Full Moon In Leo – When The Lion Roars

“I took a deep breath and recited my vulnerability prayer as I waited my turn: Give me the courage to show up and let myself be seen.

Then, seconds before I was introduced, I thought about a paperweight on my desk that reads, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

I pushed that question out of my head to make room for a new question. As I walked up to the stage, I literally whispered aloud, “What’s worth doing even if I fail?”

Brene Brown

On Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 we have a Full Moon at 27° Leo.

Apart from a quincunx with Pluto, the Full Moon in Leo is almost unaspected. When a planet or a lunation doesn’t make aspects with other planets, it expresses the planetary archetype in its purest form. This Full Moon is as Leo as it could possibly be. 

Yes, the Pluto quincunx will add a touch of drama and conflict. It may feel that the whole world is against us. But a quincunx, even if awkward, is solution-oriented. A quincunx is a 150° aspect, so it’s made of a square (90°) and a sextile (60°). 

At first, we deal with the tension of the square. But once the tension is recognized, the opportunity (the sextile) comes.

A quincunx is our chance to make things different, to have a different outcome, but only IF we’re willing to deal with the tension of the square, and only IF we keep our eyes open to seize the opportunities before us.

If all we do is seek the next best thing without dealing with the root cause of our dissatisfaction, the next best thing becomes our next big disappointment. But when we’re willing to recognize and sit with the discomfort, the right opportunity arises.  

Full Moon In Leo – Me Against Them

Let’s look at the visual of this Full Moon.

All the other planets (apart from the Moon) are distributed on one side of the zodiac wheel. The South Node is in Scorpio, Venus, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, Mercury, Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Aries, and Uranus and North Node in Taurus.

The Moon in Leo takes a theatrical stand, opposing not only the Sun, but all the other planets in a “me against them” pose.

This is the artist who performs their number in front of a new audience. They don’t know what to expect: applause or rotten tomatoes.

This is the individual who openly shares their opinion even if it goes against the mainstream, taking the risk of being ‘canceled’, still choosing to stand with their integrity. 

There’s one thing that makes Leo, Leo, and that’s not a desire to be the center of attention. Leo just wants to BE, to express themselves as they are. Just like the Sun rises and sets, radiating warmth and light, Leo people want to be seen for who they are. 

Authenticity is very attractive. Deep inside, we all want to be who we truly are. Not what we were told we should be, not what society wants us to be. 

People who are authentic, who are in touch with their heart energy automatically become role models and leaders, and that’s because we all resonate with what comes from the heart. 

Full Moon In Leo – Authentic Self-Expression

When we fail to integrate our Leo energy, we project it as a shadow: we are either repulsed by it, or we find it very attractive and aspirational

When we’re repulsed by it, that’s perhaps because it’s us who struggle with authentic self-expression. When we see someone who’s authentic, we find it disturbing because it triggers our own people-pleasing, society-pleasing mask we’re so used to wearing.  

OR we may secretly admire Leo’s bravery and boldness. Have you ever ‘liked’ someone even when they had opinions or values that go against your own? Have you ever agreed with someone’s actions even if they were lawless or morally wrong?

We all do that from time to time – because we can’t help ourselves but resonate with the energy that comes from the heart. There’s something extremely attractive about being one’s self – when we recognize it in others, this gives us the permission to shine our own light. 

Of course, it’s not easy to be ourselves in groups – society has certain rules and norms. Aquarius represents society, with its unspoken rules (the sign before, Capricorn represents society with its spoken rules). 

We are social animals. We behave in certain ways because everyone else does also. We want to fit it – we don’t want to create trouble, to draw attention to ourselves, to be “drama queens”. 

Full Moon In Leo – When The Lion Roars

But the more we try to fit it, the more we forget about our heart – about who we are, as unique individuals. 

A balance is needed.

And that’s where the Full Moon in Leo comes in.

When the lion roars, everyone listens.

When we speak from the heart, we draw other people’s attention to us. And this may make us feel uncomfortable. This may trigger our Leo wound – “Who am I to be seen?” “Who am I to be listened to?”.

We can continue doing what we’ve always done. We can go along with what everyone else is doing.

But with every day that passes, we slowly disconnect from this incredible source of truth and aliveness – our heart energy.

Listening to our hearts can feel very scary. But what’s the price of not doing it?

“What’s worth doing even if I fail?”.

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3 thoughts on “Full Moon In Leo – When The Lion Roars

  1. I love this, thank you.
    (I have Leo Ascendant (23) conjunct Pluto (21).
    (My T.ransitting Pluto (22) is just coming out of the closet in the 12 House)
    (My Progressed Moon (21) is conjunct N. Pluto in the 12th right now.)

    Your comments are very accurate and close to home. Thank you again.

  2. Everytime I read your articles, it feels like a storytelling by the fire. You have a wonderful gift of sinthethising complicated knowledge into simple visuals that reach deep within. Thank you!

    1. OMG, thank you! This post is just so fitting right now for me. I’m a Leo Sun with Mars Aquarius, and I do hold my intense weirdness in check, fearing it’s just too much 😏 But it’s raring to be let out, there’s so much energy bottled up.. time for a change! 😃

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