Mars Square Chiron – From Victim To Victor

Mars square Chiron is one of the most difficult Chiron aspects or transits. 

Chiron is now in Aries. And Aries is ruled by Mars. That’s why from now until 2027 (when Chiron leaves Aries), pay special attention to Mars-Chiron aspects. Basically, Mars and Chiron will speak the same language, the ‘Aries language’.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it represents our identity, how we act, and assert ourselves.

Chiron is known as the ‘wounded healer’ which means that with Chiron in Aries, our identity is wounded. With Chiron in Aries, we find it more difficult to act and assert ourselves. We second guess our actions. We feel clumsy and inadequate.


Who Is Chiron?

Chiron is a planetoid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus, so Chiron is a mix of Saturn and Uranus energy.

Saturn is a symbol for “matter” and Uranus is a symbol for the “divine”. Chiron is basically a bridge between the two.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur, half god, half horse, a wise teacher and a healer. One day, his student, Hercule shoot him by mistake with a poisonous arrow in his thigh. Although Chiron was a wonderful healer, he couldn’t heal himself.

The arrow wounded his thigh, which is a symbol for his “half-animal” side. Indeed, that part of us that is material and mortal is always vulnerable. Chiron reminds us of our mortality. As long as part of us is made of matter (Saturn), we ARE vulnerable.

Just like Chiron, we are part animal and mortal (Saturn), and part immortal and spiritual (Uranus).

Ultimately, the gods released Chiron from his suffering, because Chiron decided to trade places with Prometheus (a symbol for Uranus) who was chained to a mountain. Moved by his gesture, the gods transformed him into the beautiful constellation of Centaurus.

The morale? It’s only when we embrace our vulnerability, that we can heal and achieve our highest potential.

But to achieve our highest potential, it is of crucial importance that we TRULY embrace our mortality. Spiritual bypassing can be more dangerous than not embracing spirituality at all.

Spirituality that is not rooted in our dark animal wisdom leads to nowhere.

The Age Of Aquarius – Opportunities And Dangers

We are entering the Age of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. Think about all the technological advancements.

They can indeed bring progress when they are done right. But they can harm us when our material realities are bypassed.

Technological advancements are ruled by Uranus in astrology. Uranus brought us great advancements in computing, science, or medicine… but also genetically modified food, 5G technology, and artificial intelligence.

When we bypass the natural DNA of the food (the material Chiron wisdom), this Uranian-made DNA food can poison, and ultimately kill us.   

Technology that doesn’t account for our bodily realities will not bring progress, but radiation.

Artificial intelligence without a soul is “artificial” but not “intelligent”. If you watch science fiction movies, perhaps you are familiar with the motive of the robot who longs to have a human body, to be a human just like us.

Chiron does just that – it helps us reconnect our body with our mind.

Chiron DOES bring healing but ONLY when we reconcile our animal, instinctual side with our godly, spiritual side.

If you feel flawed, if you feel ashamed, embrace that part of you. The only way to activate your spiritual mission is by truly embracing your vulnerability.  

Mars In Cancer – The ‘Trigger’

When Mars is square Chiron, Mars will ‘trigger’ Chiron. Mars is the planet of action, after all. When Mars makes contact with another planet, the impulse to act can become overwhelming. We fell compelled to take action.

When Mars squares Chiron, our wounds can resurface unexpectedly. It will feel like a catharsis.

The first step is to push through the natural resistance and vulnerability and bring your wounds to the surface. It’s when you act them out, that the wounds heal.

We all know in theory that the only way to heal ourselves it to ‘process’ our emotions. Yet we don’t do it. We bury our feelings in our heart and hope they go away by themselves. But they never go away.

It’s the law of physics. “Nothing happens until something moves”.

Imagine: if you leave your stuff in the basement of your house, the stuff won’t just disappear. Just because you don’t see it on a regular basis doesn’t mean it goes away. It may catch some mold instead, it may carry some dead weight, but it doesn’t go away.

Same with your emotions. If something hurt you when you were a child, that emotional wound won’t go away by itself.

Yes, time heals, but only when we process the information, when we do something about it. If we repress the hurt, time doesn’t heal, it just makes it worse.

Mars in Cancer is emotional and can become resentful. You may remember the bad things that happened to you, what other people did to you, and ask yourself “Why me?”.

