Venus Out Of Bounds

On May 24th, 2021 Venus went out of bounds.

Venus rarely goes out of bounds, and when it does, things may not go on the “expected” Venus path.

Venus remains out of the bounds of the Sun until June 23rd, 2021 so that’s one month to explore and enjoy a ‘different kind of Venus’. 

First things first. What does it mean when a planet is out of bounds?

Planets are out of bounds when their declination is more than 23⁰26’22” North or South of the equator. 

Declination is not the same thing as the degree that is next to the planet in your chart. So if your Venus is 24° Gemini for example, that is the longitude degree. The declination (which tells you whether or not a planet is out of bounds) is the latitude.

Having Venus at 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, or 29th degrees of a sign doesn’t necessarily mean Venus is out of bounds. To find out whether Venus is out of bounds, you will have to check the actual declination, or latitude of Venus (more on how to do that later). 

An out of bounds planet is a planet that is found beyond the bounds of the Sun, so it acts a bit differently. Think of an olympic pool. If someone swims within the lane, within a predefined perimeter, we say it is within the bounds.

If someone swims erratically and crosses the lane, then it is “out of bounds”. When a planet is out of bounds, it is outside the norm. It is unpredictable and volatile. 

An out of bounds planet breaks the rules and “escapes” the physical space dominated by the gravity of the Sun. An out of bounds planet doesn’t play by the rules, and loves to adventure into uncharted territories. 

An out of bounds planet is a “rebel”. A good way of thinking of out of bounds planets is to add some “Uranus” to it. So if you have an out of bounds Venus, think of it as if you would have Venus conjunct Uranus. 

“Out of bounds” is not the same thing as Uranus, but it has some common traits. Out of bounds planets are eccentric, independent, spontaneous and creative. People with out of bounds planets are always pushing the limits of what we accept in society as a norm.

Not all planets go out of bounds, and those that do, don’t go out of bounds very often. The planets that go out of the bounds of the Sun are the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Uranus, and very rarely, Jupiter.

Approximately half of the population has an out of bounds planet, but only 1% of people have 3 or more out of bounds planets. 

People with an out-of-bounds planet know no boundaries and accept no limits. Depending on how this unusual energy is channeled, it can lead to either being at odds with the world, a society outcast, or can be the ticket to boundless creativity and success.

There is always something extraordinary, unique and memorable about a person who has an out of bounds planet.

Venus Out Of Bounds Qualities

An out of bounds Venus gives a romantic nature, charisma, artistic talents and popularity, but also extravagance and hedonism. 

Famous people with out of bounds Venus are Charlie Chaplin, Cher, Tina Turner, Larry King, Liberace, Josephine Baker, Rudolph Valentino, Osho, Bjork, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Caitlyn Jenner.   

People with out of bounds Venus usually have tumultuous, or unusual relationships. They don’t care about conventions and taboos, and simply ‘follow their heart’. They may have multiple marriages, on and off relationships, or unusual partners.

Many people with out of bounds Venus have ‘normal’, monogamous relationships, because that’s their choice, NOT because this is what is expected.

Venus is also the planet of personal style, of likes and dislikes. Venus shows what we like to own, and what we like to wear.

An out of bound Venus ‘modifies’ the qualities of the sign, or takes them to the extreme. 

We all know that Venus in Cancer is rather shy. Liberace had an out of bounds Venus in Cancer, and his dressing style was anything but shy.  

Venus in Taurus is known to be down to earth. Charlie Chaplin had an out of bounds Venus in Taurus. Let’s just say his style was a different kind of “down to earth”. 

Venus in Capricorn is sober and status-driven. Not sure about sober, but spiritual leader’s Osho out of bounds Venus in Capricorn seemed to have an “odd” way of displaying status.

Osho was unlike any other spiritual guru. He wore expensive jewelry and Swiss watches, and had an impressive collection of 100 Rolls Royces. 

Venus in Capricorn dresses for success, in suits or classy outfits. Bjork’s out of bounds Venus in Capricorn has a completely different take on “dressing for success”. 

Venus Out Of Bounds – What To Expect

In the month of May 2021, we have a record number of out of bounds planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the Moon.

This is very unusual, and when out of bounds planets join forces, unusual things happen. Mercury and Mars were already out of bounds, and now Venus joined the party. For two weeks, until June 2nd, 2021 we have a record number of 3 out of bounds planets

May 29th, 2021 should be a particularly interesting day, because Mercury and Venus (both out of bounds) are conjunct in Gemini

When Venus is out of bounds (like it is now) we will all indulge in out of bounds Venus things like overspending or over romanticizing… but we will also be more creative and original than usual.

If you normally have difficulties embracing your Venus e.g. you don’t know what you want, you have difficulties processing your feelings, you have relationship issues, financial limiting beliefs, or low self-worth, this may change now, because Venus is not operating the way she usually does.

This transit comes with great opportunities, but we need to also be aware of the reckless nature of an out of bounds Venus. When Tom Cruise jumped over Oprah’s couch in May 2005, Venus was out of bounds 😉 

How To Find Out Whether You Have An Out Of Bounds Planet

How can you find out whether you have Venus, or any other out of bounds planets?

Option 1: Go to, click on “free horoscopes”, then on “extended chart selection” to get your natal chart. You then click on “additional tables”.

… you then look if any planet or planets has a declination greater than 23⁰26’22”. We notice that Prince Harry’s Mars declination is 25⁰4’28”, and Jupiter declination is 25⁰4’28”. Both Mars are Jupiter are out of bounds. 

Option 2. Here is a link to the declination of the planets from 1930 up to 2024. Go to the year of your birth and look up the closest time interval. Are there any planets that are beyond 23°27’? 

The Moon is missing from the table, so if you want to find out if your Moon is out of bounds, go to and look up the Moon calculator.

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10 thoughts on “Venus Out Of Bounds

  1. Just looked at the additional tables via and found that just one of the planets in my natal chart is out of bounds…Mercury. So I’m wondering how that affects me, especially because I work as a freelance writer!

  2. Searching for the artist of this print of Venus and surfing girl. If you know it please reply. Thank you!

  3. I just realized the man who broke my heart has his venus mercury chiron conjuction out of bounds, no less in Gemini. Oh, he can go to hell. Wish him luck. I’ll miss him

  4. This shows me as having Scorpio rising, but every other chart I’ve ever had done shows Libra rising. Why might that be the case? Thanks.

  5. Very insightful. After checking, turn out I have lilith out of bond. It is conjunct IC. What could it means? Have googled it but found no information.

  6. I have Uranus 23 degrees 42′ 51″ and Pluto 23 48′ 54″ out of bounds. I have no idea what this means. First time I have heard of out of bounds planets. Thank you. I will look into this. If you have any suggestions for me that would be awesome

  7. This is one of the bet articles I’ve read on OOB planets, thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom! I am curious what your thoughts might be regarding whether or not a very close declination would have an impact? For instance, if a planet were sitting at 23 degrees 20.. or more. 🤗

    1. Thank you Shana! If a planet is not beyond 23 degrees 26′ it’s still inside the bounds of the Sun, so from a methodological perspective unsure it has an impact. That being said, there’s not much research on this topic so I assume planets behave differently if they are close to 0 degree vs close to the Sun’s bounds at 23 degrees

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