Juno In Scorpio – True Love And Devotion

Juno in Scorpio is the archetype of true love and devotion.

Juno is the Roman Goddess of marriage. In mythology, Hera (Juno’s Greek counterpart) was Zeus (Jupiter)’s wife. She was the queen of all gods.

Despite the fact Jupiter was not the best husband, Juno still stayed with him, and fulfilled the partnership duties.

Juno is associated not only with marriage but also with legal contracts and the commitment and liability they entail.

For Juno, marriage is more than love and companionship – it is a contract that must be fulfilled.

Juno will stick to “what’s written in the contract”, even when the contract doesn’t serve our best purpose.

Edvard Munch – Dance Of Life

Scorpio and Juno have a lot in common. Both Scorpio and Juno are concerned with other people’s businesses, with loyalty, devotion, and trust.

Juno in Scorpio knows that commitment can only come when it’s built on trust, loyalty, and intimacy.

Juno in Scorpio can become obsessed with proofs of loyalty and devotion and can have difficulties trusting her partner. But when she finally trusts someone, Juno in Scorpio can become extremely loyal and devoted.

Shallowness and superficiality in relationships are not to be tolerated by Juno in Scorpio though. Just because one is faithful, it doesn’t mean they’re a doormat. Juno in Scorpio would rather divorce than be cheated on or treated with disrespect.

Juno In Scorpio – ‘Checking’ On Jupiter

If you’re into astronomy you may have heard of NASA’s Juno mission. Juno is the name the scientist gave the spacecraft sent on a mission to Jupiter.

The Juno spacecraft was launched in 2011, but interestingly (and from an astrological perspective, not at all a coincidence 😉 Juno entered Jupiter’s orbit exactly at the time Juno started her previous transit in Scorpio in 2016.

While in Jupiter’s orbit, Juno ‘spied’ beneath the clouds to uncover Jupiter’s secrets – from a scientific perspective, just like from an astrological perspective, Juno will ‘check on’ her partner to see if he or she is worthy of her devotion.

In fact, it is Juno that captured the breathtakingly beautiful pictures of Jupiter. In the same way, Juno in Scorpio’s loyalty and desire to get to the truth of the matter will ultimately reveal what’s best in their partner.

You can find your Juno placement on astro.com. Go to “free horoscopes”, then select “extended chart selection“. There you insert your birth details, and at the section “additional objects” you select “Juno”.

Celebrities born with Juno in Scorpio are Jaqueline Keneddy-Onassis, Naomi Watts, Katharine Hepburn, Gianni Versace, Oliver Stone, Jimmy Carter, Terence McKenna, D.H. Lawrence, and Larry King.

Read more about Juno here: Juno – Undying Devotion

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