New Moon In Virgo – Grand Earth Trine 🪄

On September 14th, 2023 we have a New Moon at 21° Virgo. This is one of the most auspicious – and most important – New Moons of the year. 

The ruler of the New Moon in Virgo, Mercury, stations direct within hours of this lunation. Something in your life is finally moving forward. You will see real progress or a magic workaround to something that seemed to be stuck or broken beyond repair. 

After we mourned Venus in the underworld, after we slowed down to fix what’s not working with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, it’s now time to embrace the lessons learned and move forward with renewed Virgoan wisdom and clarity. 

New Moon In Virgo – Grand Earth Trine

The New Moon in Virgo is engaged in a beautiful Grand Earth trine with Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn

The New Moon in Virgo Grand Trine is the gift from the universe for your hard work. 

Trines always follow squares. After we adjust to the challenges of the environment (squares), we integrate the lessons, and we gain something in the process (trines). 

Grand Earth trines are the “I got this” aspect patterns. They give us the stamina and practical know-how to establish a strong foundation to achieve our goals.

But there’s more. The New Moon Grand Trine is also activated by a Neptune opposition, forming an aspect pattern called Kite. 

Neptune pushes our boundaries and invites us to dream big. On paper, our ideas may seem impossible and impractical. You may hear people saying “This is not going to work”.

In a world of hopeless dreamers and cynical naysayers, be a magician 🪄. Set your dream, re-engineer it, and then make it real. 

Once you make the decision to follow your dream, the whole universe (Neptune sextile Pluto and Uranus) conspires in your favor. 

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it! And Virgo’s methodical approach will give you the practical roadmap to get there. 

Examples Of Virgo Energy People

Some of the most influential people in the world have strong Virgo and Earth placements in their charts. 

You may think that’s Uranus or Leo placements that are creative – and yes they are – but it’s Virgo’s common sense and diligence that transforms these great ideas into practical realities. 

Virgo rising, Capricorn stellium Walt Disney was rejected numerous times before fulfilling his dream of creating the first animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” Today, Disney’s legacy is legendary. 

Virgo rising, Capricorn Venus and North Node Steve Jobs transformed entire industries and influenced billions of people’s lives with innovative products like the personal computer and the smartphone. 

Virgo rising Henry Ford‘s idea of mass-producing affordable automobiles seemed crazy at the beginning of the 20th century. By introducing the assembly line manufacturing process (so very Virgo), Ford made cars accessible to the average person, revolutionizing the automotive industry.

Virgo North Node, Capricorn rising and Pluto in Taurus Marie Curie’s research on radioactivity was met with skepticism and prejudice first. Eventually, she became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and she’s still an icon in the fields of physics and chemistry.

Virgo Moon Elon Musk not only sent astronauts to the International Space Station, but also launched reusable rockets, drastically reducing the cost of space exploration. Reducing costs and making things more efficient is very Virgo Moon like. 

New Moon In Virgo Intentions

Whatever we seed at the time of the New Moon, will eventually bloom into something beautiful and magical (Neptune). 

This lunation cycle, our dreams can come true! To take advantage of this energy, write down your intentions within the 8-hour interval of this lunation. 

Here are some Virgo-like intention-setting suggestions:
🟢 Set clear goals: Virgo likes numbers, or, if what you want is not quantifiable, make it as specific as you can. 

🟢 Create a roadmap: what exact steps do you need to take to achieve your goal? Virgo is practical. Visualizations, the law of attraction, or waiting for opportunities to arise won’t cut it. What do you actually DO to get closer to your goal? 

🟢 Fill the knowledge gaps: the reason you don’t have what you want (yet) may be that there are some knowledge gaps you need to address. Mercury in Virgo goes direct after this lunation, giving you the clarity you need. 

Virgo-stellium Malcolm Gladwell came up with the “10,000-hour rule,” which suggests that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice or dedication to achieve mastery in a particular field or skill. 

🟢 Pay attention to details: Virgo seems to be the only sign that knows this, but they DO make a big difference. Details also help us anchor ourselves into the physical world, making the intangible, tangible. David Copperfield is a Virgo Sun, Virgo rising 😉 

🟢 Create true value: does the achievement of your goal help other people? Or at least, doesn’t harm them? You don’t have to be Mother Theresa (Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo) – but you want to create net value. 

When we operate from a me vs. them scenario, we fight against other people’s goals and vibrational fields, and it’s very difficult to succeed. When instead we focus on having a positive impact, we create a supportive energy field that is aligned with that of the universe. 

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

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