Neptune Conjunct South Node – The Art Of Letting Go

Neptune and the South Node of the Moon are now exactly conjunct at 9° Pisces.

The Neptune South Node conjunction, which takes place just before Neptune turns direct, is a warning about the danger of falling back into the old ways, and in the same time an invitation to finally drop what is not working anymore. Let it go.

Everything that has been hidden and repressed is now coming up to the surface, to be acknowledged and healed, before we can finally let go and can move on.


Easier said than done. The South Node is our Karma, our point of comfort. We have the natural tendency to be reactive and allow previous patterns of experience to repeat themselves:  we choose the same type of partner each time, despite a track record on relationships ending for the same reasons, we keep on delaying giving up a bad habit, thinking that one final indulgence will be the last.

The temptation to stay there, victimize and think “hey, but that’s me, and I’m doing this because of that” is very strong. But don’t give up! The answer is always in the North Node – and the North Node is in Virgo, inviting us to get our act together, set tangible objectives, and make plans to reach them. We need to finally take responsibility for maintaining healthy routines in our everyday life.

For this, we need to leave the past where it belongs – in the past, with all its routines and comforts.  We need to LET GO. Mercury and Saturn are in square to Neptune / the Nodes, helping us in the process of releasing the old patterns.

What do you need to let go of? What thoughts, habits and attachments keep you stuck and create unnecessary stress in your life?

Here are three exercises you can try to support you in the process:

The “Neptune” exercise

Take a pen and two pieces of paper.

Can you think of a metaphor for your past? Draw on the first sheet of paper the image that comes to your mind. After you finish, close your eyes and visualize your future. Can you think of a metaphor for your life tomorrow? Now open your eyes and draw it on the second sheet of paper.

Your past is the South Node, and your future is the North Node – look at the two drawings to get any clues. What can you start doing tomorrow, to bring you closer to your North Node?

The “Mercury / Saturn” exercise

Write down three things that you are holding on to that are no longer serving you.

  1. I am holding on to_________________________________________
  2. I am holding on to_________________________________________
  3. I am holding on to_________________________________________

Pick one of these three things, and make a plan to let it go.

The “Nodes” exercise

Take a mirror – hold it into your dominant hand. Look into the mirror. Hold your gaze for at least 2 minutes. What do you see? How do you feel? What thoughts, feelings, memories, come to you? Now move the mirror in your non-dominant hand and look again. What do you see? How do you feel now?

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