Full Moon In Sagittarius – Judas Or Buddha?

On June 17th, 2019 we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Full Moon in Sagittarius shares the sign with Jupiter, so you can expect a positive, uplifting Full Moon.

You may want to stargaze on June 17th. Jupiter is shining at its brightest at this time of the year. A bright Jupiter and a shiny Full Moon will make a night sky gaze to remember.

A Full Moon conjunct Jupiter is a great aspect to have. However, on the same day, we also have Mars conjunct Mercury and opposite Pluto. Mars and Mercury opposite Pluto can make us lose our heads and act from our most primal self.

This in combination with a Full Moon in Sagittarius (the sign of beliefs) can make us become fanatical about our beliefs, especially if we are prone to be impulsive or forceful with our opinions.

But a Full Moon at its core is an attempt to balance two opposing forces. The Moon is in Sagittarius, while the Sun is in the opposite sign, Gemini.

Sagittarius is about what we believe to be true, without question. Gemini, on the other side, is about keeping our mind open.


Full Moon In Sagittarius And Jupiter Square Neptune

We have another VIA (Very Important Aspect) at this Full Moon. That is Jupiter square Neptune. Jupiter square Neptune is one of the most important aspects of 2019.

We have 3 exact squares, the first one was in January, the 2nd one is now on June 16th (just before the Full Moon in Sagittarius), and the last one is in September.

The 2nd square (this one in June) is perhaps the most important one. This square is your chance to change the existing situation you were presented with at the time of the 1st square in January. Depending on what you do, you will reap the results in September, when we have the final Jupiter-Neptune square.

Jupiter square Neptune will challenge what you believe in. Jupiter is what we believe to be true, no matter what. Jupiter is our deepest beliefs that we are not willing to change.

Neptune – The Great Dissolver

Neptune is the Great Dissolver, so Neptune will attempt to do just that: to dissolve our deepest beliefs.

The reason why Neptune is doing that is because he wants us to find a higher order, a deeper meaning, a broader outlook for our existence.

At first, Neptune will confuse you. That’s why Neptune sometimes has a bad reputation.

Indeed, the first step of change is confusion. Neptune will make you doubt your deepest beliefs. It will seduce you, just like the snake seduced Adam and Eve. It will let you down, just like Judas let Jesus down.

But the ultimate goal of Neptune is not to harm you, but to open your eyes. Not only to a world of evil, but to a world of opportunities. Neptune wants you to fulfill your cosmic destiny. If you want to live a life of purpose, you have to continually re-invent yourself, your beliefs, and your reality. You simply cannot remain stuck in old ways of being.

What do you believe in? In God? In the Universe? In fate? In free will? In karma? In astrology? In yourself? In nothing at all? The Full Moon in Sagittarius, together with the Jupiter-Neptune square, is an invitation to challenge your deepest beliefs.

Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis

To illustrate this process, let’s refer to a German philosophical theory of change, called “Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis”

Thesis = the beginning position

Antithesis = a negation of the thesis

Synthesis = the two conflicting ideas that are reconciled to form a new proposition

In astrology, we have 12 signs distributed in 6 axes. The first axis is Aries-Libra, the 2nd axis is Taurus-Scorpio, the 3rd axis is Gemini-Sagittarius, the 4th axis is Cancer-Capricorn, the 5th axis is Leo-Aquarius, and the 6th axis is Virgo-Pisces.

Let’s take the Aries-Libra axis, and apply the “Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis” theory. If we start from Aries, Aries is the “thesis”.

Aries’ thesis is:

  • Individuality
  • Initiative
  • Winning

Libra, the opposite sign from Aries, becomes Aries’ antithesis:

  • Individuality vs Relationships
  • Initiative vs Reflection
  • Winning vs Compromise

After we understand both the thesis and the antithesis, we can get to the synthesis.

When we know ourselves (Aries) we have good relationships (Libra). And the opposite is true: when we put the effort to understand other person’s point of view (Libra) we discover new things about ourselves (Aries).

And as a result, our personality expands and our relationships change (Synthesis). We are not the same person we use to be. Our relationships are not the same relationships we used to have.

A synthesis is Thesis.2  – the next version of the thesis

We need the tension of the zodiacal axis to transform and grow. If we get stuck on one side of the axis, we run into the same problems over and over again. We can ONLY grow and evolve when we go beyond our initial “thesis”, and embrace the “antithesis”.

Full Moons – The Monthly Formula For Change

A Full Moon is the Universe’s way to help us deal with change, and grow.

When we have a Full Moon, the Sun is our thesis. Because the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun, the Moon becomes our antithesis. This conflict between the Sun and the Moon, between Yang and Yin, ultimately leads to synthesis. That’s why a Full Moon it’s said to illuminate and bring the truth to the surface.

Just like the “thesis-antithesis-synthesis” theory, the Full Moon is our monthly formula for change.

