The Longest Eclipse Of The Century

The longest eclipse of the century takes place on July 27, 2018, at 4° Aquarius. The total lunar eclipse will shroud the moon in a blood-reddish glow of Friday, so prepare for a spectacular night sky. The eclipse will be total for 1h and 43 minutes and if we count the time when it’s partial we get to a total duration of 3 hours and 55 minutes. That’s a long time!

The eclipse will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

As you may know, we have a lunar eclipse only at a Full Moon, when the moon passes directly behind the Earth in Earth’s shadow. We usually have 2 lunar eclipses in a year (sometimes three).

So what exactly makes this particular eclipse the longest eclipse of the century?

The lunar eclipse on July 27 is the longest eclipse of the century because several factors aligned:

The Full Moon is almost exactly conjunct the South Node (just 1° away). The closer to the Node, the longer it lasts, because the Moon passes through the central part of the Earth’s shadow.

On July 27, the Moon will be at its farthest position from the Earth – the so-called lunar apogee. At this time of the year the Earth is farthest away from the sun, at aphelion. According to Greenwich astronomers, July 27 we will see the Moon smaller than usual because it’s further from Earth and it will be traveling slower than usual.

The eclipse is so long in duration because Moon is farther away and it takes longer to pass through the Earth’s shadow, AND because it will pass directly through the center of the shadow.

Basically, the shadow behind the Earth is longer and wider due to the angles between the Sun and the Earth.

And because the whole disk of the Moon will disappear in the shadow, the moon will turn red.

You may wonder why full moons turn blood-red during a total eclipse? Wouldn’t make sense to turn black and disappear completely under the shadow of the Earth, just like the Sun does when it’s eclipsed?

The reason the Moon turns reddish is the Earth’s atmosphere! When the Sun’s light reaches the atmosphere of the Earth, the light gets scattered and gets bend back onto the Moon. And the reason why it’s red is that red light travels faster than other colors and gets less scattered.

The Astrology Of The Longest Eclipse Of The Century

Simple! In astrology, total eclipses are the most powerful. The longer they last, the more powerful they are.

Being the longest eclipse of the century, from an astrological perspective, this eclipse is the most important and most eventful lunar eclipse of the century, too! This is big folks, and I cannot stress it enough. And…

… not only this is a total eclipse, the longest eclipse, but it’s also conjunct Mars in an extremely tight orb. The red planet Mars will basically shine right next to the red-blood Moon on July 27. What a night!

Does it count that Mars is now closer to the Earth than ever, brighter than he has ever been? Yes, it does. When Mars is close to the Earth, it’s even more powerful than usual. And Mars is also retrograde, and on the night of the eclipse is halfway through his cycle, opposing the Sun.

So we have a Sun-Mars opposition (with a very strong Mars), a Full Moon which is also conjunct the very strong Mars, a Full Moon which is also an Eclipse,  aaaand.. this is the longest eclipse of the century.

We have all the elements of an absolutely spectacular eclipse that we will remember for years to come.

Of course, not everyone will be affected, because not everyone has planets or angles around 4° in Aquarius or Leo… but if you do, you will DEFINITELY be affected. Something will happen. Eclipses are famous for bringing major changes and transformation in people’s lives. If you do have planets or angles around 4° in Aquarius or Leo, please leave a comment below with what is going on in your life right now.

Even if you don’t have a planet or an angle at the eclipse degree, you will still feel the energy, because the eclipse will fall somewhere in your chart. Have a look at which house you have Aquarius – themes related to that house will come forward.

What Needs To Happen Will Happen

The lunar eclipse takes place in Aquarius, and this means the Moon is in Aquarius and the Sun is in Leo. Both Aquarius and Leo have to do with the Ego and with the role you choose to play in the world: do you live from your heart, do you stay true to yourself, even if this means you have to be a lone wolf (Leo) or do you use your unique gifts to support a greater goal? (Aquarius).

In both cases, there is some Ego work that needs to be done. To shine your true light, you have to dare to shine it. This is more difficult than you may think. Shining your light comes with responsibility. Some people might not like your light. This means you’ll have to accept that not everyone likes you. That’s what Leo energy is about.

