Mars In Capricorn – No Time To Die

On February 16th, 2020 Mars enters Capricorn

This is NOT your usual Mars transit – and that’s because we already have a record number of planets in Capricorn. There are no less than 4 planets in the sign of the sea-goat: the South Node, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

Saturn and Pluto have been brewing something in Capricorn for a couple of years now, but the pot has been on “slow cook”. 

But when Mars joins in, you can bet he’ll be stirring the pot. Things WILL happen. And not in slow motion, that’s for sure.  

When Mars joins such a select company, you can bet we’re in for a rollercoaster ride. Mars is the planet of action. When Mars gets involved, things happen, and they happen fast. 

Mars is the hero who fights for victory, no matter what. 

I like to think of Mars as a superhero character. Mars in Leo would be Superman for example, Mars in Scorpio would be Batman… and Mars in Capricorn, of course, James Bond. 


Mars in Capricorn is agile, focused, classy, efficient, and to the point. It has an important mission. And because it is exalted in Capricorn, he always wins. 

The latest James Bond movie title “No time to die” is pretty suggestive for what we are about to experience in the next couple of months.  

Mars in Capricorn makes a record number of aspects. Let’s have a quick look:

  • Mars square Chiron – February 21st, 2020
  • Mars conjunct South Node (5° Capricorn) – February 24th, 2020
  • Mars conjunct Jupiter (22° Capricorn) – March 20th, 2020
  • Mars conjunct Pluto (24° Capricorn) – March 23rd, 2020

Indeed, there’s “no time to die”. Mars is pretty busy in the coming weeks. He has a very important mission. And only one option: victory.

The first two weeks of the transit are the most difficult. Mercury goes retrograde on the exact same day. You may doubt yourself. You may wonder if you really have what it takes to succeed (Mars square Chiron) or if you should just give up altogether (Mars conjunct South Node).   

In the 2nd phase of the Mars in Capricorn transit, things will change. As Mars is approaching the conjunction with Jupiter, you will get excited about new opportunities as you will become more and more confident about your chances of success. Just picture James Bond in a car chase – skilled, confident, and incredibly lucky. That’s Mars conjunct Jupiter.

Finally, when you’re just about to win, you’ll have to confront the villain (Mars conjunct Pluto). Depending on your past actions (and of course, on the specific configurations of your natal chart), you can either win big time, or blow things out of proportion. 

Mars misses Saturn by a few degrees, as Saturn manages to slip into Aquarius just before Mars catches up. Mars will eventually conjunct Saturn on April 1st at 0° Aquarius.

This is a very important degree because this is where we will also have the much anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction later in December.  There is much more to the story.

What’s very interesting is that while all the action happens within the Capricorn territory of your chart, the “outcome” will come in the Aquarius territory of your chart.

Since Capricorn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius, there is a connection between what happens right now in your “Capricorn house” and what things will eventually evolve into, in your “Aquarius house”.

Things will perhaps not go as expected. But they will happen exactly as they should – in the grand scheme of things. 

BTW, “No time to die” premiers on April 2nd, exactly when we have the Mars-Saturn conjunction. 

My advice? Do your best, confront your fear of inadequacy, be brave, fight the villain, aim to win, but at the same time be open to a different outcome. 

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  1. Will Mars not also conjoin Saturn in February or March? Listed in the article’s bullet list, I see Chiron, South Node, Jupiter and Pluto…

  2. anyone know what it would mean to have your own natal mars at 24 degree cappy … especially with the jupet-pluto action???

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