Uranus Goes Retrograde – Everything Turns Upside Down

Uranus goes retrograde on August 19, 2021, at 14° Taurus.

The world won’t literally turn upside down (hopefully!), but Uranus stationary retrograde will definitely bring a lot of surprises.

Uranus is different. Uranus is nothing like other planets. The only way to understand Uranus is to not try to understand… at least not with our Mercurial, facts-driven mind.

Uranus is the flash of insight that comes from the sky. It does not come from your mind, or from someone around you. It comes from the sky above.

Uranus is all about surprises. You cannot understand Uranus, prepare for Uranus, master Uranus. The nature of Uranus is CHANGE and its role is to take you by surprise and turn your life upside down.

Can you really prepare for Uranus?

No. Uranus energy comes like a strike of lightning.


Uranus is literally a flash of lightning.

Roy Sullivan, nicknamed “human lightning conductor”, the man who has been struck by lightning for a record of 7 times (and survived them all) has his chart ruler, Mercury in a very tight conjunction with Uranus at 0° Aquarius! (Uranus rules Aquarius).

Saturn Vs. Uranus – Rules Vs. Freedom

Uranus is the opposite of Saturn. If with Saturn you know what you get, with Uranus you never know what you get.

If Saturn rewards hard work and punishes you when you don’t put in the effort, Uranus can turn things in your favor even when you don’t deserve it and can disrupt your life even when you’ve done everything ‘right’… at least, by Saturn’s standards 😉

Uranus will make sure that change happens, whether you like it or not.

Uranus is freedom, innovation, collective memory, sudden change, sudden illumination, breakthroughs, disruption, creativity, liberation, your true, authentic self.

Uranus Retrograde – It’s YOU Who Needs To Change

While Uranus direct is a time to make changes in your environment, in the outside world, Uranus retrograde is a time for an internal change.

This time, it’s you who needs to change, not the world around you.  Uranian energy is like a scissor that cuts the ties of the past and pushes you to experience the world from a completely different perspective.

The shift will take place in the realm of the unconscious.

Don’t over-analyze your thoughts and actions. Remember, it is not Mercury that turns retrograde. With Uranus, the shift takes place in your subtle mind.  Allow the Universe to talk to you in Its language, not in yours.

Uranus retrograde can be experienced in a myriad of ways:

  • Freedom – Uranus is all about allowing your spirit to flow freely, unrestricted by false demands or pretense. Uranus retrograde will bring you the key to your cage once you understand that the only freedom that is, you already have. “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind” – Ghandi
  • Reboot – think about electricity, its nature is on and off, 0 and 1. Uranus will teach you that you can be 100% “on” in a moment and then completely switch off and reboot. Whatever you do, start with a beginner’s mind. A good visualization exercise is to imagine you are an alien, you landed on Earth and you want to understand what the human race is all about. Approach life with curiosity.
  • A desire to get real and be honest with yourself – no more lies, no more comfort, it is time to face what’s holding you back, get real about what you want, and go after it! Become the person you really want to be.
  • A desire to completely change your life. If you are not happy with your job change it. If you are not happy with your relationship, leave it. Do whatever you need to do to, change the things that aren’t working and move on to something better.
  • Trauma – Uranus’ station can bring into your awareness long-forgotten memories. Any issues that you, or your ancestors (Uranus, together with Chiron, rules genetic memory) have not dealt with, can come to the surface now.
  • Anxiety – because of the disruptive quality of Uranus, we can experience fear and anxiety. Remember it is absolutely normal to experience fear and anxiety when you are about to change something in your life. Make friends with your anxiety and let it propel you forward!
  • Flashes of intuitive energy – the higher guidance can come to you out of nowhere. Situations that seemed impossible will begin to work themselves out. Uranus wants to liberate your mind from dogmas so you can think free. A free mind has nothing to prove to anyone.

People who have a lot of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) energy in their chart, can find this intense Uranus retrograde energy difficult to deal with, whereas people with a lot of Air or Mutable energy in their chart will thrive during the Uranus station.