Every month, we have a Full Moon. In total, we have 12 Full Moons in a year, one for each sign.

The Full Moon aims to “illuminate” the archetype of the opposite sign, and bring the truth to the surface.

Full Moon In Sagittarius – Embrace What You Don’t Know

Now we are in the Gemini season, so the Full Moon in Sagittarius becomes the antithesis of the archetype of Gemini.

Sagittarius is all about your deepest beliefs and all the information you don’t question because it defines you. Gemini is about facts and approaching everything with curiosity, from a position of ‘not knowing’.

Let’s go through the formula once again:

The Gemini “thesis”

  • Facts
  • Science
  • Practice

… and the Sagittarius “antithesis”

  • Facts vs. Knowledge
  • Science vs. Intuition
  • Practice vs. Theory

It’s only when we check the facts (Gemini) that we can truly understand something (Sagittarius).

When we put the effort to understand something (Sagittarius) then we also discover the underlying assumptions (Gemini).

And as a result, we question some facts, introduce new ones, and come to an even better understanding of a topic (that’s synthesis).

When we take a scientific approach to life (Gemini) we only believe in what we see. We know that life is made of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. But we cannot explain how life is created, or why it is created, and what the purpose of it all is (Sagittarius).

Some things cannot be explained with our limited material minds, and Sagittarius knows that. But too much intuition, and we refute clear evidence that’s right in front of our eyes. We become delusional.

But when we understand the world both with our material mind (Gemini) and with our spiritual mind (Sagittarius) this is when new portals of understanding open up. That’s synthesis.   

Sometimes we get stuck in ‘practice mode’. Let’s say you’re a sales rep, and you made at least 1000 hours of sales calls by now (Gemini thesis). Your sales are good, but not excellent. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Going to a sales course (Sagittarius antithesis) may be exactly what you need. Learning about the theory of sales can give you a completely new perspective and ultimately help your results skyrocket (synthesis).

Similarly, if you are a theoretical person and you learned everything about sales, but only made 5 sales calls in your life, your results won’t be that great. You need to actually call more people. You need to practice.

This is how the “thesis – antithesis – synthesis” theory works. Now it’s time for practice 😉

In preparation for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, take a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left column, write down everything you believe to be true. That’s your thesis. Now on the right column, write what’s the opposite of what you believe to be true. That’s your antithesis.

And when the Full Moon in Sagittarius comes (on June 17th) reflect on your list.


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10 thoughts on “Full Moon In Sagittarius – Judas Or Buddha?

  1. Your explanation is an excellent one! Thank you
    I would love for you to do the other 4 axis.

    Very grateful,


  2. This is T-H-E best text you ever written, if I may so. Very good, top marks! Thank you, I will do my two columns, without a doubt, it will able me to clear the decks and push onto new ground.

  3. .”..the first one was in January, the second one is now on June 16th and the last one is in September” Is there a reason why no dates of these previous and future exact squares?

  4. I tend to agree with Sanna. Applying the thesis Trinity, relating it to yin yang helps to really broaden my perspective. You typically write excellent reports each month and I thank you for these. I’m wondering do you have a list of the thesis and the thesis relationship with all, to all the astrological signs?

  5. All of this revealed a big character flaw that I was totally unaware of.

    The Jupifer/Neptune square activated my natal Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in my 12 th house; also a natal Mercury in Sag.
    I always (secretly) look down people whose lives seem to be superficial–people who don’t see deeper meanings in life like I do.
    What happened with the latest square is that I came down to earth with a BUMP! I finally realized things that I’d been unwilling to see with my usual idealistic and optimistic approach. I see now that I need to come down to earth and learn to accept tings and peopple as they are.
    I also clearly realized that I haven’t seen the “reality” of my friend in my apt. bldg. as she really is. That was another BUMP. I’ve only seen what I wanted to see, and since she isn’t much of a talker, she allowed me to think the best of her. The truth is that she doesn’t care as much about me as I do about her.

    Coming back to earth and people as they are is rough!

    I also have Mars in Chiron creating a Grand Cross, so I’m getting lessons all over the place.

  6. This was beautifully clarifying for me. I’d never heard Jupiter associated with the beliefs about reality we hold dear and don’t often question. My natal moon is also in Sag at 21d16m so there will be another close up dance between the two in the coming months as Jupiter goes direct.

    What I’m particularly fascinated with what this piece of information is that in my natal chart, Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct within a degree and a 1/2 to 2゚ of each other in Leo in the 9th house … my parents were missionaries in Japan … Pluto, the great destroyer, cutting through those foundational beliefs in my birth circuitry. I was wired for the very thing I’ve done.

    And the synthesis piece! Holy moly! And added layer of delicious awareness. I’ve been playing with the polarities in a focused way for some time now. This adds to the depth of that play for me. Thank you!

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