Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Room 101

Reflecting on the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on November 12th, 2020, the novel “1984” came to mind.

1984 is a dystopian fiction about totalitarianism and mass surveillance. In the novel, the one-party government led by Big Brother had 4 ministries:

The Ministry of Truth (in charge of re-writing history), the Ministry of Love (in charge of enforcing the love for Big Brother through fear), the Ministry of Peace (in charge of war), and the Ministry of Plenty (in charge of deliberately keeping people poor and easy to control). 

Room 101” is a re-education basement torture chamber in the Ministry of Love. In Room 101, people who protest the Party are subjected to their own worst nightmare, fear, or phobia, with the objective of breaking their spirit.

In the novel, the main character’s – Winston Smith’s – greatest fear was rats. 

Threatened to place his head into a small cage full of rats, the protagonist finally breaks down and asks to be saved, begging the authorities to let his lover suffer the torture instead of him. In this way, he betrays the one person he loves the most.

The authorities were not interested in killing, or even torturing Winston – all they wanted to do, was to break his spirit and make him surrender to Big Brother.

And surrender, he did. By the end of the novel, Winston, who initially hated Big Brother, ended up loving him. 

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Room 101

The Jupiter conjunct Pluto parallel with Room 101 sounds apocalyptic, because to an extent, Pluto transits really do have an extreme quality. There is something inescapable about these Pluto transits – they always ask us to surrender and to let go of what we hold most dear. 

But like with every transit, there’s always something positive behind all of the initial darkness

The 3rd and final Jupiter Pluto conjunction on November 12th, 2020 will bring the culmination and the outcome of a difficult, fear-mongering year-long transit. 

We had the 1st Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on April 4th and the 2nd transit on June 30th. The 3rd and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurs at 22° Capricorn, the same degree we had the restrictive Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020.

But once Jupiter meets Pluto for the last time on November 12th, 2020 he’s not coming back. As intense as things are right now, rest assured that after they reach a plateau mid-November the tension will slowly subside

If you’ve read my previous write-ups, you know that from the very beginning I associated the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction with the pandemic.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto has not only brought us the pandemic but also, the social and political unrest, the thirst for political power, the government bail-outs, the ideological conflict in Europe – all of which speak volumes about the magnified power of Jupiter and Pluto. 

Pluto is the planet of power, truth, trust and transformation. Pluto rules the inescapable cycles of life and death, with all the fear, trauma, ecstasy, and bliss they bring. Pluto is fate itself.

Jupiter magnifies everything it touches… and in our case, it magnifies Pluto. Hence the fear, the hype, and the all-or-nothing approach to life that have been the signatures of 2020. 

It’s not that Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions always bring tension and fear. But this particular Jupiter-Pluto cycle occurred just after the Saturn-Pluto cycle, on January 12th, 2020, so it had to fit into the wider agenda of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction

Does this mean the upcoming and much anticipated Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st will also follow this rather grim suite?

No. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in Aquarius, NOT in Capricorn. This difference is significant – Jupiter conjunct Saturn on December 21st, 2020 going to be very different. 

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Exposing Dirty Secrets

But let’s come back to Jupiter conjunct Pluto, and try to reflect on what the higher purpose of this transit is

Let’s face it. We all want the good things in life. We are wired to seek pleasure. We want things to be easy. We want to “focus on the positive”. To pretend life is good and brush everything we don’t like under the carpet.

“I’ll deal with that later… hopefully never”. But life is both light and darkness, expansion and contraction, growth, and decay. To focus on the 50% (what we like) means that we only live in a 50% reality, and that is a recipe for failure. 

Jupiter has the quality of exposing the themes of the planet it touches, so in 2020 Jupiter exposed Pluto’s dirty secrets.

Of course, we may not like to hear what Jupiter has been exposing since April 2020. We may call it fake news or manipulation.

But since this is not a Neptune transit, chances are that these exposed dirty secrets are not fake news. Pluto is the real deal. What you see IS the truth – even if it’s gross and rotten. 

Knowing what’s rotten is a good thing. If your tooth rots, you go to the dentist and fix the problem… and save your other teeth. If you want your tree to grow healthy, you trim the dead branches.

We only take action – go to the dentist, trim the tree – once we find out what’s rotten. Once we identify the root cause of the problem. And this is what Jupiter conjunct Pluto can help us with. 

Is the world such a grim place as 2020 has been trying to paint it? Most likely not. But sometimes we need to “exaggerate” the problem, to paint it in darker tones, in order to see it.

The Jupiter-Pluto purging is a necessary process that will help us to let go of what cannot sustain life. Why? So that we can start anew when the Jupiter-Saturn cycle starts later this year.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Your True Power

Finally, remember there is no right or wrong way of dealing with Jupiter conjunct Pluto. You may ask yourself “should I surrender to Big Brother, and accept my fate, OR should I stay true to myself and try harder, even if I lose everything?”. 

While Pluto always asks us to let go of something that we find it incredibly difficult to live without, Pluto does not want to break our spirit. Pluto only wants to break our Ego.

There is a big difference between the two.

If what you hold on to is your Ego, then yes, it’s wiser to surrender.

But if you run away from life because you’re fragile and don’t put in the effort, then perhaps it’s wiser to try harder. Pluto will ‘force’ you to find the resources inside of yourself that you did not know you had. 

Both Jupiter and Pluto are concerned with finding the truth. With Jupiter conjunct Pluto, you’ll have to look deep inside yourself and to face your inner truth – no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel. 

Ultimately, however, Jupiter conjunct Pluto wants to help you find your true personal power.

And we can only unleash our true personal power when we stop being afraid of who we are – with the good, the bad, AND the ugly. 

One thing for sure. You’ll be a completely different person on the other side of Jupiter conjunct Pluto’s ‘torture chamber’.

By the end of the Jupiter conjunct Pluto transit, you’ll find your true power. Not a power that seeks to control, take advantage of, and win; but a power that seeks to express one’s truth in a way that serves the best interests of humanity at large.

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  1. A very interesting artical,thank you so much.I am a VIRGO SUN and Leo rising…My SATURN is at 22 Taurus my 9th House.Can you please open my eyes by telling me what will happen during this period? Capricorn is my 5th H.Thank you in advance…Mwanyule

  2. Oh my goodness! So much truth in these article! I related a lot! Thank you so much for this.
    Stay safe!

  3. Just to let you know you have a small in-correction in the text : “No. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in Aquarius, NOT in Capricorn. This difference is significant – Jupiter conjunct Pluto on December 21st, 2020 going to be very different. ”
    Loved the article

  4. Thanks, it is interesting as usual. I have experienced it in my life before as you described. could you tell me how this conjuction affects in Leo sun sign?

  5. I fear that I will have to face long-postponed, very drastic dental work. I’ll have to have all my teeth taken out in preparation for dentures that I cannot yet afford. I’m a Capricorn and 75 y.o.

  6. Excellent!!! Love the Room 101! Truly a time for us to step into our Pure Heart True Love and Power! You are fabulous, my darlin’ – hugs and love from here to there… (this is my first time here! :-))

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