Jupiter Square Saturn

Jupiter is the planet of faith, and Saturn is the planet of maturity.

Faith is knowing that when life doesn’t go quite as planned, it is, in fact, exactly as planned.


The planet of beliefs, spirituality and abundance (Jupiter) gets crossed with the serious and disciplined Saturn. The result?

Initially, you may feel uncertain and unsure about your future.

But later, you will learn to strike that fine balance between fear (Saturn) and faith (Jupiter).

Saturn will make Jupiter a little bit wiser, and Jupiter will make Saturn a little bit more relaxed.

Because Jupiter and Saturn are interpersonal planets (so is not much we can do really to influence this aspect), we will be asked to adjust our beliefs, while keeping the faith that the universe is working in our best interest.

Jupiter Square Saturn Dates

  • July 2015 to May 2016
  • August 2024 to June 2025
  • April 2035 to February 2036

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