Solar Eclipse In Leo – What You Need To Know

The Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11 is the last eclipse of the season. The eclipse is visible from Canada, North Europe, and North East Asia. During the eclipse, the disk of the Moon will partially cover the disk of the Sun.


The eclipse takes place at 18° Leo and is particularly important because is the last Solar Eclipse in Leo, concluding a two-year eclipse cycle in Leo/Aquarius. This last eclipse will culminate with answers to what was stirred in your life in the past two years.

What happened over the past two years? What changes have occurred in your life?

The eclipse is linked to the solar eclipse on July 31, 2000, and to the solar eclipse on July 20, 1982.

What happened in your life back then? Can you find any common themes?

There is one more eclipse at 0° Leo on January 21, 2019, but that one will be a lunar eclipse and by then the Nodes of the Moon will be already in Cancer and Capricorn.

So this eclipse on August 11 is really your last chance to fulfill your Leo mission. When I say the last chance I mean for the next 18 years. In 2036 we will have similar eclipses… but I bet you don’t want to wait until then to do what you know you need to do.

Six Planets Retrograde

And there is one more reason why this eclipse is significant. At the time of the eclipse, there is a record of 6 planets retrograde.

It’s like the whole sky slows down to make sure you pay attention. You may have noticed in the last couple of weeks repeated messages keep coming your way. The sky is calling you out!

With so much retrograde energy, expect to encounter some slowness and resistance. But if you stay there, if you break through the resistance, you’ll be able to see – maybe for the first time – a tiny speck of light.

Just like the Moon casts a shadow over the Sun, that initial discomfort will show you where your light shines from.

Last Leo Eclipse – Last Chance to Embrace Your Heart’s Longing

The Sun is eclipsed by the Moon, signifying that your inner word (the Moon) takes over the outer world. An eclipse is a recalibration. You can only live in purpose when both your internal world (the Moon) and the external world (the Sun) get in sync. And that’s what eclipses are for!

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is a North Node eclipse. The North Node of the Moon is connected to our life’s purpose.

There is a Leo-related purpose in your life you need to fulfill right now.

And no matter what your sign is, you have Leo somewhere in your natal chart. This is where you need to pay attention to.

Leo, ruled by the Sun itself is the core of who you are. Leo rules your heart, your center, what makes you feel alive.

Because all planets revolve around the Sun, and because Sun rules Leo, Leos are unjustly called selfish or attention seekers.

But isn’t it the Sun that gives us energy and makes possible life as we know it? Sun is the most generous ‘planet’ in our solar system. The Sun is the ‘engine’ of our solar system, without it, we wouldn’t be here.

Just like the Sun is – literally – the center of our solar system, in the same way, Leo rules our heart, the center of the Self. And it’s our heart that spurs with love, generosity, and creativity.

Leo rules creativity and talents in your natal chart – what fuels you and brings you joy, your mojo. Leo is what we generously share with the world, simply because what we share is who we are, and the world needs that special talent that only we have.

Find Your Voice – And Sing It Out

Sharing your talents and gifts with the world is nothing else but an act of love. Problems start to arise only when you care too much about how your talents and gifts are being received. When you care about what the world thinks of you, you disconnect from that engine, from that speck of light in the middle of your chest. At that moment you lose your authenticity.

When you express your true self with candor, without restaining yourself, this is when you truly shine. You don’t do it for the applause, or for the social media likes. You do it because this is who you are, and you don’t need to justify yourself. You’re the queen or the king in the castle.

The Solar Eclipse in Leo will invite you to find your authentic voice so you can share that unique gift that only you have.

As mentioned, this eclipse is a North Node eclipse (not to be confused with a South Node eclipse).

The North Node, also called the Dragon’s Head represents our ‘spiritual compass’, our purpose in life.

At the Solar Eclipse, you will find your voice from a place of truth, naturally activating your evolutionary purpose.

Your unique talents, your individual aspirations, your dreams ARE important. Follow your heart with courage even if this goes against the approval of your friends, community or society as a whole.


Solar Eclipse in Leo – Beginnings or Endings?

Solar Eclipses are nothing else but New Moons (with a shadow). And you may already know that New Moons are all about new beginnings.

Indeed, a Solar eclipse, being nothing else but a New Moon in disguise (or better said, in the open), brings new beginnings.

You also know this is a North Node eclipse. North Node eclipses are about going into uncharted territories, about going where no one else has gone before.

So we have quite a bit of ‘fresh’ energy associated with this eclipse.


We also have an opposing energy of equal force. We have 6 planets retrograde at the time of the eclipse (that’s a lot, and rather unusual by ‘retrograde’ standards).

