Chiron Goes Direct – Heal That Wound

Chiron goes direct on December 12th at 1° Aries. When a slow-moving ‘planet’ like Chiron changes direction its energy is stronger than ever.

If you’ve been feeling more sensitive and vulnerable lately, that’s because Chiron is getting ready to switch gears. These feelings of vulnerability will reach a boiling point at the Full Moon in Gemini, on December 12th, and then slowly subside.

We all have Chiron somewhere in our chart. 

Chiron is the archetype of the wounded healer. “Wounded” because we all have wounds. And “healer” because we are all healers, IF we face our wounds.

In your chart, Chiron is that part of you that is the most vulnerable, that part of you that you are most ashamed of. That part of you that you want to keep secret not only from others, but also from yourself. 

But also that part of you that if you choose to explore and embrace, will not only heal you, but will also make you a better human being. 


Chiron is now in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and will stay here until 2027.

Aries is the sign of “I am” – it’s our identity, our will to exist.

Since its ingress in Aries in 2018, Chiron has stirred the deepest wounds of them all: our identity wound.

Questions like “Who am I?” “Does my existence really matter?”, the “imposter syndrome” and a feeling of being an outright failure have been more poignant since Chiron is in Aries.  

But that’s exactly why we need Chiron in Aries. To remind us of our wounds. To remind us that we need to do something about them.  

It’s not easy to get in touch with the wound. It hurts every time. But the reason it hurts is because we reject it. When you see something ugly, all you want is to make it go away.

We look at the wound and we say “that’s not me”. And when we reject it, the wound overpowers us. We are at its mercy. 

We tell ourselves “I know I should be doing something about this, but now is not the right time. I’ll fix this later.” But as time passes by, the wound doesn’t go away, it only gets deeper.  

Healing the wound is not only about ending the suffering. It’s much deeper than that. It’s about finally starting living. A wound is an unfinished business from the past. And unless healed, it keeps us locked in the past. We are the living dead and we don’t even know it… until it’s too late. 

This wound doesn’t only keep us locked in the past. But everyone else that follows us; our children and our children’s children too. 

“If you tolerate this, then your children will be next”

Healing your wound is not only about ending the suffering. It’s a duty. You were born with this wound so you can heal it. You wouldn’t have had this wound, if it was not part of the reason you are here, if it was not connected to your mission in this lifetime. 

And the good thing is that our very wounds contain the energy needed to heal them.

You already have what it takes to heal. You just have to make a conscious decision to take action. With Chiron at 1° Aries, let that cardinal fire fuel you

So what if you feel invisible, unwanted, frail, shy, and exposed? Do it anyway. 

As Chiron switches gears and goes direct at 1° Aries, embrace your vulnerability. Scrub that wound. Expose yourself. Do the unbearable. 

Whether that means having an uncomfortable discussion, unveiling a secret, seeking therapy, asking someone how they feel about you, or applying for a job out of your league. 

Don’t attach yourself to the outcome. That’s not the point. Right now, you want to have a reconciliation with your wound. You want to heal. 

What cardinal action will you take to heal your Chiron wound? 

PS: Read more about Chiron in Aries here: Chiron In Aries You Are Here For A Reason 

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13 thoughts on “Chiron Goes Direct – Heal That Wound

  1. I’ve been sharing my truths with loved ones I have difficult relations with, it feels very freeing and I feel like I have a cleaner slate moving into 2020.

  2. This is a very beautiful and profound post, thank you for articulating it so well. I trust that it resonates with those who really need to hear the message and see Chiron’s gift, and that each will be activated to face and address the uncomfortable truths dwelling within. Blessings to all in this age of Cherishing Waters 💜

  3. My ascendant is on 29 degrees of Pisces. So Chiron is for the 4th time conjunct with it. This week I discovered that the reason why I’m here is to live an earlier life again. Now I understand what I’m doing here.

  4. Interesting as chiron is inny 12th house and I am an intuitive spiritual healer helping people heal wounds of past li es, ancestors and this life. My north node is Gemini so on 12.12 I’m putting my seatbelts on

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