On the other hand, letting go of your expectation to be recognized for your individual contribution, so, in turn, you can achieve something greater than yourself, as part of a team, is the lesson Aquarians need to learn. Aquarius will teach you that it’s ok NOT to have your efforts recognized, even if you worked the hardest. Learning to stay true to yourself, and stay humble at the same time, are EGO challenges Aquarians deal with.

The Full Moon / Eclipse is in Aquarius, meaning that Aquarian themes will come into focus. And because this is a South Node eclipse, you will have an encounter with karma. This encounter will be connected to Aquarian themes in your life. Have a look where you have Aquarius in your life – which ego battles are you fighting there?

A South Node eclipse asks you to deal with something that is already part of your life. It’s payback time, for good or for bad.

And Mars will make sure you will take action this time. Even if you will surprise everyone around you. The Eclipse is also square Uranus, the planet of freedom and unpredictability. Maybe other people’s actions will surprise you. And when I say surprise, I don’t mean come with a shock.

Because this is a South Node eclipse, it’s not like you were not aware of ‘that something’. You were, but maybe you thought ‘that something’ will never change. That you can’t do anything about it. That it will always be part of your life. Or that you can never have it. 

Lunar Eclipses, just like the Full Moons, are times of fruition and harvest. Important things are said and done and big decisions are taken. Outcomes are inevitable. What needs to happen will happen.

The outcome can be positive or negative… depending on your actions, especially those actions connected to the opposite node, the North Node. What goes around comes around. When I say “positive or negative” I mean it from our perspective. From Universe’ perspective, there’s no such thing as positive or negative. Just consequences.

Because of its proximity to Mars and the South Node, this Lunar eclipse will be connected to the events marked by the Mars / South Node conjunctions: the first conjunction took place on June 8th, the 2nd conjunction on July 20th and the third and final conjunction on September 8th, 2018.

And because the eclipse is also square Uranus, you may feel you are forced to do something that you wouldn’t be doing otherwise. Don’t be afraid! Remember that Uranus always brings freedom, Mars always brings courage, and the South Node always brings liberation.

There is so much more to this eclipse and to eclipses in general! That’s why I created a fantastic mini-course called “All about eclipses”. And of course, there is no better time to bring it to you than now, before the eclipse. If you want to understand how this eclipse and how eclipses in general fit in the big picture of your life, I strongly encourage you to have a look  – here’s the link.

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82 thoughts on “The Longest Eclipse Of The Century

  1. Woah so much energy! This eclipse is conjunct my natal south node in Aquarius (sun obvs conj north node Leo 9th house). I had my nodal return a week or so ago, nothing significant occurred then. I’m currently in between big life chapters, as a very different direction is opening up for me around further education and spirituality. I’ve decided to go back to uni to study (Philosophy). Very 9th house! Not sure what the eclipse could bring… love your writing by the way. Thanks so much! X

  2. Great post. This is what I have (birth chart) in Aquarius: Jupiter @ 11.57′ in IX house, Fortune @ 9.14′ in VIII house and Vertex @ 5.57′ in VIII house. Aspects formed and forming during the eclipse in Aquarius: moon sextile natal neptune, mars sextile natal neptune and mars trine natal pluto (few minutes after full eclipse).

  3. Thank you for an eye-opening post! I have Venus 4 degrees (9H) Aquarius, Moon 4 degrees (4H) Leo, Uranus 4 degrees (4H) Leo. Yup, I know. Eyes wide open, ready, willing and maybe able!

    How much longer is this eclipse than most normal?

  4. Thanks for another very exiting post.
    I have Jupiter 4 degrees Aquarius in 10 as part of a Yod with Pluto and North Node 5 degrees Virgo in 5 and Mercury in 12. My topic is long standing a change or development careerwise, me wanting to do my own thing ( to do with trauma (Pluto), introverts and HSP (12th house stellium) – but not on my own ( that the Aquarius bit???) that not on my own and not knowing where and with whom is the big question.
    I hope the eclipse will bring a positive development.

  5. This eclipse lines up with my North Node in Aquarius and Mars in Aquarius. What can I expect from an opposition like that?

    1. The North node is about new possibilities and new activities. The near place with Mars and the opposition shows that is time to take the new way.Its possible that till now you didn’t make this and now you will be pushed to do it.If you don’t take the way of North node by yourself maybe you will find that job by pressure.The new way is shown by the sign and houses of the eclipse and the natal places of the planet’s and their aspects in your birth chart.I wish you luck on the new way!

