Your Chiron House Placement

The upcoming Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aries is a great opportunity to learn (Jupiter) about the role Chiron plays in your natal chart

When we analyze our Chiron natal chart placement, we look at 1) our Chiron sign, 2) our Chiron house and 3) the aspects Chiron makes with other planets in our chart. 

All these dimensions will give us a picture of our “Chiron profile”. 

Out of these 3 dimensions, your Chiron house placement is the most personal and intimate

We share the same Chiron sign with everyone born in the same year. If your Chiron is in Aries for example, (roughly) everyone born from 1968 to 1977 also has Chiron in Aries. Your Chiron sign placement describes genetic influences that people born in your generation have been asked to address.

But it’s your Chiron house placement that will reveal the nature of your wound. 

Each Chiron house placement describes a particular wounding archetype. Let’s take a few examples:

Chiron in the 8th house  – “The Betrayed”

Chiron in the 8th house is “The Betrayed”. People with Chiron in the 8th house usually experience a traumatic event or a big loss early in life, for example, the death of a loved one. Others experience abuse or abandonment.

A common denominator of these experiences is that they have often been inflicted by someone who was trusted, hence the experience has left a deep scar of betrayal. 

Their parents might have had financial problems or suffered losses due to some faulty collaborations or relationships, passing down to you their Chiron in the 8th house their worry around trusting other people. 

Chiron in the 9th house – “The Forsaken”

Chiron in the 9th house is “The Forsaken”. People with Chiron in the 9th​​ ​house have a wounding around hope and faith.

There was something about the way they were brought up that made them believe that the world is not a good place to live in. 

They may have had a rigid upbringing, being raised for example by conservative or overly religious parents who didn’t give them enough freedom to explore the world.

Or on the contrary, their parents may have been very liberal, and by giving them the freedom to try different things, they didn’t provide the Chiron in the 9th house child a clear framework for understanding how the world works. 

Because of this lack of direction and guidance, people with Chiron in the 9th house feel lost, without a compass, forsaken by God or by the universe itself. 

Chiron in the 11th house – “The Black Sheep

Chiron in the 11th house is “The Black Sheep”. People with Chiron in the 11th house may have been raised in unusual or odd circumstances, which has left them feeling like an outsider, like an alien, or like the black sheep of the family.

These people are oftentimes bullied at school or excluded from team activities. 

As a result, they either became a loner or a rebel, rejecting others before others could reject them.

People with Chiron in the 11th house want to be true to themselves and their unique views, and at the same time they want the world to accept them and their views.

The issue here is that some of their views may be too different, or too forward-looking; most people will likely not understand where they are coming from; hence the rejection.

This in turn creates a vicious circle where social rejection fuels the Chiron in the 11th house person’s social anxiety and feelings of alienation.

Chiron in the 12th house – “The Exiled”

Chiron in the 12th house is “The Exiled”. People with Chiron in your 12th house carry a deep wound that they find difficult to trace.

This wound has likely been inflicted during the pre-birth, gestation phase, or it may have been passed down from their ancestors through genetic memory.

Because a 12th house wounding event is difficult to recall, people with this Chiron placement go to great lengths to find themselves and get to the root of their suffering. 

They may try multiple healing approaches, or travel far and away across long distances, even continents, in your attempt to find themselves and heal their wound.

Chiron – Your Deepest Wound, Your Greatest Gift

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