New Moon In Capricorn – Who Are You And What Do You Want?

On December 23rd, 2022 we have a bold New Moon at 1° Capricorn

The New Moon is tightly square Jupiter at 0° Aries, so we’re dealing with a very powerful cardinal, initiating energy. 

This is the best time to make your New Year’s resolutions.

You don’t want to leave it until January 1st, because by then Mercury will be retrograde, interfering with your best judgment. 

The New Moon is as Capricorn as it can get: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn, so we’re having a Capricorn stellium, or Capricorn energy on steroids.

On one hand, there is a tremendous pressure to “do” something. 6 out of 10 planets are in Cardinal signs! 

On the other hand, the New Moon ruler, Saturn is almost unaspected in Aquarius. While still within orb, Saturn is officially “done” with the Saturn-Uranus square.

Saturn square Uranus has been one of the most challenging transits of the last couple of years. In 2021 and 2022, Saturn has constantly reminded us of what’s not working in our life, initiating a systemic change.

Saturn has gone “all in” relentlessly changing, bit by bit, different aspects of our life, pushing us outside our comfort zone and asking us to “do the work”. 

Now that Saturn has achieved what he was set to achieve, he’s left a bit disoriented. At the time of the New Moon, no other planets (except from a loose square to Uranus) aspect Saturn. He’s been there, done that, now what? 

It’s not that, with such a powerful Capricorn energy, we’ll lack ideas of what to do in 2023. Most of us probably have a long laundry list. But what the New Moon ruler, Saturn, suggests, is to consider a different approach. 

2023 is not about “doing more”. Is about being clear of what you want to focus on.

How do we get this clarity? 

It may sound simple, because it is:

Who are you and what do you want? 

“Who are you” because a New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) is always an invitation to go back to the center.

When in Capricorn, the Sun and the Moon are not as much concerned with “who am I” but rather with “who do I want to become”. Capricorn is the mountain goat, the strategist, the high achiever of the zodiac. 

So when we have a New Moon in Capricorn, we have a tendency to focus not on who we are and what makes us happy, but on what the next best version of ourselves is (it’s no coincidence that we do New Year’s Resolutions around the time of the year when there’s a New Moon in Capricorn). 

However, the Jupiter in Aries square is here to remind us of who we are now, in the present moment.

What drives you? What fuels your heart with passion and excitement? What’s a clear “Yes”? 

Since the New Moon in Capricorn is square Jupiter in Aries, there is of course a conflict between that side of us that wants to achieve and evolve, vs. that side of us that lives in the present moment, and is guided by intuition (Aries), not plans (Capricorn).

A square is an invitation to integrate two energies that initially seem to be at war with each other.

The answer to the New Moon square Jupiter conflict is not, “stop making plans and be true to yourself” nor “you can do better; go and set some goals”, but something in between. 

Something that can honor the creative spark of genius that’s found inside each of us, but also something that is clear and measurable enough that will remind us of who we are vs. who we want to be, and push us to go to the next level. 

At the New Moon, instead of writing down your NYE laundry list, take your journal and answer this question:

Who am I and what do I want? 

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3 thoughts on “New Moon In Capricorn – Who Are You And What Do You Want?

  1. Great questions! There is always more – to be, to achieve, to experience. The danger is “stopping off” at some point because you think you have arrived. I have reached a stage of my life where everyone seems to be “stopping off”. It is hard work going against the general societal trends at any age, but it is really dangerous to “sit this one out” wherever you are. Thank goodness for the universal energy embodied in astrology that asks us “have you really done it yet? Is your ‘job’ finished?” My answer is No! There is Always More.

  2. Perfectly put , very true and expresses exactly what’s a good approach for me personally . The good thing about a difficult experience like the last couple of years is that so many others also share some of the same difficult challenges . I’m definitely starting to feel some of that Age of Aquarius energy rising in little glimmers here and there. Such as in your eloquent words . A time to allow ourselves some space to dream 🌟

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