Virgo Season, Mercury Retrograde, Venus Morning Star + More

Welcome to the Virgo season! 

On August 23rd, the Sun left Leo and entered the earth sign of Virgo.

Leo to Virgo season is one of the most tangible shifts from one sign to the next.

Leo is bubbly and fiery. Virgo is sensible and pragmatic. Leo likes to play. Virgo likes to work. Leo is the arts. Virgo is the crafts. Leo is performance. Virgo is execution.

People from all areas of life – and across the world – go on holidays in the Leo season. This is regardless of weather – although of course, the high temperatures in August in the Northern hemisphere are definitely inducive of fun and play.

And then, as soon as the Sun moves into Virgo, the mood completely changes. September (the Virgo season) is when we get back to work, back at school, and roll up our sleeves to 

Many people wish their lives were ongoing holidays… but the seasons and the 12 monthly cycles in a year (the 12 signs) suggest otherwise. We would get bored of a 365-day holiday. It’s not a good idea to skip holidays either. Each season has its purpose. 

And this is the magic of astrology. When we understand these astrological cycles, we work with nature, rather than against it. We get in sync with the universe. 

Mercury Retrograde In Virgo – August 23rd – September 15th

Sun’s ingress into Virgo coincided with Mercury’s retrograde station. This is very interesting because Virgo is ruled by Mercury!

On the one hand, we have an intensification of Mercury energy. We are bombarded by thoughts, reminders, messages, texts, communication. Yet, since Mercury goes retrograde, there is a sense of unfinished business. 

It’s like we got back from holidays to a total mess. All those loose ends. The errands. The pile of letters. The unanswered emails. Depending on what’s going on in your chart, the Virgo/Mercury retrograde might have triggered quite a bit of anxiety. 

Venus Heliacal Rising – Venus Reappears In The Sky

Thankfully, Venus, while still retrograde, finally made her re-appearance in the sky, this time as a morning star. Venus’ heliacal rising is excellent news! The Goddess of beauty and love is no longer in the underworld – she has made her way out.

We are now ready to claim our New Venus Self: “This is who I am, and this is what I want.” Things will only get better by September 4th, when Venus will resume her direct motion, but we can already feel the shift. 

Emotionally, we have more clarity, since Venus is now visible again and ready to move direct. On a mental planet though we may feel anxious and confused, since Mercury has just turned retrograde. 

While we may know what we want (Venus’ heliacal rising), we may be nowhere near certain about how to get there (Mercury retrograde). 

On the one hand, we have Venus in Leo, royally proclaiming: “This is who I am, and this is what I want”. On the other hand, we have Mercury in Virgo: “What about that thing you still need to fix?”. “There’s still work to do to get there!”. 

And it’s true, there’s still work to do.

We may not like to hear Mercury in Virgo’s nags.

But instead of dismissing them as “limiting beliefs” – we may want to pay attention to what this overly-attentive Mercury has to tell us, because he really knows what he’s talking about. Mercury in Virgo is the only placement that has both its domicile and in exaltation in the same sign. 

This first week of the Virgo season is an excellent time to get back to the drawing board and get more clarity about the practical steps you need to take (Sun and Mercury in Virgo) so you can get what you want (Venus soon-to-go-direct in Leo). 

And while the journey to get there may seem hard and full of obstacles (Sun opposite Saturn in Pisces) keep in mind that everything – absolutely everything – your heart desires is a seed waiting to bloom. If you truly want it, you will find your way to it! 

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