Full Moon In Aries – The Trojan War

On September 29th, 2023 we have a plot-shifting Full Moon in Aries

The Full Moon is at 6° Aries, and apart from the opposition to the Sun in Libra, the Moon doesn’t make aspects with any other planets. 

Nevertheless, the Moon is in select company, sharing the sign of Aries with Chiron, Eris, and the North Node. 

Chiron, Eris And North Node In Aries

Let’s talk a bit about Chiron, Eris, and the North Node. 

We know that Chiron was a very respectable centaur, the teacher of heroes, and the most revered mentor of his time.

Nowadays he’d probably be an executive coach – hired by top athletes, presidents and New York best selling authors. 

Eris on the other hand had quite a reputation. She was known for being scheming and cunning.

When she is not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, she hatches a devious plot, indirectly alluring Paris into a fateful decision to kidnap Helen of Sparta.

The rest is history. We had the Trojan War and the fall of Troy. 

The Trojan War is a central theme in Greek myth, symbolizing the consequences of unchecked ambition and the destructive nature of war. It’s a reminder of the devastating impact of conflicts on societies and individuals.

In addition to Chiron and Eris, we also have North Node in Aries. The North Node is not a part of Greek mythology, but it holds a significant role in Indian mythology.

Just like Eris, the North Node (Rahu) didn’t get invited to the party when the God and Goddess gathered to drink the nectar of immortality. So he disguised himself, showed up uninvited, and stole the nectar. 

He eventually got recognized and decapitated, but because he already drunk the nectar, he became immortal. Since then, it is said that Rahu chases the Sun and the Moon, causing eclipses to happen. 

When we look at these myths, we notice some common themes. Neither Eris, nor the North Node were part of the “Cool Kids Club”. The High God and Goddess Society didn’t like them, and didn’t invite them to festivities. 

Initially, Chiron was not part of the cool kids club either. In fact, he got rejected at birth – both his parents abandoned him, repulsed by his appearance (he was born half-man, half-horse).

But Chiron didn’t sulk, nor became unruly like the other centaurs, notorious for their heavy drinking and rowdy behavior. He integrated his abandonment wound and alchemized it into a profound wellspring of wisdom and healing.

Full Moon In Aries – War And Peace

So we have Chiron, Eris and North Node in Aries. Now the next question is – what will the Moon in Aries do? 

Will she take advice from her Chiron life coach, or get seduced by Eris’ apple and Rahu’s promise of immortality?  

The Moon in Aries – any planet in Aries – loves to go to war. Planets in the opposite sign of Libra seek peace and harmony. 

The plot thickens because Mars, the ruler of the Full Moon is actually in Libra.

We have the Sun, the South Node and Mars – all in Libra. Mars and South Node especially can be quite passive-aggressive, using sarcasm or subtle manipulation to express their frustrations.

On the other side of the opposition we have the planets in Aries. We already talked about Eris and Rahu’s sneaky ways. Let’s just add that the Moon in Aries is not particularly known for her negotiation skills.

Unaspected by other planets, the Full Moon in Aries is torn between war and peace

Perhaps there’s no need for another Trojan War. But sitting and waiting is not an option either. 

Full Moon In Aries – Venus Sextile Mars

In times of tension and uncertainty, it’s good to remind ourselves that all New and Full Moons, all planetary alignments come with opportunities to rewrite the script of our destiny

There are no 2 Full Moons exactly the same. Each transit is a unique moment in time – never to be experienced again. 

What does that tell us? 

That life is not just an endless, fated journey where we’re powerless to change our course. Every single moment comes with opportunities to co-create our own narrative.

If, and just if, we consider alternatives and different perspectives, perhaps our lives don’t have to be an endless loop of repeating patterns. 

The ruler of the Moon in Aries, Mars, is sextile with the ruler of the Sun in Libra, Venus. There is unexpected help if we look for it. 

In fact, Venus and Mars have been dancing in a friendly sextile for a while now, negotiating (Mars in Libra) creative solutions (Venus in Leo) to help us ‘break the spell’, empowering us to navigate life’s challenges with both courage and grace.

The Full Moon in Aries comes with a unique opportunity to unwire years and decades of conditioning around conflict management and reactive behavior patterns – and do things differently. 

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