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Lilith Enters Sagittarius – Time To Break Free

Lilith enters Sagittarius on 14th of February, on Valentine’s day, making a great Valentines gift for both women, who will feel empowered by this energetical shift, and for men who will be at the receiving end of the wild and free unleashed feminine spirit.

No matter your sexual orientation, Lilith is all about breaking free from whatever chains are holding you back.

Lilith, also known in astrology as Black Moon Lilith, was Adam’s first wife before Eve. The legend says that when she refused to be submissive during sex,  she was cast out of Eden for upsetting the power dynamic.


In Astrology, Lilith rules the unleashed woman power, seduction, sexuality, orgasms, women’s rights, menstruation and feminine fluids, abortion and which craft (to an extent).

On a psychological level, Black Moon Lilith shows the hidden side of one’s personality. Lilith stands for our temptations, for what is “forbidden”.

Lilith in Sagittarius is fiercely independent, unconventional and idealist. The need for independence can go as far as a complete refusal of intimacy and of any sort of relationship bond. Lilith is Sagittarius NEEDS to be independent and to be allowed to exercise her feminine power.

Because Sagittarius rules religion and prophets, Lilith in Sagittarius is a symbol for the Feminine Goddess.  Not the Feminine Goddess that is seductive and mysterious (like Lilith in Libra and Lilith in Scorpio are) but the Goddess who knows she is a Goddess and that she does not have to ask for it. Lilith in Sagittarius is a leader and a searcher for truth as the greatest ideal.

The transit of Lilith in Sagittarius can play out in different ways.

  • Women’s movement will become even stronger, playing along with the Uranus Eris conjunction. Towards the end of her stay in Sagittarius, Lilith will apply an harmonious trine to Uranus and Eris. And because Sagittarius also rules the laws, I expect a number of laws in women’s benefit to be passed (on the topic of equal payment we need to wait until Lilith moves into Capricorn, at the end of this year).
  • Some false teachers, leaders, gurus, corrupt politicians will be unmasked during Lilith’s transit into Sagittarius. Sagittarius wants to be fair – so people who fall to live in Truth and Integrity will have a hard time during this transit, because Lilith will expose every dirty secret, every mascarade.

Lilith in Sagittarius will set all of us free! To get more insights into what to expect for check the area of your chart transited by Lilith.

Let’s get some real life examples of what Lilith in Sagittarius stands for,  by analyzing four celebrities that have Lilith in Sagittarius in close conjunction with the Ascendant. Conjunctions to the Ascendant best carry the archetype of the particular energy of the planet.

  • Prince William has Lilith at 29° Sagittarius closely conjunct his ascendant at 27° Sagittarius. With William we can see the negative manifestation of Lilith is Sagittarius (Prince William lost his mother Princess Diana at a very young age) and also the positive, liberating nature of Lilith. William broke the royal protocol and married a ‘commoner’ (Kate, who also has Lilith in Sagittarius). William and Kate are now the role models of the “modern” royal family, having broken a numerous  long-standing royal family rules, for example choosing to live in the countryside (and not in London), practicing hands-on parenting or sending their child prince George to a local school.
  • Brigitte Lahaie is radio host on a show on love and sexuality. Brigitte is mainly known for her former career in the pornographic industry. Her Lilith is at 13° closely conjunct to her rising at 16° Sagittarius. It is interesting that Brigitte is a big fan of horse riding (The symbolism of Lilith in Sagittarius goes even further).
  • Courtney Cox is another celebrity with a close Lilith Ascendant conjunction in Sagittarius. We all know Courtney from Friends and the Scream trilogy (horror movies are very Black Moon Lilith-like), but few things you might not know about her:  She was the girl picked by Bruce Springsteen to dance next to him in the famous “Dancing in the dark” video clip. Also Courtney appeared on a commercial for Tampax and became the first person to use the term “period” on TV. Talking about women liberation! Quite a lot of Lilith symbolism here 😉
  • Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the US had Lilith at 29 °in Sagittarius in a tight conjunction with his Rising at 27° Sagittarius. Even if later in his career he declared himself “pro life”, during his tenure as the Governor of California he signed into law the “Therapeutic  Abortion Act”, aimed to reduce the number of back room abortions performed in California.  As a result, approximately one million abortions would be performed.

4 thoughts on “Lilith Enters Sagittarius – Time To Break Free

  1. Hi! Nice post, I was wondering what would mean a transit of lilith to the sun, as i’m a 2degree sagittarius and there will be an important meeting at that time, could you bring me some light? I would be more than thankful

    1. Hi Marco, Lilith will cross over your Sun early March. Expect some “hidden” aspects of your psyche to come to your awareness. Lilith transits to the Sun are good opportunities to get to know your “deep self” better 🙂

      1. Good to know, thank you for replying 🙂 I also have b.m. Lilith conjunct juno in sagittarius 13degree, so this will probably be a year of deep psyche awareness right ?

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