we will change the world. 

From December 2020 until March 2023, Saturn in Aquarius will create new structures that will revolutionize our society.

How will it do that? 

Aquarius is a YANG sign (as opposed to Capricorn, a YIN sign). If Saturn in Capricorn is concerned with the material world, Saturn in Aquarius is concerned with the spiritual, abstract world.

It’s less about what’s tangible, it’s less about resources. It is more about ideas, policies and new visions for the future. Even if Saturn rules Aquarius, this is not the same Saturn we had in Capricorn! 

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus couldn’t be more different. Saturn is rules and discipline, and Uranus is freedom. And it is exactly this inner conflict and paradox that makes Aquarius so original and innovative.

Many people believe Aquarius people are revolutionaries. Not necessarily. Aquarius is a cool, rational, air sign. And it’s exactly because it is rational and unimpressed with tradition, that it sometimes goes against the norm and shocks everyone. 

However, at its core, Aquarius is NOT the street revolutionary that throws Molotov cocktails and gets into fights. Aquarius’ freedom and rebellion come from somewhere else. 

Aquarius is an Air sign, so it is about space. Aquarius is also a fixed sign, so it has an immovable quality. If we put the two concepts together we get “holding space”.

Holding space is a term used in coaching and it means being physically, mentally and emotionally present for someone. Holding space means putting your focus on someone, while being judgment-free and allowing the other to ‘just be’.

You are there, you care, but you don’t judge. This is not aloofness (a quality Aquarius is sometimes ‘accused’ of) – this is actually holding space, without allowing your subjective perspective to take over and influence the other.   

Saturn in Aquarius will help us create frameworks where we can hold space for others and allow them to express themselves without judgment. Being in that space that Aquarius holds pretty much sounds like the definition of freedom.  

What Will Saturn in Aquarius Bring?

What you make of it!

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and Aquarius the sign of autonomy

One thing for sure. While Saturn is in Aquarius, it will be pretty difficult to blame the government/establishment (Capricorn) for what goes wrong. That’s because Aquarius is NOT the Government. Aquarius is “We, the people”

Aquarius is that freedom we can only find when we take responsibility for our lives and become fully autonomous. 

This type of freedom cannot be found by fighting against the establishment. It can only be found when we stop looking up to the establishment.

It can only be found when we stop looking for answers from the outside. It can only be found when we stop giving our power to another governing entity – from politicians, to our leaders, or our mobile phones. 

Any Aquarius transits bring a paradigm shift. Saturn in Aquarius is no exception.

A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or our underlying assumptions – whatever these assumptions may be. 

For example, in some parts of the world, people have gone out to vote in higher numbers than ever before, motivated by Aquarius’ civic spirit. They took action.

In other parts of the world, people chose not to vote. Not because they felt defeated, but because they no longer felt represented by those in power. They ‘unplugged’ from the system and just walked away. They become their own authority. 

Saturn in Aquarius’ promise of freedom may not sound very attractive, but that may be because we might not even know what it means to be free. 

There is no right or wrong way to pursue freedom. As long as we take responsibility for our lives, as long as our choices come from a place of true self-autonomy – we will probably do the ‘right thing’ – for ourselves, and for society as a whole.

The real Saturn in Aquarius revolution will take place within. Not that we won’t have a ‘proper’ revolution. With Saturn square Uranus most of 2021, you can bet that people will take to the streets as well. 

However, ultimately the real revolution can only take place inside ourselves.

In the next 2.5 years, the fight is not against “them”, but against our own limiting beliefs – against what keeps us small, enslaved and out of integrity. 

Instead of delegating the power and responsibility to states and corporations, Saturn in Aquarius will pass the responsibility back to us – how can we, as individuals, contribute to society and make the world a better place?

Saturn in Aquarius is truly our opportunity to build sustainable foundations based on Aquarian values like freedom, personal autonomy, insight, clarity, sharing knowledge, and collaboration. 

Most importantly, Saturn in Aquarius is about acknowledging the value of humanity.

Saturn in Aquarius is about how we, as individuals – every single one of us – contribute to a better world – by helping ourselves, our fellow humans and other living beings. The highest manifestation of Saturn in Aquarius is the sum of the sustained actions of each individual to make the world a better place.

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19 thoughts on “Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023 – What to Expect

  1. This blog post is an inspired contribution to helping make the ‘world a better place’. Thank you!

  2. Micro chipped and Managed or Free and Natural

    Saturn, was the previous ruler of Aquarius, sometimes still considered the co-ruler. Prior to Uranus being discovered. Saturn is quite comfortable in the sign. Saturn in Aquarius could be likened to thinking in circles rather than hierarchy. Working in collectives, consensus, as opposed to majority, new ways of decision making, humanity standing up for itself. We the people will no longer take directives on our heath and families from faceless nameless government officials technocrats or bureaucrats. We the people will have autonomy over our lives and governance.

    It will be a struggle, to wrestle control from the “powers that be” We will all stop supporting big corporations. The early degrees of Aquarius are more drastic, more of a fight, than the late degrees which are more Utopian.

