New Moon In Pisces – Surrender

We have a New Moon in Pisces on March 6th.

The New Moon is at 15 degrees Pisces and is conjunct Neptune. Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces, so this New Moon will come with a double dose of Pisces. If you have Pisces people in your life (or people with lots of planets in Pisces) you know how Pisces energy feels like. Compassionate. Dreamy. Confusing. Extraordinary. This is how this lunar month will be like.

The New Moon in Pisces also coincides with Uranus’ entrance into Taurus and with Mercury Retrograde, so you’re in for quite a ride.  

New Moon In Pisces

Every year we have one New Moon in each sign of the zodiac. That’s why we have 12 months in a year, so that each sign gets a chance to tell its story. In March, you have the opportunity to learn about Pisces.

The Pisces energy is like the ocean: deep, vast, mysterious. The ocean is where everything begins and where everything ends, it is the alpha and omega of life as we know it.

The Pisces constellation is depicted by two fish swimming in opposite directions, yet linked by a cord that keeps them together. This represents the phase of in-betweenness of our consciousness, is when we ask ourselves: should I stay or should I go?

Chiron pisces

But the ocean is vast and the possibilities are endless. Pisces is also a symbol of the unconscious mind and contains all the ‘raw’ information of the universe. Pisces is the divine cosmic soup, and in human development, it corresponds to the gestation phase. In this cosmic cocktail, everything is possible.

As you know, your unconscious thoughts and feelings determine your actions, and the more you get access to your unconscious mind, the more you get in touch with the Universe, and you act in sync with your divine path.  

New Moon Conjunct Neptune

Neptune rules Pisces, so this New Moon is as Pisces as you can get. Neptune is the planet of all possibilities. Neptune is the source code of the Universe. If Uranus (the planet before Neptune) is the initial divine insight, Neptune takes this insight and creates something new out of it.

Many scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers, and artists have a strong Neptune in their chart. What they have in common is their ability to take a piece of abstract information and expand on it. A mathematician takes a simple formula out of which he creates a complex equation. The programmer takes a piece of code and makes a software. The musician takes the musical notes and writes a song. Neptune is your opportunity to ‘play God’ as long as you find that “piece of code” that is aligned with the laws of the Universe.

Long story short, this means anything is possible now. You can create any reality you want. We only suffer when we ignore the universal law. If you ignore it, you cannot make music. If you tap into it, you make a symphony.

New Moon In Pisces And Uranus In Taurus

You already know that every New Moon comes with a new beginning, but this particular New Moon even more so, because it is linked to Uranus’ move into Taurus. Uranus changes signs only once every 7 years, so it will come with changes that can influence your life at least for the next 7 years to come.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury is the mind. Uranus is the higher mind or God’s mind, the mind of the creator. Uranus is how the sky talks to us.

Uranus rules radio and the internet. To get radio waves, you need to tune into a different frequency. It’s like talking with an alien. The words you use to communicate with a human being won’t be of much help. To communicate with an alien, you need to tap into a different frequency.

Uranus is the first ‘invisible’ planet, which means you can’t see it with the naked eye in the sky (you will need a telescope). Thus, Uranus presents what’s beyond what we know to be true. Uranus transits will completely change your perception about reality and will help you see things from a completely different perspective.

If you’re ready to ‘dial in’, this insight will set you free.  

New Moon In Pisces And Mercury Retrograde

The New Moon in Pisces also coincides with Mercury going retrograde at 29° Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac. Mercury is literally only one degree away from Chiron, and has been there for several days now, which is an unusually long time for Mercury.

If you have a Gemini or Virgo Ascendant OR if you have planets between 27° Pisces and 2° Aries then you probably felt the energy of Mercury conjunct Chiron very strongly. Some painful thoughts that you may not be ready yet to integrate.

Maybe there is something in your life you are not ready to confront yet. You may feel you don’t have all the information to make a decision. That’s why Mercury goes retrograde – to get more information, to assess things from a different perspective.  

When Mercury goes direct again on March 28, he will be conjunct Neptune and square Jupiter. A deeper truth will be revealed. You will have an a-ha moment. The puzzle will come together.

Finally, when Mercury (direct) will cross again 29° Pisces (on April 15) you will have the final resolution of this New Moon. Whatever you start now or in the days following the New Moon will develop much more around mid-April. There is more to come. Something you are not aware of yet, something your mind cannot grasp yet, will be revealed mid-April.  

As you can see (or probably already experience on your own skin) there are a lot of shifts in the sky right now, there is a lot going on. The solution?

Look for answers outside yourself. This is not a time to ‘listen to our intuition’. This is a time to really listen to the higher guidance. If the messages that come to you shock you, you are probably on the right path.

Many times we believe we receive guidance from above when in fact we only act from intuition and wishful thinking. That’s not what a Pisces would do. You have to completely surrender. You have to completely embrace the possibility that you may not have all the answers.

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4 thoughts on “New Moon In Pisces – Surrender

  1. Wiow, I’m looking foward to this new moon, cause 15º degrees of Pisces makes many aspects in my chart. Thank you, once again for the forecast.

  2. Hi,thank you again for this wonderful interpretation.
    My Jupiter is in scorpio (2nd H) at 2 degrees and my south node in pisces ( 7thH) at 2degrees too.What should i expect with the transit of Uranus into taurus if i may ask please.Iam so eager to know what to expect.Thank you in advance.

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