New Moon In Cancer – Inside The Fence

On July 20th, 2020 we have a New Moon in Cancer. This is the 2nd New Moon in Cancer, the 1st one on June 22nd was at 0° Cancer, right on the Solstice point. 

This one is at 28° Cancer, an ending degree. If we haven’t had the chance to integrate the lessons of the first New Moon in Cancer, now we have a 2nd chance. In fact, it is more than a 2nd chance. It is almost a “celestial order”. We HAVE to get the Cancer sector of our lives straight. 

This New Moon in Cancer is exactly opposite Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of restrictions. Cancer is the sign of comfort, safety, and security. 

At the New Moon in Cancer, we are torn between our need for comfort and security vs. the expectations to adhere to rules and boundaries.   


We can already see where this is heading. Covid-related restrictions are coming back.

And while the energy of the New Moon in Cancer is by no means less intense than what we had to put up with in the last months, the feeling of having no control has been replaced by a realization that it’s up to us to put our lives back in order.  

Cancer vs Capricorn

There is a reason why Cancer and Capricorn share the same axis. If you care (Cancer) you also take responsibility (Capricorn). And you can only take true responsibility (Capricorn) if you are emotionally invested.

You can only have healthy boundaries when you also have consent.

You can only set good rules when you care about those affected by these rules.

Responsibility without caring, boundaries without consent, can only lead to abuse of power

Talking about the abuse of power: since Saturn has joined Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, more and more of the power-corrupted structures and people have been exposed. 

Since this New Moon in Cancer rules over children and the vulnerable, we can expect to have more uncoverings of those who have failed to set healthy boundaries.

Of those who have taken advantage of the vulnerable. Saturn’s rules are necessary – but only when they are in the best interest of everyone, not only of those who make these rules.   

Saturn is the planet of karma. What goes around comes around. For those people and institutions that have abused their power – especially against the weak and vulnerable – it is payout time

Saturn – Inside The Fence

The dark side of Saturn is THAT that overpowers and restricts us. The state. The law. The institution. The politician. The ancient Greek power-hungry God that eats his own children out of fear that one might dethrone him.

However, if we want to outgrow Saturn, it is important to make peace with this “old devil”.

Ultimately, Saturn represents the painful process we all have to go through to ADULT UP. To do that, we have to 1) identify what’s weak and needs attention, and 2) create supporting systems to protect it.

Without strong roots (Cancer) the tree cannot grow (Saturn in Capricorn).  

But how do we do that? 

We go inside the fence. Psychologically, Saturn’s rings can be experienced as a fence, boundary, or barrier, but also as a structure, framework, or playground. Confined within Saturn’s walls, we feel safe, and trapped at the same time. 

There is, of course, comfort in confinement. With Saturn, however difficult the trials and tribulations, at least we know where we stand. We know that if we play by the rules, we’re fine.

But there are more important gifts to be discovered within Saturn’s boundaries.

It is only inside Saturn’s rings, it is only in confinement that we find a depth of understanding we cannot find anywhere else. When we HAVE to stay inside the fence, we have no choice but to UNDERSTAND.

Inside the ring, we pay attention to what’s fragile and needs our attention. And from that place of caring and understanding, we can find better rules and create better support systems.

But we first have to face our vulnerability. To dive deep into our weakness. Only then we can transform our vulnerability into true power.  

If we take shortcuts, if we fail to take care of ourselves, if we fail to set healthy boundaries – with ourselves and others – we risk becoming that power-hungry Saturn figure we so much despise – when the circumstances will allow. 

If we want to truly “adult up” we HAVE to go through the process of “saturnification” – inside our own fence.

And the New Moon in Cancer opposite Saturn is a great opportunity to do that. 

PS: if you want to learn more about Saturn and the role it plays in your chart, enroll in Saturn – The Great Teacher 



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  1. My rising sign and moon are Cancer…Saturn is in my 5th House ruled by Scorpio….what will this mean for me?

    1. Fantastic article! Lovely description of what is happening above and below! 💗🙏🌏

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