      1. Hello, Vera! Can you please give me a hand? How do I find out if I have planets or angles around 4degrees in Aquarius or Leo? I never went that specific in my interest for eclipses. Thank you very much!

  6. I have this eclipse happening right on my ascendant and the solar eclipse of August happening right on my moons nodes (NN Leo).

    I have a lot going on relationship wise – the administrative end to my marriage (been separated for years) and I have just broken free from an emotionally abusive relationship with a very paranoid man. Im hoping to hold stong on that one. I do sort of feel that im being born again and born to my true self. I think perhaps the trauma of my childhood has well and truly been relived and I will now have a chance to no longer be ruled by it.

    But Im a bit scared by this lunar eclipse on my ascendant! I’ve tried to research what it might mean without much success. Any tips appreciated!

    1. My opinion is that now is the time finally take decision about past unfinished jobs -in your relations and the most important for your own.Becouse this is the last eclipse of the eclipses Leo – Aquarius it represent that final moment.And because and Mercury will go retro on this time the need of analyse and decision will be high.And not at the end,be careful with emotional people around you.Good luck with your new yourself!

  7. I have natal Mercury at 5 degrees Leo in my first house. No planets in Aquarius. I’m having my disability hearing on the 26th, the day before the eclipse. I’m really hoping this opens up some new health and financial prosperity for me!

    1. Expect a year of big meaning for hole your life.All the things from the past will receive their conclusions and every missing part from your life will find own place.Watch for relationships with woman,They will make important role in your life this year.Make your successful change in a lifetime!

  8. Capricorn sun ☀️ moon 🌓
    17°09′ Aquarius In the 12 house
    Leo at 17 degrees in the 6 house .
    Wow interesting eclipse season the moon is building in intensity 😁✌️👍🙏💟💟💟

  9. My moon is in Leo at 4 degrees…. 9th House. My Uranus is also in Leo at 6 degrees… 9th House. And my Chiron is at 8 degrees Aquarius in the 3rd House. I feel that something profound is happening for me at this time. I can’t put my finger on it. It might not even involve external circumstances… perhaps it is all internal. But I am impressed that the Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse, Longest Eclipse of the Century in Aquarius at 4 degrees will be deeply affecting me because my natal Moon is also at 4 degrees in Leo… again… 9th House. If you have any chance to send me a quick response, I would be so grateful! July 27 is Guru Purnima… an auspicious day in the Hindu tradition. A day to honor the Guru… the Guru that exists for us in the form of the Teacher… and ultimately…. the Guru that resides inside each one of us. Oh! And then of course Mars is conjunct the whole thing! Wowsa! I love your posts. Thank you! 🙏

    1. The eclipse falls in your 3rd house. Because this is a South Node eclipse, it will ask you to release attachments related to the 3rd house, while stepping into your 9th house (this is where the North Node of the future is at the moment). The 3rd house is about having an objective approach to life “I only believe that I see with my own yes” while the 9th is about trusting that others already paved the path of knowledge (that’s why the 9th house is related to higher knowledge, religion, teachers, and ultimately, faith). So I would say the eclipse for you is not necessarily about honoring the guru inside of you, but more about learning that you as an individual don’t have all the answers, and looking for answers on the outside <3

  10. What do you make of this? Jupiter in Aquarius 4*35’, ascendant in Leo 4*26’, VII in Aquarius 4*26’ I’m ready for transformation to manifest! Purpose, career, and consciousness.

  11. Aquarius Sun 3,25 in the first house. Taurus Moon at 2.58 in the 4th house so Uranus will, and has been, in close conjunction to my Moon which is interesting considering it is square both the Sun and Moon during the eclipse. Uranus at 24.36 Leo in the 8th house in my birth chart. Capricorn Rising 20.53, Saturn in Capricorn in the first house conjunct Ascendant at 22.15.

    Studying Kabbalah, loving it, we are all equal. Elderly parents, Dad just turned 92 on July 9th and Mom will be 84 on August 28th, Alzheimer’s. Sadness, sorrow, concern but also with joy when I get to visit. Struggling with my own health (Migraines). Work is shifting, have been struggling with where and how I fit in. Considering a change. Adjusting how I entertain myself. Cutting off cable so I can make ends meet and shift my attention to more creative pursuits. I’ll miss Turner Classic Movies though! Which about all I ever watch. Spending lots of time at home with my cat and taking care of my garden.