    Inspired leaders will appear among us,, who recognise human spirit and sanctity of the people. We have to stop supporting the governments of the world. Everyone complains about them but year after year keeps voting for them again and again.

    There has to be a radical shift from this paradigm. We need the brightest minds, the most inspired thinkers, the humanitarians those that illuminate and cut through the dreary, the everyday heroes among us. We all need to gather together and ultimately create a peaceful existence.. We are the 99 percent, we are evolved enough to manage our own affairs, within agreed parameters.

    The way we treat each other is what will be focused on in this time.

    Written by someone with Saturn in Aquarius

  3. I always look forward to your posts! So informative and understandable. Is this conjunction as profound on a personal level as it is in the larger sense? I assume we look to the house it occurs in for each of us but having trouble understanding how much impact it will have (in my 6th).

  4. Spot on is all I can say! Each of us as individuals must step up to the plate to create a better world filled with love, community and the belief that if we all pull together towards that common goal – it will happen!

  5. Thank you for writing this! Especially the part about intellectual snobbery. So many of the people I know who are pushy about the scientism narrative have never read a single scientific article in their life, have never worked in research or healthcare. It’s like they are simply proud that they chose a team called “Team Science,” regardless of how much empirical evidence is available to support their claims. Their perspective leaves no room for legitimate concerns about the motives behind billion dollar industries that people generally know have conducted business in shady, harmful ways.

  6. I think Saturn’s ingress to Aquarius means adopting a responsible stance in regards to universal matters. Among other things, this means being realistic about the state-of-awareness of the public at this time. Over 70 million people voted for Trump in the recent election.
    We must not succumb to any naivety in regards to how much “personal freedom” we are capable of on a mass level. Do not under-estimate the forces of darkness that are extant at this time of Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. As always, there are a great many people who are warping and twisting these energies to their own selfish whims. To characterize these individuals as a part of the “99%”, who are hoping for an ethical and sustainable future, would be folly.
    Structure-in-society will be as important with Saturn in Aquarius as with any other sign. The difference is that now, we will have greater opportunities to better the lot of mankind and the environment. Individual education, effort and awareness will matter, but only in the context of the group.
    A group is only heirarchal if we choose to think of it that way. All positions and duties are important to a group. if we all keep this in mind while working in a group by retaining a universal attitude (dissolution of the ego), things can work.
    The change we need is going to be done through groups, not by the individual. If we focus too much on the individual.., we run the risk of being right back at the polarity point: Leo. With Saturn in Aquarius, combined with Neptune in Pisces, we will pointedly see the ineffectiveness of the individual.
    Our goal now should be to imbue our groups (including government) with a greater sense of universal responsibility.

  7. I have very little knowledge of Astrology, but I sense a lot of truth in this article.

    I find it very interesting that The Great Conjunction is referred to as the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ and takes place on the 21th of December 2020. The New Age is coming and it is the Christ Consciousness coming through. It can’t be halted. He who resists will put himself in slavery. It’s exactly like Jules says: “Micro chipped and Managed or Free and Natural”.

    Jesus Christ has always been the Great Unifier, unifying Jews, Pagans, Yogis, Buddhists. There need not be a division.

    Freedom cannot exist without self-responsibility. Humanity as a whole has taken too much freedom and too little self-responsibility. We have polluted and damaged our biosphere for our own sorry gratification. The mammon has ruled and is worshipped. This will come to an end one way or the other.

    After reading this post a lot of my dreams begin to make even more sense than what I had already uncovered. There is also a strong relationship with the opening and unblocking of the 5th chakra. This will allow us to communicate telepathically with each other and anyone in the universe. This would render a lot of outer technology obsolete.

    I agree with Paul W. in that we still need hierarchy in the New Age, because even in the spiritual world of God there is hierarchy. But there is also no rebellion or strong disagreement, because all will (want to) do the perfect will of God.

    I very much like this article and the comments. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the well-written post & insightful comments!! I’m thinking that patience will be our best ally!! Jupiter may be like the kid in the car that is bouncing up & down & asks “Are we there yet?!?!” Saturn may be like the driver of the car, responding ” We’re getting closer!! Look out the window & appreciate the journey!”
    Thanks again!!

  9. Wow!!! Did I already say wow?!!
    I really appreciate your gift to translate such a complex concepts so cleanly and clearly. I work in the energy world, and I believe the ability to take the complex ideas and concepts to a level of mundane and “basic” is one of the most challenging things to do. The simple things are the most profound ones.
    I also relate so much to what you are sharing about the Aquarius age. I sense it in my self and all around me. “Holding space” – nailed it for me. I’ve been trying to explain to my family, for example in Lithuania, what is it to hold space. I even launched a business that’s all about holding space.
    Lastly, I really appreciate that your style, it’s so modern and reflecting what we are going through in 2020.
    So excited about the Age of Aquarius Community!!
    Sending gratitude 🙏🏾

  10. This is an exceptionally good post to read. Thankyou so much for sharing your profound wisdom and intelligence.

  11. This was a very good and informative post. Thank you for doing such a good job of providing explanations. It really is appreciated

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