The Foundations Of Relationship Astrology

Do you want to have better relationships? Astrology can help.

When you understand what your relationship expectations, needs and wants are, you effortlessly attract people who are right for you.

When you find out what your partner (or your partner to be) wants from a relationship, you can better meet their needs and make the relationship work.

And this is not woo-woo, this is understanding your ‘Relationship profile’ with the help of astrology.


What Is Astrological Compatibility Really About?

If you read the horoscope column or Sun-sign compatibility, you may wonder how generalized horoscopes can tell you what your day will be like. There cannot be only 12 types of people in this world, right?  

You may be already familiar with astrological compatibility. Let’s say you’re an Aries and your partner is a Libra, and you want to find out how compatible you are.

You search “Aries-Libra compatibility”. Apparently, Aries and Libras are not such a great match. And you may indeed know a Libra you don’t get along with. But you may also know a few Libras with whom you get along great!

How is it possible to have such great relationships with some Libras, but not with others?

When it comes to relationships, your Sun sign alone will not tell you the whole picture.

You need to also learn about the so-called ‘relationship planets’, Venus and Mars. In addition, your Descendant sign will tell you what type of partners you really need.

What Creates Attraction Between Two People?

Mars, Venus, the Moon and the Sun describe how attraction forms in relationships and why we are attracted to some people but not others. 

You may think that relationships are all about romantic attraction, but in reality, there are four types of attraction in relationships.

The four types of attraction are physical attraction, emotional attraction, psychological attraction, and spiritual attraction.

The planet Mars describes the physical attraction, Venus the emotional attraction, the Moon the psychological attraction, and the Sun the spiritual attraction.

Have you wondered why you feel so attracted to someone but when you’re finally together, something feels “off”?

Or why someone makes you feel great, yet you don’t feel on the same boat together?

If you constantly feel that something is ‘missing’ in your relationship, this is perhaps because you and your partner – or romantic interest – are not attracted on all four levels. 

Of course, everything starts with physical attraction – but if we want to have a long-lasting relationship, we need to have a little bit of all four types of attraction.

Astrology Can Help You Improve Your Relationships

However, a relationship is not doomed if emotional attraction is missing, for example. The reason we are at odds with our partner is that we don’t understand their ‘relationship profile’. More exactly, we don’t understand their relationship needs, wants and expectations.

And sometimes – and rather quite often – we don’t even understand our OWN relationship profile.

Thankfully, astrology can help. When you understand your relationship profile, when you understand your partner’s relationship profile, you are much more likely to make the relationship work.

If you want to learn what the stars have to say about your Relationship Profile and your partner’s Relationship Profile, make sure you enroll in the “Relationship Astrology 101” online course.

The course has 6 modules and is packed not only with theory but also with guides, exercises and quizzes to make sure you learn Relationship astrology right.

There is no prior astrology experience necessary. All you need to know is your birth date and your birth time.

This is an introductory course in relationship astrology, and we won’t cover synastry or chart work. If you already work with synastry and more advanced astrology tools, you may still find the course valuable. Many times we skip steps and jump directly to chart reading, without getting the fundamentals right.

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