    Thank for your posts! I enjoy them very much and get excited whenever I see one in my Inbox. 🙂

  12. My Leo moon is at 2 degrees for the eclipse on the 27th. I just became engaged to a peruvian woman and now I am going to Los Angeles to tell my family about the engagement. I wonder how is my mother going to react to the news.

  13. I have Chiron at 9 degrees Aquarius and Uranus at 6 degrees Leo. Uranus is part of a grand trine in my chart with Mars and Saturn conjunct Venus. I am in the process of getting ready to move to a different state of the country 5 weeks from now and several medical related things are going a little awry this week.

  14. I have my ascendent in Leo at 0.54 degeres and my Venus in Aquarius at 2.58 degrees. I am going through ALOT. my newest posts will show you what im going through.

  15. Where shall I start from? Natal Jupiter 4deg.33′ Aqu.end of 8th. conj.Saturn 29d.20′ Cap.. then sext.Mercury 6d.36′ Aries which is part of an Aries 11th house stellium of Moon, Venus and Sun which trine Uranus 21d 45′ Leo 3rd house. Also Chiron/South node conj. is on Mercury/Jupiter sext. MP, opp. Pluto/north node conj Virgo 4rth House. They form a YOD. In my progressed, Tr. Uranus MC 2d 31 Taurus and sext. natal MC 1d 51′ Pisces. Also my pr. Venus is at 4d 05′ Taurus now and sq. the eclipse (n.Jupiter, tr. Mars)!!!!!

  16. I have my natal Saturn at 5′ Aquarius in conjunction with my South Node(1st house). And natal Mars in conjunction with the North Node in 7th house.
    All this in square to my Scorpio Sun at 3’52 – T-square, yes. And where do we have Uranus right now! Right! A Grand Cross….
    W h a t is going on? Please, anyone?

    1. Yes,grand cross and cardinal shift.Be prepared for your new yourself and be prepared that your closest people will not like it,even more -They will try to stop that processes with radical and not fair methods.Maybe you will loose some of them by your personal inner decision.Many truths will be open and all this to continiu with your professional and social grow!

  17. The eclipse conjunct my natal Venus at 2 of Aquarius in the second house, squaring transit Uranus in the fifth house, the eclipse is stirring up events relating to 2nd ,5th , and 8th houses in my chart.
    I would say that it isn’t love theme related events but more of confidence and self-esteem issues, I’m so excited to see the cumulation of what I have started a year and half ago which relate to me trying to build up my crumbled confidence brick by brick.

    on the other hand I have the transit sun/ natal vortex conjunction along side the north node in the 8th house, so the events related to this aspect is yet to present itself in my life.

  18. chiron at 4° 15 in 10th house Aquarius
    Jupiter at 3° 10 in 4th house Leo
    attaining of renewed vital enegry
    vocation is to bring back the eco system
    more than 20 years on a lonely voyage.

  19. So much energy, this total lunar eclipse4°44″ is conjunct my 6°AS Aquarius…
    The next parcial solar is exact on my Uranus same degree 18°Leo, ruler of my AS…
    ALL the 3 eclipses of this season touch my natal chart so deeply.
    The first parcial solar eclipse 20°Cancer opposite my natal Moon/Capricorn, also sextil my Sun 19°Virgo and, with MarsRx-7° and South Node-5° on my AS-6°Aquarius.
    The(earth grand trine) transiting Venus 3°Virgo is exact between my natal Venus/Pluto/Virgo/cusp8house… lets consider that Regulus is also there…SaturnRx/Capricorn, conjunct my natal Saturn/Capricorn, and Uranus2°Taurus conjunct my IC. The water grand trine Jupiter/Scorpio is exact on the midpoint MC and my natal Jupiter/Scorpio… Also ChironRx transit is opposite my natal North Node conjunct Mars on my 9house…
    Wow time to plant an amazing seed(super-new moon- eclipse season-solar-lunartotal-solar) to transcend and blossom, highest expression of my soul in life, living my legacy, inspired…
    Great article , thanks.

