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Jupiter Turns Retrograde – Keep The Faith

Jupiter will station and begin its 4-month retrograde period on February 6th 2017.

Jupiter turns retrograde at 23° Libra – if you have planets or angles around 23° in any sign (but especially Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini or Aquarius) this station, when the essence of Jupiter is at its strongest –will speak to you deeply. The same goes if your rising sign is in Sagittarius or Pisces, because Jupiter is your (co)chart ruler.


To get more insights about the area of your like that is going to be affected by the Jupiter station, have a look at which house Jupiter is currently transiting.  For example, Jupiter is transiting my sixth house – so I started to question my values about my lifestyle and nutrition (with a stellium in the 6th house, I am already a nutrition freak and eat very healthy, but there is always room for improvement;)

Jupiter is retrograde until the 9th of June when will station direct at  13° Libra.  Libras born between 2nd and 12th of October will benefit the most because Jupiter, the ‘grand benefic’  will conjunct their Sun three times!

Jupiter retrograde motion will effect all of us in some way or another. Jupiter retrograde will encourage us to reflect on the big questions of life and see things in different ways.  If Jupiter direct is the Preacher, Jupiter retrograde is the Devil’s advocate. In this context, the Devil’s advocate mission is take a closer look and question our beliefs, as well as the beliefs of our society.

When Jupiter slows down we will have the chance to see the details we missed when Jupiter was direct. Jupiter is now in an opposition to Uranus, so it’s very likely that the upcoming months will mark new discoveries, breakthroughs and unexpected turns of events. And because Jupiter is in Libra most of the breakouts will be in the areas of relationships and partnerships.

Jupiter retrograde in Libra is an invitation to keep our faith alive and strong, without losing sight of our purpose.

This retrograde of Jupiter is highly beneficial because it will start with a trine to the Sun, and it will end again with another trine to the Sun. In the middle of the retrograde, the tension will increase, as Jupiter will apply its 2nd opposition to Uranus on March the 2nd and the 2nd square to Pluto on March 30th.

Here is an overview of all the aspects Jupiter makes during the retrograde period:

  • February 11th  – Jupiter  at 23° Libra trine Sun at 23° Aquarius
  • February 21stJupiter at 22° Libra trine Mercury at 22° Aquarius
  • February 27thJupiter at 22° Libra opposite Mars at 22° Aries
  • March 2ndJupiter at 22° Libra opposite Uranus at 22° Aries
  • March 24thJupiter at 20° Libra opposite Mercury at 20° Aries
  • March 30th  – Jupiter at 19° Libra square Pluto at 19° Capricorn
  • April 7thJupiter at 18° Libra opposite Sun  at 18° Aries
  • May 12thJupiter at 14° Libra trine Mars at 14° Gemini
  • May 19thJupiter at 13° Libra opposite Venus at 13° Aries
  • June 3rdJupiter at 13° Libra trine Sun at 13° Gemini
  • June 9thJupiter turns direct at 13° Libra

The Jupiter Uranus opposition and the Jupiter Pluto square will make the upcoming months rather energy draining. Keep the faith and remember that the darkness always turns to light.

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5 thoughts on “Jupiter Turns Retrograde – Keep The Faith

  1. In my chart Jupiter seems to be in the third house, what does it mean for this position? (My sign is cancer)

  2. Jupiter seems to be in the third house in my chart and my sign is cancer, what does that mean in this case, thanks

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