If you have personal planets or angles at 14° in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, Uranus retrograde can bring you sudden changes. However disruptive the change, remember that Uranus only works for your highest good.

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27 thoughts on “Uranus Goes Retrograde – Everything Turns Upside Down

    1. Hi there can you please give me more insight as to how you work out what your pen chart is, I’m a Leo so I’m figuring this is insignificant considering Leo is the house ruling atmosphere in general.
      It would be good to gain an understanding whether you can give me the low down on how we all work out our own chart to then connect that with what you are saying, or if you can direct me to other blogs of your, this is my first to read, or other research or info I can find to know about this stuff.

      1. Hi Olivia, I will write a blog in the following days about how to read transits 🙂

    1. For water signs the Uranian energy can be quite disruptive. Water signs can handle Uranus with the help of their intuition.

    1. Sun signs (zodiac signs). Uranus has an influence over the natal Moon as well, but to a lesser extent. Uranus energy is pretty abstract, similar to the Sun energy. The Moon energy is more material, so Saturn for example, which is also a very material planet, has a much stronger influence over the Moon than it has over the Sun

  1. Hi,
    “Look in which house the transit takes place to get more insights.”
    Do you mean look where Uranus is in my birth chart?
    I would love to know more.

    1. You should look which part of your chart is transited by Uranus. This is the house in your birth chart where you have 28° Aries. Let’s say your 5th house starts at 10° Aries and your 6th house starts at 2° Taurus. This means Uranus transits your 5th house. The house where you have Uranus in your birth chart will be activated as well, but in a more emotional / psychological way, to check the actual manifestation of a transit you need to look at the transits, not at the natal placements. Hope this helps.

      1. Ok, so 28° Aries is in my 9th house which is also where my sun is. My moon is also Aries, but in the 8th house, the sun and moon are nearly touching and they oppose Pluto in my 3rd house which is ruled by Libra, Uranus is actually also in my 3rd house in Libra. So I’very been feeling like the rug was pulled out from under me since last Wednesday when I had some healing work done and now, I’m wondering what next? I’m at a huge cross roads this month, finishing school and my only child turning 18, a lot of change for sure which I’ve been expecting but now I feel as though my compass is broken, physically and energatically. Any advice how to navigate the inside out feeling of it all?

  2. Uranus is transiting my first house, my ascendent, Aries at 28 degrees. My moon in Libra is at 28 degrees. My natal Uranus is 28 degrees Virgo conjunct Venus. Any thoughts?

    1. If your birth time is correct, this is a highly significant, once in a lifetime transit (it only happens once every 84 years). Your life is going to change. You can become more rebellious and independent.

  3. This should be interesting for me Uranus is transiting my 12th house opposing my natal Jupiter @ 25 degrees Libra! Freedom?

  4. I am a Leo (1 degree 27 minutes) with moon at 24 degrees Aries and Mercury at 26 degrees Leo. I guess this coming year is going to be a bumpy ride!

    1. Your Mercury will be activated from October 2017 to March 2018. You can have many original ideas. Look which houses in your natal chart are ruled my Mercury for more insights

      1. Hmm, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so third and sixth house – I have my sun in the third house and Neptune at 16 Libra in the 6th house.

  5. yep sure enough, the old trauma from 38 years ago has been bubbling up for the past several months. I am a Cappy with Taurus Moon Leo rising, earthy-earth gal mostly. Luckily I am in a good place now & realize I did not process this & am giving myself the space to do so now.

  6. I have 6 planets in Aquarius, so I am always upside down….. but seriously enjoyed you post thank you

  7. Hi.
    My natal sun and natal Uranus is conjunct 21 degrees scorpio and Uranus is now transiting my 8th house and conjunct my Vesta & Chiron 11 degree taurus. Any thoughts on that?
    Much love

  8. Hello.
    My natal uranus is at 3°40″ of scorpio in the 5th house. It will be at 14°48′ of Taurus jn my 11th house, exactly computed on the date and time of my birthday, August 19, for which uranus will retrograde. Can you please help me interpret this?

    Thanks and God bless…

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