  20. I am a Scorpio with Capricorn rising – I have my south node at 2 degrees Aquarius and North Node at 2 degrees Leo. For the past 3 years I have been taking care of my father who’s health is not the greatest; my daughter and her family are also living with me and I am supporting due to loss of jobs; my job at work has not been the easiest attempting to balance work and home not leaving me much time for self.

    1. Sandra,the first tendency is about money -yours and somebody’s else.Situation about how you deal with money – personal,credits and taxes will have culmination.The second is about your personal values.And the third is your deepest connection with your personal life.So I can expect some pressure under your personal own money,values or partnership which will change dramatically these subjects.I wish you good luck!

  21. My Moon in 1st Aquarius at 3°(intercepted signs) and my son’s AC is at 4° Aquarius. His father has PTSD and we’ve been having impossible issues fir years. I hope we can find a way to resolve it before we sink. Pluto has crossed my AC at 15° Capricorn AND has been opposing my 12° Cancer Sun and 16° Mars. I’m ready to rest but I don’t think incoming Saturn has that in his plans for me.

  22. yikes! my natal Saturn is at 4 degrees in Aquarius conjunct my South Node and i currently have retrograde moving back towards a conjunction. On the date of the longest eclipse: i will experience an eclipse conjunct transiting mars, conjunct natal saturn conjunct my north node!. what does that mean?

    1. Mdv,it’s very interesting your eclipse situation.It depends where in your horoscope this will happen. But one is for sure – karmic reverse of your life.This could be with old man or a woman,they will push you to find your unknown but very well learned from past life’s personalities. The period about those shifts will be long, from one to three years.This will help you in your work,daily responsibilities,relationships with older than you man and women. Finally this could be a period like a dream,and after you passed it you will don’t understand how and from where this happen. Good luck with your Karma teachers!

  23. Hello. I am a leo sun 10th house 24° and saturn 8°. Scorpio ascendant 3° conjunct my natal uranus 1.7° plus natal north node in 1st house 5° too. And i have jupiter transit my 1st house now. And i have natal pluto in 12th house 10° libra. Well this eclipse is very important for me since it conjunct my ic in Aquarius 4th house at the same degree. Mars square both uranus natal and transit. Transit uranus opposite my ascendant and my natal uranus. Moreover this eclipse opposite my natal saturn in 3° difference. My natal chart is somehow a hermit chart. I will tell you what is happening since January 2017 lunar eclipse 24° leo in brief. I went to a higher level of consciousness. It is about detachment and liberation. My mind is working in a different frame and i started to see things in a very different perspective. January 2018 I became vegetarian and July 2018 I became vegan now. I started yoga and meditation. I feel it is not at all easy to express what is happening into words. It is all about complete surrender to the higher consciousness. My mind is very calm now even i am facing hard transit at age of 42. If i go back 19 years back in remember that huge shift happened in my life. I look back now and see myself I am a very totally different person. Omg. Now many repressed pictures in my subconscious from my childhood are coming to the surface. I am letting go of everything. This transformation is not finished yet. And I believe that in 2019 I will be in a very different life path.

  24. “Hello, Vera! Can you please give me a hand? How do I find out if I have planets or angles around 4degrees in Aquarius or Leo? I never went that specific in my interest for eclipses. Thank you very much!” Hi,Marciana!It’s very easy to make it with one astrological program.If you want give me your personal data and I’ll make it for you.Also you can write me on my email

  25. My natal chiron is 4° Aquarius. Ascendent is 5° Aquarius! Yikes! So much of substance is going on right now. 2 huge projects ending. New big ones beginning. Big money shifts.

  26. I have leo rising sun@ 24dgress and Uranus in libra @ 7 dgrees.No planets in aquarius at will the eclipse affect me?

  27. @Vera please help.jupiter in my third house(scorpio) is 2 dgrees…North Node in my 7th house (pisces)is also 2 degrees…..Uranus in my second house (libra) at 7degrees…Leo asc at 24 dgrees.No planets in aqurius.What should i expect?

    1. Hi Mw,if you have Leo ascendant how is possible to have Libra deascedent?I think that is better to check your natal card well.

      1. Thank you Vera and i checked my card again but Uranus is in Libra @ 7degrees and thats my 2nd house.Well, am a virgo born 1st of sept 1970 at 5:30am in Kenya if you may confirm.Am very interested to know what i should expect please.

