Venus conjunct Chiron – How deep is your love?

Venus conjunct Chiron transit will take place in Aries until 2027. Before 2019, Venus conjunct Chiron transit happened in Pisces.

The next Venus Chiron conjunction will take place on February 10, 2020. The previous Venus Chiron conjunction happened on April 23rd, 2019.


“How did you know that you were meant to be a healer?

“Because I kept falling in love with broken people.”

“Then why are you alone?”

“Because I’m broken too, so I am falling in love with myself to get a taste of my own medicine.”

Kwabena Foli

When Venus is conjunct Chiron, our heart is tested.

Is your heart “strong enough”, “trained enough” and ultimately “healed enough” to give and receive love?

The ultimate question Venus conjunct Chiron is asking is “how deep is your love”?

The journey of digging deep into your heart is the journey of your consciousness towards greater wholeness, greater balance, greater harmony and, ultimately, greater love.

Exposing that sore spot in your heart is not easy. And Chiron doesn’t take shortcuts. Chiron looks for the root cause, for whatever is unresolved, unreconciled, unhealed, buried deep within your heart.

So yes, your heart will crack open, and in the process, you may shed some tears.  But there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Chiron will ultimately heal the wound – IF you are open to embracing your vulnerability.

Chiron’s symbol is the KEY – the magic key that opens any door, unlocks any secret and heals any pain. And what is the key? Your Wound is the key.

Your Wound is your Gift.

It is only when you finally embrace the Wound which is, in fact, your Gift, when you heal. You cannot remove the Wound (Chiron is called the wounded healer for a reason – Chiron’s wounds never really heal) – because by removing your Wound, you would be removing a part of yourself.

Nothing needs fixing. Your Would is part of your personal history, it is part of You. Whatever you are experiencing right now, it makes absolute sense at a higher order of existence. Your life is in perfect order and balance, even if you might not see it that way. You were born for a reason, and your life IS unfolding as it should.

And if you are ready to embrace the idea that nothing is wrong with you, during this transit you can discover a skill, a talent for the first time.  A blind spot can become a strength. A shadow can turn into light. Shame can turn into authentic vulnerability.

Ultimately, it is LOVE and only love that heals all the wounds.

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5 thoughts on “Venus conjunct Chiron – How deep is your love?

  1. love and i share the conjunction in our 2017 solar returns…
    thank you for a timely and inspiring read on this most beautiful of aspects.

  2. Very helpful positive insights about Chiron I have not heard before! “Your wound is part of your personal history” – how often do we try to pretend the wound is there or hope it is gone, when actually you are saying that it’s more about accepting the wound that happened and being ok with it, and then that will most likely resolve it. I do agree that Chiron has been bringing to my attention areas of life (“woundings”) that need healing and resolution. If we don’t get this healing or resolution, we will continue to feel wounded and hurt. However if we give TLC to the wound rather than try to ignore it or pretend its not there, this would be more likely to help us to heal and resolve the wound. Also give ourselves compassion too.

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