New Moon In Cancer – Opportunities

On July 17th, 2023 we have a New Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Often portrayed as sensitive and shy – this is just a superficial look at the water cardinal sign of the zodiac.

Cancer-energy people are go-getters – incredibly resourceful individuals that can put the Aries, Scorpios or the Capricorns of the zodiac to shame.

Have you ever seen a Cancer competing? Cancer is a tenacious, determined and resilient sign that will surprise you with its emotional stamina and killer instinct – Cancer just goes for it, and snags the win when others are too busy ‘thinking’ or ‘strategizing’.

What does Cancer know that we – all the other signs – don’t?

Cancer just “knows” what to do – they have the natural ability to tune into their emotions and follow their instincts. Not because they’ve learned it somewhere – to them, it comes naturally.

Just like the Moon shape shifts every single day, Cancer recognizes the unique opportunity that arises every.single.moment. Today’s opportunity may mean nothing tomorrow. The time is NOW!

Just like the spring intuitively knows how to find its way to the ocean, Cancer seizes opportunities as they arise, and quickly snaps them – as opposed to, let’s say, Capricorn, which plans everything in advance.

Let’s say you’re in Time Square and someone pops out of nowhere looking for volunteers to win a cash prize. By the time Leo or Libra make up their mind, by the time Scorpio or Pisces decide how they feel about it, Cancer has already raised their hand and snapped the prize.

Cancer has that incredible gift of recognizing the potential of every single interaction. Cancer energy is quick and potent – because it’s rooted in our instincts and emotions.

What can we learn from Cancer? 

That there are incredible opportunities everywhere. That we are surrounded by endless opportunities. Every minute. Every second. Every moment we can birth something new into existence.

Perhaps you can think of some times in your life where opportunity knocked at your door but you didn’t recognize it. You may have simply not seen it – or thought too much about it and then talked yourself out of it.

Or perhaps you are still waiting for that 5-star opportunity that is a perfect match to your interests and aspirations.

The problem with waiting for the “perfect opportunity” is that perfect opportunities don’t actually exist. An opportunity is by definition imperfect – it’s just an emergence of ‘something’ – something that could grow, IF recognized and cultivated.

The New Moon in Cancer will help us (re)connect with our inner Cancer – with that part of us that naturally recognizes opportunities and takes chances.

New Moon In Cancer – The Aspects

The New Moon (at 24° Cancer) is sextile Uranus in Taurus, adding an element of serendipitous chance. And it’s trine Neptune, helping us relax into the creative emergence process. 

The New Moon is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Certain circumstances might force us into taking action. But when one door closes, another opens. 

How can we align ourselves with the energy of the New Moon in Cancer and seize opportunities? 

New Moon In Cancer – Opportunities

The easiest way to tap into Cancer’s energy is to recognize your emotions as they arise.

Cancer energy at its core is really all about the art of paying attention.

Mindfulness exercises are not meant to shut down our mind, but to help us recognize the natural flow of our thoughts and emotions. They come and go. The idea here is not to dismiss these thoughts and feelings – on the contrary, to acknowledge them.

Every little thought, every mood, every impulse, every emotion emerges for a reason. Everything we experience is pure life energy, and comes with incredible potential. It screams for our attention. It wants to be birthed. It wants to come into existence. It wants to be actualized.

At the New Moon in Cancer, if something comes to you – an idea, an encounter, a proposal – check in with how you feel about it. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. We don’t want to bring in any judgments.

Just tune into your body and feelings. You’ll know you’re onto something if you feel a spark of aliveness, if the cells in your body feel energetically charged and ‘ready’ for emergence.

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    I lerned some new things about myselve in todays text..Thank You

  2. An accurate disruption of Cancer Sun Signs I have known and still know.attuned with different and subtle energy. (Like the Moon itself)🤔

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