      2. Hi again,your ascendant is in the last degrees of Leo.Most of your planets are in Virgo and Libra.The lunar eclipse will not charge any planet in Leo or Aquarius,but will be on your ascendant and the last house of your horoscope.Its a time to prepare for some changes that you now from long time but you didn’t make till now.Emotional situation with children or in your love life will show you where you belong.I suppose that is almost the same for your daughter except this that we don’t know her birth hour. She also doesn’t have something in the orbit of Leo or Aquarius,but where will be the eclipse in her chart we can’t tell.

  28. Hi Vera!

    Thanks for let another enlightening post! I’ve been reading for awhile and have yet to comment, but since you asked about planets near 4 degrees Aquarius/Leo, I thought I’d share!

    I have my North Node in Aquarius at 7 degrees (8th house). I also have Leo at 7 degrees in Venus (2nd house) and 0 degrees in Jupiter (also 2nd house), as well as my Sun and Moon in Leo. This is kind of crazy to discover, because I’m about to make a massive international move on August 1st after having lived in Japan for the past three years. Furthermore, I’ve been writing a book that I see as a manifestation of my purpose (North Node in Aquarius) and I’m planning to launch a new blog in line with my purpose sometime within the next couple months. Coincidence?

    I’m also smack dab in the middle of my first Saturn Return, and the past four years of my life have been the hardest by far, with everything – my health, finances, relationships, etc. – hitting rock bottom again and again. I don’t know what’s about to happen during this legendary eclipse, but considering my planets and everything going on in my life right now, I’m both excited and nervous! Fingers crossed something finally changes for the better!

    Thanks again! (I look forward to these posts every month, haha)

  29. My partner has his natal Venus at 2 degrees Aquarius in his second house.

    I have my natal Uranus at 1.2degrees Leo in my 5th house. I also currently have Uranus square my natal Uranus.

    Does anyone have any ideas of how the upcoming Luna eclipse will affect either of us?


    1. Adele,for your husband for sure will be request for money.But as you know this is only part of the hole chart.For you it’s more complicated- and your love life,and creativity,and children.Also be careful with your woman friends.Transiting Uranus squaring your Uranus is a long astrological event,once in a lifetime.I suppose that you will feel like the ground is moving under your feet and you must to learn new ways for living like that.

      1. Hi Vera,

        Many thanks for the response.
        Always interesting to get your newsletters.

        I was really concerned that the transiting Mars and Luna eclipse to Phil’s Venus would involve love relationships in some way.

        My concerns about my own chart is the intensity of the chaotic Uranus energy in my romantic 5th house.

        The other thing I’m struggling with is how Mars will influence things given that it’s in retrograde.

        Any thoughts/ideas?


      2. I’ve just realised that I will actually have mercury conjunct to to Mars, and the moon in my 11th house as well as Uranus conjunct the sun in my 5th house at Friday’s eclipse. In addition I have Neptune in my 8th house square to both Uranus and Mercury (I have a T square in my chart, and the eclipse is bang in the middle of it)

        Any ideas of what I can expect anyone please?

  30. Moon and mars conjunct my Saturn and MC in the 10 house and sun and north node conjunct my IC. Please share any thoughts!

    1. Your new life is on the way.First with changes in your professional and domestic subjects.Emotional opposition with closest people.

  31. Eclipse will fall on mc/ic axis also squaring transiting uranus in 7th. Besides natal mercury also is in 7th house. Right now i am feeling totally ignored if everybody. Never been that before. I am waiting, hopefully for some action 🙂

  32. I’m really glad I came across this post! I’ve been trying to better understand how this might impact me as it’s almost directly conjunct my natal PoF in my 10H. Aquarius also rules my 5H and I have been feeling a lot of intense energetic shifts in terms of how I relate to love and self expression. A lot of the shifts have been really intense though (which is slightly frustrating since my work is creative based so it’s been hard concentrating!) So I’m curious to see how this might all pan out. It definitely feels somehow very karmic, especially since the eclipse will trine my aries NN (in my 6H)/and my Libra SN (in my very very loaded 12h). Hoping at the least it’ll really be a lot of positive release and progress forward.

  33. Transiting Mars will be exactly at 4 degrees Aquarius which is my Fifth house cusp and conjunct my Natal Part of Fortune also at 4 degrees.. No idea what this means but I can tell you that we have been trying for another baby for five years now!

