Full Moon In Scorpio – We’re In This Together

If you are on Facebook, perhaps you’ve seen the new reaction emoticon that has been added to the repertoire: “Care” with the message “Even apart, we’re in this together

And this made me think of Thursday’s Full Moon in Scorpio. The Full Moon on May 7th is at 17° Scorpio, right in the heart of the Scorpio.


The Full Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces. Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs, and both the Moon and Neptune are “water” planets, so we will get a 4x dose of “water” or emotional intensity, creativity, intuition and empathy.

Even if Scorpio has a hard shell, it is still a softie inside. Not that it will show it! But (the very few) people who get to know a Scorpio know that deep down, Scorpio deeply cares.

Scorpios don’t just say they care, they DO care. Their emotions are intense. Their love is real.

The Moon is in detriment in Scorpio, and that’s because the Moon qualities don’t naturally blend with Scorpio’s qualities. The Moon brings light into darkness and has a quality of illumination, reflection, and openness. Scorpio prefers dark corners, and it doesn’t open up easily.

That’s why Scorpio’s number one lesson is that of trust. Scorpios don’t trust easily, because they know that the world can be a dangerous place to live in. People can let you down. A disaster can strike at any time. And because of that, they are always on guard.

We can better understand Scorpio if we look at the opposite sign, Taurus. Taurus is what we have as a result of our own efforts. Scorpio is what we have as a result of merging with others.

And that place of merging is dark and scary – it is filled with mystery, secrets, danger. But it is the only place where true intimacy can happen. In total surrender. When we know that something can hurt us, yet we surrender because surrender, trust, and intimacy are an inherent part of the human experience.

And it is in that dark, invisible and mysterious place that true connections are formed. Invisible, yet indestructible ties.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is here to tell us that we don’t have to be physically together to care for each other. We don’t have to be together because we’re in this together anyway.

And it is in the deep knowing that trust is all we really have, that we can ultimately burst the bubble of separation and find true connection and empathy with our fellow human beings.

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5 thoughts on “Full Moon In Scorpio – We’re In This Together

  1. Thank you for this. I am a 29 degree Scorpio, Taurus Moon in the 4th quarter of life and I have never read such a perfect description of how I experience the world. Thank you

    1. I agree. I’m a 27 degree Scorpio, Taurus Moon. Love to connect on FB if you would like. You can find me under Katherine Damico. Be well

  2. Thank you astrobutterfly. it really is an amazing time of separation however we are reminded to go inward and re-awaken the connection and care for others while every person on earth is going through this same experience. We really are connected, I’m in Australia and spoke with a computer tecnition in India today, straight away without any barrier to understanding a covid-19 conversation was the topic. We were able to relate about our experience, it was like we were great friends it was such a bizzar but amazing experience.

  3. You have done an absolutely great job of explaining the meaning of the full moon. You treated the whole world your client sitting across the table in front of you! Good job. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for saying nice things about Scorpios. It’s hard having a hard shell and feeling like a loner often… all the while sitting in the dark, taking notes on how to brighten even the darkest of times. Have we not earned the right to grade our own papers yet? I know what everyone is saying: “only a Scorpio ask that” Lol 🙂

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