Chiron’s Myth – What Does It Mean

Astrology is based on archetypes and synchronicity.

Our neighboring planets, Venus and Mars, have been named after the 2 Roman Gods, and the qualities of these Roman gods are reflected in the astrological qualities of Venus and Mars.

Venus was the Goddess of beauty and love, and in astrology, Venus rules beauty and love. Mars was the God of war, and in astrology, Mars rules how we assert ourselves and go for what we want, and yes, how we fight or go to war.

The same thing applies to Chiron, who was named after the Greek centaur and demigod. If we look at the Greek myth of Chiron, we understand the qualities and the themes Chiron rules in our natal chart.

In astrology, Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer. But there’s much more to Chiron.

Let’s dissect the Greek myth to understand what Chiron stands for:

1st theme – Abandonment

Saturn, Chiron’s father transformed into a horse when he mated with Chiron’s mother. As a result, Chiron was born half-human, half-horse. Disgusted by his appearance, his mother abandons him.

Therefore, in astrology, Chiron rules themes of abandonment, shame, or being rejected just because we’re different.

Chiron is where we feel there’s something wrong with us, where we feel abandoned, odd, and inadequate.

2nd theme – Teaching and Healing

After he’s abandoned, Chiron is adopted by Apollo, the Greek version of the Sun. Apollo teaches Chiron everything he knows – poetry, medicine, herbalism, astrology.

Since he was half-man, half-horse, Chiron had an advantage. Not only was he able to access divine insight thanks to his half-godly nature, but he was also very much connected to nature, thanks to his half-horse nature.

Chiron was able to combine the best of the 2 worlds, becoming the wisest, and most revered teacher and healer of his times.

Therefore, Chiron rules those teachers or people that see our potential and help us heal and grow. Chiron also rules holistic healing – healing that comes when we combine different approaches, both natural and spiritual.

Not only was there nothing wrong with Chiron (even if he was seen as ‘ugly’ or ‘different’ even by his own parents) – but it was exactly his unique half-animal, half-divine dual nature that allowed him to become a great healer.

That’s why our deepest wounds are often our gifts in disguise. It’s exactly those parts of us that are unusual, odd, or different that allow us to be creative, and find healing or solutions where traditional methods fail.

3rd theme – Transcendence and Legacy

Chiron is unintentionally wounded by Hercules, one of his students. To be released from suffering, Chiron trades his immortality with Prometheus (Uranus).

Prometheus was chained to a rock because he stole fire from the Gods and gave it to humans. Because he wanted to help humans, Prometheus was punished by Gods and chained to a rock where he was tortured by an eagle eating his liver into eternity.

When Chiron trades his immortality, two things happen: Prometheus is set free, and Chiron is transformed into the beautiful constellation of Centaurus, one of the biggest constellations in the sky.

What does that mean?

Let’s get back to astronomy. Chiron orbits between Saturn, the last planet visible to the naked eye, and Uranus, the first outer planet. Uranus is a symbol of heaven, the divine, liberation and enlightenment.

Chiron is the bridge between Saturn and Uranus, and it’s our only way to connect or bridge the 2 worlds – the material world of Saturn, and the divine world of Uranus. If we want Uranus’ promise of freedom, liberation and enlightenment, the only way through is Chiron.

BUT – and this is where things get interesting – as long as we are half-human, there is a part of us that is simply not designed for the 5D Uranian realities.

That part of us that is nature (Saturn) needs to be alchemized and transformed. The constellation of Centaurus is a symbol of our legacy. When we ‘die’ i.e. step into the Uranian, 5D reality, what do we leave behind? Our greatest legacy on Earth is our Chiron work.

Our efforts to take what nature has gifted us with – our genes, our DNA, our ‘nature’, and to alchemize these into our greatest possible expression, is our life’s work. It’s in the continuous process of transforming our ‘wounds’ into gifts that we can finally achieve and transcend our life’s purpose.

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