Mars Square Chiron – From Victim To Victor

But be careful not to pose as a victim. The victim has no power, the victim will only look (unconsciously of course) for proof that they are a victim, which in turn will attract more perpetrators or harmful situations.

With Mars square Chiron, you don’t want to be a victim. You want to HEAL what has been victimized inside you.


When you were a child, when you were younger, perhaps you didn’t have what it takes to protect yourself. But now you do. Cancer is a cardinal sign, it is very strong and emotionally resilient. Now you CAN protect yourself, now you CAN take care of yourself.

With Mars square Chiron, your vulnerability is your strength. You understand what it means to be hurt, but you are ready to change that. Mars and Chiron in Aries will push you to take a stand, to ‘do something’ about your past, to change your circumstances.

If you feel inadequate – now is the time to find the inner strength inside. You ARE lovable and worthy, and it’s nothing fundamentally ‘wrong’ with you.

If you don’t feel self-confident – remember you don’t have to. Taking risks will never feel comfortable. You may lack some competency. But that’s ok. You have to start somewhere. If you don’t start, nothing will happen. When you get started, you will get feedback, and if you stay on track, you will succeed. When you learn to act despite your lack of confidence, this is when the magic happens.

If other people are taking advantage of you, now is the time to learn to say NO and build healthy boundaries for yourself and for the loved ones.

If your actions and behaviors have hurt others, now it’s time to say “I’m sorry”. Not only to the people you’ve hurt, but also to yourself. Everything starts with self-forgiveness.

If some of your actions and behaviors have made you feel ashamed and uncomfortable, ask yourself why. There is something about ‘that thing’ you are ashamed of that you can turn around and transform it into a talent. Your wound is indeed your gift. 

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9 thoughts on “Mars Square Chiron – From Victim To Victor

  1. Always appreciate your amazing insights. I especially appreciate your words “Technological advancements are ruled by Uranus in astrology. Uranus brought us great advancements in computing, science or medicine… but also genetically modified food, 5G technology and artificial intelligence.

    When we bypass the natural DNA of the food (the material Chiron wisdom), this Uranian-made DNA food can poison, and ultimately kill us.

    Technology that doesn’t account for our bodily realities will not bring progress, but radiation.” very well stated! I an an organizer of the group Emf Aware – Santa Cruz and I’d love to share this with our group. thank you! Satya Orion

    1. Hi Satya! Cool to see you also read AB’s blog – she’s the bees knees. Thanks so much for another great post, Astrobutterfly. I especially appreciate the practical suggestions on how to go about “embracing [your] vulnerability”. Even just being aware of the celestial influences is helpful.

    2. I’m happy that you know about GMO and EMF and are doing something about it. I’ll look up your FB page and “share” or do whatever seems right to me.
      I live in in a western suburb of Chicago where I can’t get anybody to realize how dangerous 5G is (including the many activists I know).
      I developed electrosensitivity symptoms in February after living next to a room with 36 electric smart meters.
      I must now move to a more rural area where there is less chance of 5G being installed. I think I’ve found a town that seems a very good fit for me, in SE Iowa. The university there and some of the restaurants and businesses have switched to Fiber Optics from WiFi. There seems to be a higher level of consciousness in the town due to the fact that there are many TM meditators there, plus 100s of the residents refused smart meters and were eventually allowed to keep their analog meters.
      Plus the town is surrounded by organic and even regenerative agriculture farms, and they have a year-round farmers market.
      Good luck to all of us!

  2. That is so clearly and beautifully worded and offers something for everyone ……it was like a psychotherapy session ,,, intuited absolutely on point……thank you

  3. Excellent article!!! I happen to have Mars squaring my Chiron TODAY, May 21st.
    I see that I’m closer to Victor now than Victim, and I have to say that it’s been a long and perilous journey — but well worth it.
    Thanks, Sally

  4. Excellent article. I have Mars in Aries conjunct my MC square Chiron in cancer 12th house and wauw did you give me some new insights.

  5. Yes, I love this. Very evocative and relevant; happening to me, too. Can’t believe I didn’t believe in this for 20 years–thanks to articles such as these, now I can more fully understand the specific forces allowing this perspective to shift. Thanks so much!

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