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Venus in Sagittarius

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 18th of October.

Venus is Sagittarius is the Amazon woman as portrayed by Greek mythology. (think “Xena: The Warrior Princess”). According to the legend, Amazon women  fought, hunted, rode horses, used bows and arrows, they were fierce, independent and freedom loving.

There is something about Venus in Sagittarius very unique, that differentiate her from any18-sagittarius-venus other Venus placements: risk taking. Venus in Sagittarius is a “natural” when it comes to risk taking. And what from outside might look insane, makes total sense to Venus in Sagittarius – because she knows which risks to take.

Indeed, the fearless nature of Venus in Sagittarius is not foolish, but it is backed up by skill and experience equivalent to her confidence. She is a natural leader and her wordly experience garners everyone’s respect.

The most exciting thing about the Venus ingress is Sagittarius is that Venus will be in mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra. This is a very fortunate combination, because Venus and Jupiter are the two “benefics” according to traditional astrology, and when in mutual reception, they strengthen each other’s attributes, so in the next few weeks we will have more love, better partnerships – especially in the areas of publishing,  more exciting things to  learn and discover, better events to attend and travels to beautiful places. Now is the moment to “go for it” and say YES to life.

Those of you with Venus in Sagittarius will experience the “Venus return” – this is a good time to start a new romantic venture or a new partnership.

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