Full Moon In Taurus – The Elephant In The Room

On October 31st, 2020 we have a Full Moon in Taurus.

What makes this Full Moon extraordinary is that it is exactly conjunct Uranus. The Moon is at 8°38’ Taurus, and Uranus is at 8°41 Taurus. I haven’t seen such a tight Full Moon conjunction for a long time. 

You can bet there will be some big headlines around the time of the Full Moon.  

The Full Moon, by definition, has the quality of revealing what has been kept in the dark. Some keywords associated with the Full Moon are illumination, clarity, culmination, and manifestation. 

Uranus has a similar influence. Uranus is the flash of light that comes from the sky – literally, in the form of lightning, and figuratively, in the form of a divine download of information that sets us free. Uranus is the planet of truth, freedom, and revelation. 

Full Moon In Taurus – The Objective Truth

At the Full Moon in Taurus, the truth will no longer be kept in the dark. It will be revealed right in the front of our eyes. We will no longer turn a blind eye. The truth will be right there, in plain view, for everyone to see. 

To a point, we all create our reality – so from this perspective, the truth can be quite subjective. “I have an opinion and this is my truth; you have your opinion, and that is your truth”.

However there are things in life that cannot be “subjective truths” – there are things that cannot be questioned.

Your fingerprint belongs to you and only you. If police find your fingerprint on a bag of money, it means that you have touched that bag of money.

If a DNA test says you share 50% of your genes with your child, it means that you are a parent of that child. 

There is something about the physical world (the physical world is ruled by Taurus/Moon) that cannot be questioned. With Taurus, what you see IS the reality.

And Uranus will not sugarcoat this reality. Uranus doesn’t really pay attention to how we feel about reality. Not because he’s a bad guy, but because Uranus is a symbol of objectivity, impartiality, and clarity. 

Normally, Uranus is difficult to grasp or put a finger on, since it is an outer planet.

However, Taurus is the sign that is the most anchored in physical reality. It may not be an easy task to turn something immaterial into something material, but if any sign can do that, it is Taurus. 

Full Moon In Taurus – The Elephant In The Room

Uranus is the planet of surprises, of things that are so unexpected and that happen so all-of-a-sudden, that completely turn our life upside down. However, when in Taurus, Uranus is more like the big elephant in the room.

We all know about that important, but controversial topic. But we may choose to ignore it because it is too uncomfortable.

When the inevitable happens (and with Moon conjunct Uranus, the inevitable WILL happen) we may feel unprepared and taken by surprise.

But if we were to be totally honest with ourselves, the signs were there all along.

The elephant was in the room all of this time. It’s just that we were not ready to deal with it. 

The Full Moon conjunct Uranus will finally bring you the clarity you need so that you can release yourself from the pressure and can find freedom and liberation. 

Uranus will help you clear any blockages you may have so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life. 

Moon In Taurus, Sun In Scorpio

Also, remember that a Full Moon is a Full Moon – a time of clarity. The Moon is on one side of the zodiac (Taurus). The Sun is on the exact other side (Scorpio), opposing each other and asking for a reconciliation. 

Taurus is “what’s mine” and Scorpio is “what’s ours”. In our interconnected world, it is not always clear what’s mine and what’s ours.

Where our duties and obligations start, and where they end. Where other people’s duties and obligations towards us start, and where they end. Where we feel entitled to receive support, and where we feel resentful because our contributions are not reciprocated. 

The Full Moon in Taurus will also highlight the balance between “what’s mine” and “what’s ours”, between give and take, between self-sufficiency and trust, inviting us to take a firm ground between the two.  

If you are not sure where you’re at with someone, the Full Moon in Taurus will bring you the clarity you need, so that you can move on with your life. 

The Full Moon in Taurus will influence each one of us – and it will especially influence you if you have planets around 8 degrees in Taurus or Scorpio.

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8 thoughts on “Full Moon In Taurus – The Elephant In The Room

  1. Thank you so much🙏🏾 Your insights and guidance have been invaluable to me during the 2020 chaos. Very clean, clear, and truthful delivery. I read them religiously and as an energy medicine practitioner, I really value your guidance and the present time neutral style.

  2. Interesting that moon is in taurus, the sign of life and materiality, and sun is in scorpio, the sign of death and dissolution. And this happens the 31st of October, a day pending between this world and the outer world. Taurus and scorpio are both signs of the “what’s mine”, one on a more open level and the other on a more dark one. On a wider scale it is the polarity of the present world period.

  3. Depicting the dynamics of my own path straight to the point! Reflecting last week and the Full moon in Taurus/ Uranus conjunction. “If you are not sure where you’re at with someone, the Full Moon in Taurus will bring you the clarity you need, so that you can move on with your life. “… relates so much to what happned on my side and I am thankful of course 🙂

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