New Moon In Aries – The Healing Crisis

Happy New Astrological Year! On March 20th, the Sun entered Aries and a new astrological year has started.

But it’s not until we have the first New Moon of the year that things really start to kick into gear. 

Our first New Moon of the year is on April 1st, 2022 at 11° Aries. What stands out immediately when we look at the New Moon chart, is the conjunction to Chiron

The Moon, the Sun and Chiron are all less than 1 degree away from each other. The Moon is at 11°30’ Aries. The Sun is at 11°30’ Aries. Chiron is at 12°18’ Aries. And if this New Moon was not intense enough, Mercury, at 9°44’ Aries is applying a conjunction to the New Moon. 

New Moon Stellium In Aries – A Unique Opportunity 

We basically have a stellium-New Moon with a very powerful Chiron influence. 

4-planet stellium conjunctions are rare and powerful, and New Moon stelliums are even more powerful. And what’s even more unique (I’ve never seen a New Moon chart like this before) is that apart from the stellium-conjunction, we have literally zero aspects with other planets.

The whole New Moon chart is pretty much aspect-void. We have the New Moon stellium, the Venus-Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, a weak Mars-Uranus square… and that’s it! 

There are no other distracting energies. The Universe is asking us to pay attention to this New Moon, to the Aries sector of our chart, and nothing else.

Whether or not you have planets in Aries, there is a sector (a house) in your chart that is ruled by Aries. Whenever planets transit Aries (like they do now) that sector or area of your chart is activated. 

Chiron has been in Aries since 2018, and will stay in Aries until 2027. Chiron’s role is to help us heal that area of our chart ruled by Aries.

If Aries is your 1st house, then Aries rules your identity. If Aries is your 2nd house, then Aries rules your self-worth and everything else that it entails: your money, possessions and everything else that gives you a sense of stability and security. And so on. 

Chiron by itself is a rather subtle energy, influencing us in unconscious ways. When other planets activate Chiron though, what has been otherwise locked in the dungeons of our unconscious screams for release. 

New Moon In Aries – The Healing Crisis 

Conjunct Chiron, the Wounded Healer, the New Moon in Aries comes with an incredible opportunity for healing.

This is the first New Moon of the year so the energies are particularly potent. It sets the stage for the upcoming 11 lunations – it is the building block for the type of energies we’re going to witness this astrological year. 

The universe is asking us – it’s almost demanding us – to ‘do something’. This is Aries energy, this is a time to take action. We can no longer stay still. We can no longer brush things under the carpet. There is something acute about this energy that requires our immediate attention. 

Chiron transits bring us what is called a “healing crisis”. 

A healing crisis means that healing is initially preceded by a worsening of the symptoms. However, this temporary sickness is, in fact, a sign that the treatment is succeeding, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

When we have a fever, we feel sick – but the fever means that our immune system is fighting against the disease. 

Similarly, if we want to heal, we first have to bring our wounds out of the unconscious and into the conscious. Of course, once the wounds become conscious, they hurt. But that’s a necessary and unavoidable part of the healing process. 

Chiron asks us to pay attention to those parts of us that are or have been broken or wounded.

When these wounds are not acknowledged, they lurk in the background. Something hurts, but we don’t know exactly what. In our attempt to stop the pain, we develop overcompensation strategies.

If we have back pain for example, we may try all kinds of healing approaches, conventional and unconventional. If we lack self-worth, we may overcompensate by focusing too much on our appearance, going for draconic diets, or overworking ourselves to prove we’re worthy. 

We’re not actually addressing the problem – since, remember, the wound is unconscious at this stage – but we develop all kinds of strategies that will help us later.

New Moon In Aries – Healing The Wound 

Finally, there comes a point where we realize that our overcompensating approaches are simply not working. The only thing that works is actually facing our wound, and embracing it. 

In AA and other rehabilitation programs, a key milestone is when members accept that they have a problem (and then to take responsibility for it). This acceptance phase is key for healing.

This acceptance is the only thing that allows us to heal. And this is exactly what a Chiron transit does. When we have a Chiron transit, the wound is brought from the subconscious to our awareness. The wound is no longer hidden. We feel it. And we do something about it. 

Once the wound is acknowledged, not only do we heal, but the very suffering that pushed us to find relief transforms into a healing gift.

  • Our primal identity wound helps us see our beautiful uniqueness in ourselves and others.
  • Our self-worth wound transforms into healthy self-reliance. We are capable of taking care of ourselves and others without burning ourselves out.
  • Our early communication struggles make us powerful communicators.
  • Our feelings of anxiety or inadequacy transform into soul-touching art.
  • Our unsuccessful attempts to have loving relationships develop us into wonderful partners

Chiron has this unique power – to transform what initially has been wounded, into our gift, into our vocation, into our greatest legacy.

But we need to ‘see the signs’. When the healing crisis symptoms arrive, we actually need to sit with the wound, instead of continuing to numb it down.

Chiron transits, like the powerful New Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron are unique opportunities to do the “Chiron work”. 

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  1. So I do Placidus. Aries rules my 8th House, but most of the House is in Taurus. Most of Aries’ degrees are in my Pisces-ruled 7th House.

    I’d sure like some traction on my healing in trust issues so I’d be ready to start dating again, after a long hiatus.

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