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Venus conjunct Chiron – How deep is your love?

Venus is approaching a conjunction to Chiron, the wounded healer, at 21° Pisces. The aspect is exact on Wednesday, January 25th. These are the last days Venus spends in the non-retrograde zone, before entering the retrograde zone, on January 30th (Venus will actually turn retrograde on March 4th, will station direct on April 15th and will leave the retrograde zone on May 18th).

Venus conjunct Chiron continues the themes that emerged around 16 th of January when Mars firstly met Chiron and then squared Saturn. After merging with Chiron, Venus will square Saturn as well two days later, on the 27th of January at 24° Pisces.

In the last degrees of the zodiac, before preparing for the journey back to the Sun, Venus and Chiron bring together the past and the future. A new phase is just about to begin during the late degrees of Pisces in the year cycle.

And just before a new cycle starts, we are being tested.

Emily Balivet – The Key

Chiron and Saturn transits are not the easiest transits for sure, and they bring quite a lot of pain. But the reason Chiron and the Saturn put us to a test is because they love us. The sooner we understand this basic truth, the greater the healing.  Put simply, Chiron and Saturn want to make sure our heart is strong enough and ready to be born again. A new Venus cycle will start at the end of March, in the middle of Venus’ retrograde period, when the meeting of Sun and Venus will mark a new chapter in our life.

The test we are being put though is one of endurance and compassion. Is our heart “strong enough” “trained enough” and ultimately “healed enough” to give and receive love? The ultimate question Venus and Chiron in Pisces are asking is “how deep is your love”? The journey of digging deep into our heart is the journey of our consciousness towards greater wholeness, greater balance, greater harmony and, ultimately, greater Love.

Exposing that sore spot in our heart is not easy. And Chiron won’t give us an aspirin or a “magic tablet” to make the pain go away. Chiron looks for the root cause, for whatever is unresolved, unreconciled, and unhealed buried deep within our psyche.

So yes, our heart will check open, and in the process we may shed some tears.  But there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Chiron is not only the wounder, Chiron is also the gifted teacher, prophet, and mentor. Chiron’s symbol is the KEY – the magic key that opens any door, unlocks any secret and heals any pain. And what is the key? Our Wound is the key. And our Wound is our Gift.

It is only when we finally embrace the Wound which is in fact the Gift, when we heal. We cannot remove the wound (Chiron is called the wounded healer for a reason – because his wound never really healed)  and that’s because by doing that would be amputating a part of ourselves.

In truth, nothing really needs fixing. Our shame, our inadequacy, and imbalance – our Wounds – are created by our perception of the events, situations and people of our lives. But life is already in perfect order and balance. The Wound is our inability to see that perfection. The Healing process consists of awakening to the perfection that already exists.

And if we are ready to accept that nothing is wrong with us, it is very possible that during this transit we will discover a skill, a talent for the first time. Pay attention to any hint, any compliment you may receive during this transit. Because we will all be infused with Chiron’s energy, we will be more likely to perceive at a deeper level what “the other” has to offer and see people for who they really are. Chiron’s vulnerabilities can create an intense magnetism – we will find ourselves drawn to the promise of healing.

Ultimately, it is LOVE and only love that heals all the wounds.

Those of us with planets 20°-24° in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and especially Pisces) or with a natal Venus-Chiron placement will feel this energy strongest.

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  1. beautiful interpretation. thank you.

  2. love and i share the conjunction in our 2017 solar returns…
    thank you for a timely and inspiring read on this most beautiful of aspects.

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