Full Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse In Taurus – Some Chains Don’t Break

On November 8th, 2022 we have a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse at 16° Taurus.

To say this eclipse is intense is an understatement. The Eclipse is conjunct Uranus (at 16° Taurus), opposite Mercury (at 15° Scorpio), and square Saturn (at 18° Aquarius). 

The eclipse can bring some unexpected shake ups and developments, and Saturn at the apex of the T-square will make things real. 

This is a North Node eclipse that will initially shake us to the core, but will eventually open us up to new possibilities and realities. Whatever happens is for the sake of our growth and development. 

Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons on steroids. When the Moon is eclipsed, its surface is progressively shadowed, mirroring the 29.5 lunar cycle from New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon – to Last Quarter, Balsamic and New Moon again. What should normally happen in a month (a full lunar cycle), it now happens in one hour only (the duration of the Eclipse). 

That’s why Eclipses – and especially Lunar Eclipses – come with an intensification and culminations.

Things seem to happen out of the sudden, and we may feel we have no say in the process.

Every Full Moon has a specific goal: to integrate the polarity of the signs on the axis. Since the Moon is in Taurus, the Sun is in the opposite sign, Scorpio, so we are talking about a Lunar Eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis.

Taurus-Scorpio is the most fixed axis of the zodiac. Taurus and Scoprio are stable and loyal signs that will go to great lengths to preserve the status quo.

You need something of the magnitude of an earthquake to break a Taurus-Scorpio bond. Uranus, the planet of freedom, will try the impossible.

At the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus will be exactly conjunct the Moon. 

The Moon, Uranus and the North Node will align to create incredible forward momentum.

Will this be the earthquake that will finally push the Bull out of its green pastures and into the most feared unknown? 

Lunar Eclipse In Taurus – Taurus Vs. Scorpio

The Moon, North Node and Uranus in Taurus on one side are opposed Sun, Mercury and the South Node in Scorpio. There is a strong pull (Scorpio) to cling to old mental models (Mercury conjunct South Node) that have defined us and perhaps served us well in the past. 

However, Uranus and North Node no longer want to live in the past. They want to move on. They want to create new realities.

Taurus is our self autonomy, what we build as a result of our own efforts.

Scorpio, on the other side of the axis, is what we share with others, and how other people’s affairs influence us. Scorpio is also power dynamics, is where we hold power over others, but also where others hold power over us.

Sometimes it’s more comfortable to live in the Scorpio space, because there’s always a trump card to be played, or there are always other people we can blame for what goes wrong. 

But there comes a time where even the most complex Scorpionic mind games become boring and predictable.

We have a choice: we can continue to over complicate our lives OR we can keep things simple. Note your resistance to this truism and recognize your Scorpionic tendency to search for “buts” and “what ifs”.

Lunar Eclipse In Taurus – The Adult In The Room

The planets in Taurus and the planets in Scorpio also square Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is in fact at the apex of this highly intense fixed T-square. In a T-square, the planet at the apex is the ‘release’ or the manifestation point of the tension created by the planets in opposition. 

So the way we resolve the Taurus-Scorpio conflict is with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn is the adult in the room. In its domicile sign, Saturn is level headed and understands the bigger picture.

Perhaps sometimes life it’s less about what’s mine (Taurus) vs. what’s yours (Scorpio). Perhaps sometimes we need to zoom out of the situation and do what adults do. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign that’s concerned with what’s best for society as a whole. 

The Lunar Eclipse T-square will draw attention to what’s shaky in your life. What’s not built on stable foundations will crumble.

But there will also be things that will stay. Some chains don’t break, and sometimes we need an Uranian truth slap to see the obvious. 

Uranus is not the angry Mars, nor the power-tripped Pluto. Uranus doesn’t disrupt our life for nothing. Uranus is not a rebel without a cause. 

Uranus is the planet of higher truth. Uranus simply acknowledges the truth. Its role is to remove all the barriers that stand between you and the truth, whatever these might be. 

We have had the Saturn-Uranus square for a while now (2 years). Is not that we are not aware of the tensions in our life. The Saturn-Uranus square has pretty much shown us all the cracks. We know what’s not working. 

Empowered by the Lunar Eclipse, Uranus will just do the deed. Which can mean inevitable change, or simply acknowledging the complexities and paradoxes in our life – and seeing things for what they are. 

We may make the decision to change something fundamental about our lives. Or we may stay where we are. Either way, we will take responsibility for our choices. We will accept what’s working, what’s not working, and make peace with it. 

If you have planets or angles between 15°-19° in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), the eclipse will speak to you directly.

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  1. Oh boy. Do I feel it! I’m Leo and last night I literally lay in my bed writhing with intense energy moving throughout my body. I could not stay still. I could not sleep. I was “wired for sound.” I cannot say it was at all pleasant. It was a rough ride. Today, this morning, I feel beat up and other-worldly. I’m looking forward to this intensity passing.

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