Venus Conjunct Sun In Libra – A New Venus Star Point

On October 22nd, 2022, the Sun is conjunct Venus at 29° Libra.

Sun is conjunct Venus every 9 months on average, so this cannot be such an important transit, right?

It actually is.

This is the first time since the 19th century that the Sun-Venus conjunction happens in Libra.

Venus has a very cyclical movement around the Sun. Perhaps you are familiar with the 5 petals rose or the “dance of Venus” image that shows the beautiful pattern Venus makes around the Sun?


Due to this movement pattern, Sun-Venus conjunctions happen in the same signs of the zodiac for 100 years in a row. So when we have a Sun-Venus conjunction in a new sign (like we do now) we know that’s a big deal.

This is not your usual transit – this is that type of cycle transit that influences our society as a whole. Of course, if you do have a personal planet or an angle around 29° Libra, then the influence will be very personal. However, even if you don’t, the new Venus star point is a new beginning for all of us.

In astrology, Venus rules our feelings, values, love and relationships.

In the last 100 years (since 1926), the previous Sun-Venus conjunctions happened in Scorpio, so our feelings, values and relating style had a layer of Scorpionic expression (regardless of the sign our natal Venus is in).

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, so it’s a bit of a tricky placement. It’s not that Venus in Scorpio is bad, but when in detriment, her task is a bit more difficult vs when she is in the sign it resides or it’s exalted in, for example.

Now the good news is that Venus is in domicile – her favorite place – in Libra. In the next 100 years (until 2133), these Sun-Venus conjunctions will happen in Libra, and Libra it’s a much better place for Venus overall.

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Venus Conjunct Sun In Libra – A New Venus Star Point

A new Venus start point in Libra is good news for all of us!

Does this mean that there will be a sudden shift of October 22nd and we will all start feeling better just because we have a new Venus star point in Libra?

Not necessarily. When an important shift like this happens, we need a bit of time to get “used” to the new energy.

For some people, the conjunction can initially come with feelings that are the opposite of what we would expect: confusion, lack of direction, sadness, loneliness.

But this is a necessary shift that is designed to prepare us for a completely new way of relating.

If Venus in Scorpio was about unequal relationships when one partner had more power over the other, Venus in Libra is the archetype of equal relationships.

The Venus is Libra star point is here to remind us that our feelings are as important as everyone else’s. That our likes and dislikes matter. Of course this goes both ways. Venus in Libra will ask us to tune more into other people’s feelings, and honor them from a place of equality.

“Equal relationships” may not sound very fancy. Most people seek intensity, passion or other emotionally charged keywords when they think of love and relationships.

However, without a strong Libra foundation, relationships will never blossom into their full potential, because a relationship that is not built of healthy foundations of equality and respect is pretty much doomed from the very beginning.

Venus in Libra knows what she wants. She knows what’s good for her, and she knows what’s not. Venus in Libra (the sign of scales) makes decisions based on what feels right.

How many times have we acted from a place of uncertainty, of not knowing? “I don’t know what was in my mind when I did that”.

At least in the first part of our life (but not only), our emotional patterns are rooted in early relating models, for example those of our parents.

Libra is an Air, objective sign. Venus is Libra will help us see things for what they are, helping us gain awareness around outdated emotional patterns that have been sabotaging us for years.

Sun conjunct Venus in Libra is a time to reset unhealthy Venusian patterns and start again.

Tune into yourself and pay attention to any feelings that arise.

What makes you happy, and what doesn’t?

Do you feel worthy of love and happiness, and if not, what needs to happen so you can start feeling worthy?

Are there any outdated relationship patterns that keep you stuck in the past?

How can you have equal relationships where your and your partners’ feelings and desires are honored?

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  1. Hi there! I’am sorry that I’m not so smart to understand HOW Venus conjunct sun at every ‘9 months in Libra , i got it that Venus has a rich pattern and it moves faster than the earth, but the Sun , how could it be every 9 months in libra ? Or easier , what’s mean Venus conjunct Sun ? Whatever it will be I would like to have an answer , otherwise the shadow of doubts and unfaiths’ will spoil the last signs of ration. Thank you!

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