Mercury is retrograde AND is conjunct the eclipse. Mars is retrograde AND changes signs, moving back into Capricorn, and dragging the energy of the Eclipse into another area of your chart.

Neptune and Pluto are retrograde and both aspect the eclipse, forming a Yod, also called a ‘finger of God’ aspect.

The eclipse is also square Jupiter in Scorpio and square Juno in Taurus.

So on one hand, we have this new beginning energy… and on the other hand, we have all these retrogrades, which bring stuff from the past.  

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is about new beginnings that are possible by integrating elements of the past.

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is a great time to either restart something, this time by taking a different approach, or to start something completely new, as long as you build it on the foundations of the past. There is an overlooked element associated with this eclipse. This overlooked element will become perfectly clear at the time of the eclipse.

Examples: you can reconnect with a close friend from the past and decide to start a business together. Or you do therapy and you finally understand what was holding you back in your relationships. As a result, you have a completely new outlook on relationships and even start a new relationship.

What is common to the examples above is that this new beginning cannot happen without addressing your past.

Because Jupiter is squaring the eclipse from Scorpio, there is a feeling of ‘I’ve told you so’. The solution that emerges might not be completely foreign to you, but you will finally look at it from a different angle.

And because the eclipse is also square Juno, the planet of commitment, there is some deeper truth to be found.  

The godly couple, Jupiter and Juno, right now oppose each other in Scorpio/Taurus. There seems to be a conflict of interests. Jupiter is the ruler, the teacher, the omnipotent authority figure. Juno is his consort, the feminine side of the coin. Juno rules devotion, sticking to commitments no matter what.  

You may be torn between two commitments you’ve made. One commitment can be more personal in nature (Juno in Taurus), while the other more like an obligation (Jupiter in Scorpio).

The question the eclipse will raise, and the answer it will bring, is: What solution can you find, how can you reconcile this conflict of interests so you can live with integrity? How can you live from your heart, like a lion does?

The Eclipse is also the apex of a yod formed by the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. To live from the heart (Leo) you need to tap into your personal power (Pluto in Capricorn) while in the same time, surrender to the unknown (Neptune in Pisces).

Pluto and Neptune are transpersonal, complex planets. Remember when I mentioned this eclipse is your last chance to get your Leo part of the chart right?

Where To Find Answers?

Neptune and Pluto suggest you will find the answers where you least expect. Neptune and Pluto are the farthest planets in our solar system. They come with the last solution.

When all your regular attempts have failed, you have to look for it somewhere else, somewhere deeper.

“It’s me, your heart. Pay attention to me! There is something I really want to tell you. Don’t move on before taking this in, please!”

As with every eclipse, the key is to surrender to the unknown. But this time, the way through is not by letting go of the past. It’s by paying attention to it. It’s by allowing it to become an integral part of who you are.

Whether or not the Solar Eclipse in Leo makes a direct hit on your chart, eclipses are powerful and significant times for every single one of us.

Do you want to know more? All About Eclipses will teach you all you need to know about the different types of eclipses and their astrological meaning. 

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12 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse In Leo – What You Need To Know

  1. Hi!

    I dont understand why should look back to 31.7.2000 eclipse has much to do with this eclipse as the planetary positions are completely different. So this is not the same as back then. That’s my notion of it anyway.

    1. It is part of the same Saros eclipse family. Eclipses from the same Saros cycle carry the same energy. I teach about this in my course about eclipses

      1. Okay, I get it. Last time I married which ended in divorce two years ago. The eclipse is in my 8th house and I wish not to have anything to do with my ex anymore. However, I am attached to him through the maintenance he pays for the boys. The eclipse is hitting second house of income and I sincerely hope this doesnt mean bad new for me. He pays hardly anything, is very disinterested in the boys anyway and has moved on his life with various girlfriends etc.

    1. I didn’t like the lunar ecplipse 27.7, it was a difficult one. It hit my first house and I had to go back one step in my progress – which was painful – before I could level myself off again. To do with my divorce, emotional self-reliance and independence. Mars added aggro to it and I’m glad it’s over and this month is a little easier. Or so I hope.

  2. So I am a Leo rising and also have my south node on Leo. This two years have been hell for me do u think it will get better?

  3. Hello! 💖 If Leo is in my ninth house, how could travel be connected to my soul purpose? What should I pay attention to? I resonate with the need to live my authentic self and share my unique talents. Didn’t have the courage to do that yet. I started today a journey to the sea, I will be on vacation until the 19th. Thank you! Much gratitude! 🙏

      1. Thank you! 🙏 I love traveling, I hope to get in sync with my hearts voice!

  4. Love your blogs.
    I don’t have any planets in Leo, any wisdom as I am desperate for my purpose to find me!

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