New Moon In Pisces – All You Need Is Trust And a Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

On March 2nd, 2022 we have one of the most spectacular New Moons of the year.

The New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of faith, trust and beliefs, and is close enough to Neptune, the planet of dreams and magic. 

Pisces is the cosmic womb of creation. Anything – absolutely anything – is possible in this magical space where the past, present and future collide.

Anything is possible – but it all starts with a belief. We have to actually believe that something that is not there yet, something we can’t yet see in the mist of the Piscean waving waters, can actually take shape and become a reality. 

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Religions, the law of attraction and spiritual movements all say this, in one form or another: “You can have everything you want as long as you believe it”, “Faith moves mountains”, and my favorite, “The biggest decision you will ever make is where we live in a friendly or hostile or universe” which highlights the powerful co-creation role we can play in designing our reality. 

You may ask yourself: it’s just not true that belief can move mountains. It’s just not true that intentions become realities. There are things in life that no matter how much we want them to happen, they never do. 

Is that really true?

New Moon In Pisces – If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

The New Moon in Pisces comes to challenge our doubts. Everything around us, everything we see, feel and touch, everything that is ‘real’, was first a thought in someone’s imagination.

It was the loving intention of 2 individuals that created another human being. Life first begins in the Piscean all-encompassing waters, and it is expelled out into our 3D reality with Aries’ Bigbang-like explosion. 

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and is followed by Aries, the sign of action. Aries actions may sometimes seem random, but they’re never random.

At first, there was an idea. A vision that was seeded in the fertile Piscean waters. If you can’t imagine it, if you can’t see it with your mind’s eyes first, it won’t happen.

This is what happens when we dream too. At night, the brain bypasses Mercurial logic, to help us find connections we couldn’t find otherwise, to help us see things we wouldn’t see with our limited cognitive processes. 

We may not make sense of our dreams, but that’s not what the purpose of dreams is. Whether we remember them or not, whether we make sense of them or not, dreams work in the background and create new realities for us.

If we didn’t sleep, we would die. Sleep is so important – not only to give the physical body a rest, but also for rebooting purposes.

When we sleep, we plunge into the Piscean 5D multidimensionness, a space that is not available to us in our woken state – a space that cannot be available to us in woken state, because it interferes with the limitation of our Saturnian, material realities. 

The first step to plugging into Piscean magic is understanding that we don’t know everything.

This knowing that we are “not knowing” releases us from the anxiety of being in control of things – an anxiety that keeps us stuck in the past – and automatically opens our minds to opportunities we would not have seen otherwise. 

New Moon In Pisces – All Personal Planets Form Conjunctions

The New Moon in Pisces is supported by other powerful aspects: Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, giving us the “how-to” framework to turn our dreams into Saturnian realities… while Venus, Mars and Pluto meet in Capricorn to seal a deal that will impact our lives for many years to come.

Venus, Mars and Pluto won’t conjunct in Capricorn for many centuries so this conjunction is truly a unique opportunity to create something that is rooted in our deepest dreams and desires.  

All personal planets are engaged in conjunctions: Sun and Moon with Jupiter and Neptune, Mercury with Saturn, and Venus and Mars with Pluto in Capricorn. 

I have tracked transits for 2 decades now, and I don’t remember ever witnessing such a powerful alignment. Conjunctions carry the energy of new beginnings.

New Moon In Pisces – All You Need Is Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

And while in Pisces we may not see this new reality emerging just yet, rest assured that whatever you are imagining, designing, and dreaming of right now will eventually take a 3D shape when the time is right. 

At the New Moon in Pisces, the whole universe conspires to make your dreams a reality. All you have to do is TRUST – when you trust, you allow the universe to throw the pixie dust.

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3 thoughts on “New Moon In Pisces – All You Need Is Trust And a Little Bit Of Pixie Dust

  1. I agree with all you said, I am married to a lovely Pisces and have many Pisces close friends. I have Jupiter exhalted in the tenth and have been an artist and visionary all my life. I still cannot see my visions come true, in fact its quite the reverse (lots of Pluto and Neptune transits last and this year) which has opened my eyes to the truth of life. One thing I am conscious of is the pisces bubble bursting (delusion) and the Jupiter fall from grace, these realities need to be factored into ones big dreams. One foot on the ground (Saturn, Neptune conjunction) when ones head is in the clouds, is wisdom. Much depends on the natal promise. I hate to be such a realist after last year, please universe prove me wrong.

  2. Which start is stronger, starting on March 2 with the new moon or starting on March 5 with Jupiter and the sun?

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