    Would this have anything to do with it ?

    1. So,the answer is in your question. It’s all about children.Maybe new way,you have to change something in that subject.Its good that Mars is retrograde now – there will be no reasons to your try to not give a results.I hope you get good news about it!God luck!

  34. This movie happens on my Dsc. My Asc-Dc are 4.54 Leo-Aq. All my trauma’s are coming to the surface. I have some serious physical problems in this life because of them. I use Christiane Beerlandt to look at that. All the things correspond exactly with these trauma’s… I have a lot of conflicts with people, mostly because I am feeling in a quite extreme way how much I let people cross my limits, and now I am (too) forcefully putting the boundaries where they should be. I am feeling very well what I need and like right now. In the same time I have Saturn conjunct my Jupiter and opposite my sun. This helps me even more to look at relations and my position in them. I feel opposition from people, because they don’t accept my boundaries. It was fine for them that I denied myself to make them feel good. In the same time I feel that what irritates me from other people right now, are things that I sometimes do myself. It’s a win win in a way. Not easy, but very liberating. Uranus is now sextile my sun in cancer and square my Asc in Leo, while at the end of Aries it will for the 3rd time square my nodes, Mars, Mercury an POF, while also trining my moon. Chiron is square my Sun and trine my Asc. and progressed moon is square Saturn. All this together makes that I am growing fast into myself. This is a time to break free. I have to let things go to become a new, more mature and happy version of myself. One that is responsible for her own life and well being. The version I was born to be. It’s good. Mars helps me to fight for myself and have patience for the results to come <3

  35. The Eclipse will conjunct my ic in 4th house. Mars will square my ascendant and my natal uranus and North node in scorpio and square transit uranus in 7th house and oppose natal saturn in leo. Any thoughts to share please?

  36. I have Uranus at 3 Leo in the 12th house and Uranus trines my Aries Sun and sextiles My Mars in Gemini. So the eclipse will oppose Uranus. The last time I had this aspect in 1999, it brought me a lot of huge changes in jobs and I got married….Let’s see this time around.

  37. I have marcury 1deg in Aq. and 15deg. Venus in Aq. Nothing in Leo, but Sun in last deg. of Aq too 🙂
    Yeah last weeks I was feeling something building up in my connection with my twinflame who is in shifted reality from me, higher vibration, but physical being. And in last days I am having such syncs that confirm me that something is really up with TF connections and even reading this made me feel touched. So yeah.. some kundalini merge with my higher vibrational TF is possible choice <3

  38. This is the most interesting and insightful text i read by far about the upcoming eclipse, thank you!!! 🌟 🌚 💫

  39. Hi Vera, I have natal Uranus at 3′ Leo in my 4th house square Neptune in the 6th. The eclipse creates a Grand Square 4th -6th,6th – 10th, 10th – 12th. The eclipse axis is conjunct my parents birthdays my Father Leo/Mother/Aquarius. There has been a 20 year estrangement. I have recently completed some ancestral healing of this kind of split 4 generations back on my Fathers side. Maybe this was timely?

    1. Hi Kenny,yes,I think that this eclipse will be the final one.Its very good that you know yourself and you know each other.Final the karma will be ended!

  40. Hello. I’m still learning, so I hope I am reading my natal chart correctly. My Sun is at 0’47 Aqu at the end of the 3rd house, while my Venus at 5’08 Aqu and Mercury at 8’36 Aqu are in the 4th house and both square Mars in Taurus in the 7th house. There is nothing happening in Leo, in fact there is just nothing in Leo in my natal chart. I’m curious to know how these positions may affect me under this eclipse. I have certainly been moving through a significant, if somewhat slow rediscovery of the self and identity. Additionally, perhaps interestingly, looking at the positions and oppositions of Venus, Mercury and Mars in my chart, I have long suffered a lack of love and companionship in my life. Finally, though I cannot see the way, I have for the last year or so felt that I am on the precipice of completely changing my life and entering something completely new, both in work and location. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks much.

  41. I’m a Scorpio with 2 degree Aquarius for the south node / 2 degree Leo North Node Saturn at 5 degree in Aquarius –

    1. Hi Astro Butterfly! The eclipse and Mars conjunction will exactly oppose my natal Mars, which is at 4 degrees 45′ Leo, and which falls in my natal fifth house and solar first house (i.e., am Pisces rising, Leo sun). I am praying for good karma to manifest, but, I’m bracing myself, given the tense opposition. I will try to remember to come back here to give you a post eclipse report. I love receiving your email newsletters. Your astrological discussions are so insightful and well written. Thank you!!

