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We are very happy to announce that Astro Butterfly’s “Astro Butterfly Wings” certification program is now open for enrollment!

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Astro Butterfly Wings is a 10-week program to read charts using Astro Butterfly’s “Astrology For Transformation” natal chart reading framework.

If you’re drawn to astrology and resonate with Astro Butterfly’s approach to astrology, we invite you to enroll in one of our study groups: 1) “Astro Butterly Wings” for beginner and intermediate students or 2) “Astro Butterfly Wings PRO” for upper-intermediate and advanced students.

Why Astro Butterfly Wings?

  • Step-by-step frameworks: our previous students love how easy we make learning astrology. The program is structured in bite-sized content, and it is accompanied by visuals, checklists, frameworks, chart examples, quizzes, one-on-one support, group support, integration exercises and more!
  • Holistic approach to chart reading: Astro Butterfly Wings is not just an overview of planets, signs and houses – it is a process to help you “see” the big picture of the chart and think like an astrologer.
  • Suited for all learning styles: whether you prefer to study at your own pace, OR you benefit from live interaction, with Astro Butterfly Wings you can pick and choose your preferred learning format: video vs. text (or both), study by yourself vs. study with others (or both), check your knowledge with graded quizzes vs. ask for feedback from your tutor (or both).
  • High-touch support: you get one-on-one support via email with your private tutor, live Q&A calls (you can attend live or watch the recordings) and implementation workshops, where you practice chart reading with other students in a small-group format. We also have community support on or off Facebook. No other astrology program comes with this level of support!
  • Excellent reviews: our past students loved the program (100% rated the program “Excellent” or “Very Good”).
  • Lifetime access to the program content: the program is taught live over 10 weeks. Once the live program ends, you’ll gain lifetime access to the course content, call recordings, quizzes and assignments so you can come back to the content again and again.
  • Natal chart reading certification: upon the successful completion of the program – including the assignments – you will receive the Astro Butterfly Wings Natal Chart Reading certification diploma. The certification will give you the confidence that you are ready to read charts – we only issue it to those students who successfully apply our chart reading framework.

Who is Astro Butterfly Wings For?

Astro Butterfly Wings PRO is for people who are drawn to astrology and resonate with Astro Butterfly’s approach.

You are a good fit for this program if you take your astrology education seriously and seek a high-quality educational experience. The program is for you if are willing to put in the work to get certified: submit your assignments, complete the integration exercises, or ask for feedback if you get stuck.

We have a beginner/intermediate track and an upper-intermediate/advanced track. If you want to join us, make sure you select the appropriate study group by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of this email.

Astro Butterfly Wings is for a) beginner students who only have a basic knowledge or astrology and b) intermediate students who are familiar with the basic astrology language, e.g. planets, signs, and houses, but still need to google what “Venus Square Pluto” or “Mars in the 3rd house” means.

Astro Butterfly Wings PRO is for a) upper intermediate students who are familiar with the astrology theory, but struggle to bring the different elements of the chart together, or don’t feel confident to read charts and b) advanced students or astrologers who resonate with Astro Butterfly’s approach and want to build upon existing experience from a fresh perspective.

Not sure what your astrology level is? Take this quiz to find out!

Astro Butterfly Wings is open for enrollment until October 11th 2021. On October 12th we start!

Learn more about Astro Butterfly Wings, and join us here:

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>> Astro Butterfly Wings PRO <<

PS: if you have any questions about the program, use this contact form to contact us.


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