Full Moon In Virgo – An Expressionist At Work

On February 27th, 2021 we have a Full Moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon is at 8° Virgo and it is one of the most auspicious Full Moons of the year, because it is trine Uranus and opposite Venus.

The trine to Uranus will give us a sense of flow, clarity and direction, and the opposition to Venus will encourage us to find a creative outlet for what has been brewing inside of us since the last New Moon, on February 11th. 

Another beautiful thing about the Full Moon in Virgo is that its ruler, Mercury, has recently turned direct and it is now applying to a conjunction with Jupiter.

This is a highly auspicious transit that will give us a renewed sense of hope and optimism.

Things – finally – start to move in a positive direction. 

Full Moon – Virgo Vs. Pisces

At a Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are opposite each other. Since we are in Pisces season (so the Sun is in Pisces), the Moon can only be in the opposite sign, Virgo. 

We all know that a Full Moon is a time of culmination and manifestation. If the New Moon is a symbol for conception, the Full Moon is a symbol for birth.

At a Full Moon, the seed planted at the New Moon reaches its full potential. 

If we put it into astrological terms, this means that we can only reach the potential of a sign if we employ the qualities of the opposite sign

We can only birth Pisces qualities through Virgo. 

Pisces and Virgo are both mutable signs, so they are concerned with movement and change.

Virgo rules the process of digestion and the intestines. The role of the intestines is to metabolize food and extract what’s nourishing. That’s why Virgo is such an analytical and service-oriented sign. 

Virgo’s role is to find what’s nourishing and useful and then to pass it on to different areas of the body. Virgo’s role is to move things around when and where they are needed. Here we see Virgo’s mutable/movable quality. Moving things around. 

Pisces has a similar quality, but at a collective, more subtle level. Pisces is the sign of Oneness, that space where we are stripped of our personal identity and become one with everything. 

Astrologers call this realm ‘the invisible world’.

In that space, we get access to all the information, feelings, and experiences that have ever existed and will ever exist.

Within this space of transition we get to regroup, we let go of what is done and dusted, and we also get to choose new experiences that we want to embark on. 

We get access to this ‘invisible’ world when we dream, when we fantasize, when we have some ‘otherworldly experiences’, when we listen to music, or during devotional practices. 

While Pisces is commonly associated with Karma and past lives, Pisces is not only about karma, but also about new opportunities to create something new and experience life from different angles

One thing about the Piscean territories is that they are difficult to grasp. We only get a glimpse of this invisible realm through our feelings. 

And that’s precisely why we need to counterbalance Pisces’ dreamy, otherworldly attributes with Virgo’s practicality and concern for the physical world. 

Full Moon In Virgo – An Expressionist Painter At Work

The Sabian symbol of the Full Moon in Virgo is “An expressionist painter at work”.

Expressionists present the world from a subjective perspective, in order to evoke moods and feelings.

What Expressionists put on canvas is not ‘reality’, at least not how we perceive it with our physical senses. They reproduce something else, something that doesn’t exist. 

Or does it? All our feelings, thoughts and experiences already exist within the vast Piscean realm of oneness. 

We can all access this place from time to time, but it’s thanks to Virgo that we get the chance to express it in the material world and give it a physical shape that we can relate to

You may find it difficult to express your feelings, but you can nevertheless find an outlet through art, writing, or other creative forms of expression.   

The Full Moon in Virgo is your invitation to become an Expressionist, even if just for one day.

Reflect on messages, feelings, intuition, longings that have come to you from the ‘invisible’ world.

How can you give them shape and express them into your earthly reality? 

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  1. The fullmoon conjuct my sun exact. Venus in pisce conjuct my nirth node and trine my jupiter in scorpio.Saturn Quincunxes my sun and Mars Squares Mars and opposses Neptune

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