      1. UPDATE, just fyi…So… Yesterday my bicycle (upon which I rely everyday) was targeted by a thief, who made off with the front wheel. As shocking and violating as it is to suddenly be bikeless due to crime, it is also almost a relief considering I was bracing myself for a lot worse. This validates the principle that the eclipse will impact your Solar Return chart, btw, as Aquarius rules my Solar Return 3rd House (day to day transportation). Also, the police were called (which meshes with the tight opposition of this 4° Aqua Mars eclipse to my natal 4° Leo Mars). *Crossing my fingers that nothing more jarring will happen over the next days.*

  42. So grateful for everything you share <3 I have my sun in Leo at 11 degrees in the 5H, but my Mercury is at exactly 4 degrees in that Leo 5H! Making Aquarius my 11H (where there are no planets) 🙂

  43. I have my natal Juno 4 degrees aquarius 7th house and my mercury is 18 leo 1st house. What could this mean for me ? Thanks

  44. I have Neptune Retrograde at 6 degrees in Aquarius. Uranus, also retrograde and in Aquarius but at 21 degrees. Both of these planets are also in my 3rd house. Juno (says its an astroid) is at 1 degree in Leo in my 9th house. If it helps at all my rising sign is scorpio and my sun sign is virgo in 10th house. Mars is in Capricorn in my 2nd house as well. What changes will come into my life caused by this eclipse? I know I can not prepare but understanding what changes are happening can allow me to let them happen with any hold backs.

  45. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Or Articles…!!💛🙌! This one particular mentions the date of 7/20/2018.. I have been having reoccurring dreams about the date 7/20 for years! It was great to hear something about it!

  46. I have Uranus at 4D in my Scorpion 1st House. 6/7/18 A/C went out (I live in Phoenix). 6/14/18 still no AC, landlord threatened me/ retaliation for asking for hotel room, tried to terminate lease immediate vacate by end of month. My dad secretly have me the cash to move, my horrid mother (also a Scorpio, doesn’t know). I calmed down landlord by reminding her that’s illegal in landlord tenant act to retaliate. Then Agreed to move in a few months. 6/16/18~ massive rain storm (it never rains in mid June either) which caused a roof leak/ near collapse. Said: god source wants me to move NOW. Landlord issue and taking time to move was now moot. Found place before it was listed on market & put deposit down on 6/25/18. Moved 7/13-15.

    Also, around end of May beginning of June, the blood filled dangerous ovarian cyst somehow dislodged from ovary while I was at gym (didn’t hurt) – it popped up to my bellybutton like a water balloon floating in water would; thought was weird and it was just moving around cuz I was doing cardio. On 6/15/18, ultrasound confirmed the ovarian cyst they said I needed major risky bad surgery for was now GONE. Last year at first summer eclipse I began a series of intense Reiki sessions – session on each eclipse. That was a strategic move. On 1/15/18 met w/herbalist for endometriosis and resetting my nervous system (PTSD) on 1/31/18 I started herbalist dietary change/ blood purification detox cleansing process and learned of special massage technique to loosen internal scar tissue. It all worked! (Scorpio 26d/ Pisces 16d)

  47. I’d be grateful for any clarity please Vera. This eclipse squares my highly sensitive natal Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th house which in turn loosely trines my Sun conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (end degrees) in the 2nd house. I have been going through (bombarded!) by many challenges these past few years in all areas seemingly increasing – would this suggest any hope of positive change and some relief at last Vera? Thank you

  48. Hello! I only have Uranus in Aquarius at 4 degrees and don’t have any planets in Leo but Leo is in my 12th house. Can you give me some clarity on my natal chart please? How would the aquarius lunar eclipse affect me? Thank you ^_^

  49. World famous cyclist Peter Sagan has been born on solar eclipse . His sun is on 6th degree of aquarius….week before eclipse he declared to divorce with his wife.

    1. Thanks for sharing. This example is spot on! They probably had issues in their marriage for a while. Lunar eclipses bring culminations. And South Node eclipses (like this one) usually come with endings.

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