Why Things Happen The Way The Do – An Astrology Perspective

To most people, life is a random chain of events. Things happen to them. Kind of the same things happen to them… ironically, even if they say everything is by chance. If everything is random and things only happen by chance, how come we go through the same lessons, meet the same people, and do the same things, over and over again? 

To people who are into astrology, life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect. If you’re reading this, you know that nothing happens solely by chance – and that your experience has meaning.


The more you dive into astrology, the more you understand how the cosmic archetypes are reflected in our lives, in our personalities, and in everything we do. As above so below. The stars are here to guide our way and to help us grow into the best version of ourselves. 

We all have things we need to work on: anger, obsession, power struggles, or lack of self-worth. 

Let’s say you have anger issues. You look at your natal chart and notice that your Mars makes a stressful square to Saturn.

You do a lot of research about Mars square Saturn, and as you learn more about this aspect, everything starts to make sense. Of course: Mars tells you to go for it, and Saturn spanks you with the ruler every time you do so. No wonder this push-and-pull dynamic leads to anger issues and resentment.  

And then you find out that your boss – with whom you don’t get along – also has Mars square Saturn. In fact, you seem to be drawn to people with Mars-Saturn aspects. The more you observe the Mars-Square in action in the outside world, the more you become aware of how it plays in your inner world

And then you learn about transits. You notice that when the Moon is conjunct Mars you have a blowout… but when the Moon is conjunct Saturn, you bottle it all up. The more you observe these archetypes in action, the more aware you become. At some point, you realize “I’m not angry anymore. Where did all that anger go?”.

The more you learn astrology, the more you understand why things happen the way they do. You check Saturn transits from the past and notice that 14 years ago when you had your Saturn opposition you lost your job. Then 7 years later when you had your Saturn square you got demoted. But now, at your 2nd Saturn return, you were voted the president of your local residents’ association. 

Basically, every time you have a Saturn transit, something related to your career happens. 

And while the previous two career events have been rather negative (you got fired and you got demoted), this time Saturn has come with a positive development (you became the president of your local community). How did that happen? 

Somewhere along the line, perhaps when you worked on your Mars-Saturn square, you internalized Saturn. With practice and self-awareness, you learned how Saturn works. 

Saturn is no longer an outside authority, a boss, a law, a regulation or a restriction. You have become Saturn. You have become your own authority. From now on, Saturn will not bother you anymore. Saturn will work for you and with you, with total awareness and with great responsibility. 

The more you understand how to work with the astrological archetypes and make sense of your chart, the more conscious you become. Astrology will not remove the hard lessons from your life – you wouldn’t want this anyway – but it will help you understand why things happen the way they do.

There is always a reason. People who consciously apply astrology in their lives are more confident, more fulfilled and have a greater sense of alignment with the universe.  

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8 thoughts on “Why Things Happen The Way The Do – An Astrology Perspective

  1. I’m interested in an in depth and easy to understand translation/guidance of my natal chart. Are you doing them again and how much?

  2. Today Is the 10th, I would like to sign up for the online class, but it says that the registration is closed.Please let me know if I could still sign up

  3. You,

    you are love.


    dont deceive me.

    You are Love,
    I dont deceive myself.

    Abandon suffering girl, not to identify with your characte( persona)lity.

    Defending what is not real is pathetic.
    Share joy share your-Self.

    I just happened to be your mirror for all your projections to be launched on me for you to See ( clarity)

    Im witness, the observer, just sheding light on those hidden aspects of your subconcious that you resist to acknowledge.

    Realize your-Self, and no to focus on bettering- improve, modify- what is not real.

    Love is what you are

    Eternal Comprehension

    Glowing humility

    Infinite peace

    Lovingness in action

    Just ask this to yourself:

    Am I living my Human Experience in State of Grace and Bliss? What is it like? Would I be able to describe to others what is like to experience both?

    Remember this always, we are not the programmed mind (dual personality)

    We always have an option,

    Either we chose Peace of conflict

    Love or fear

    Don’t look for Love

    Be Love by sharing Love

    And you think you know it all .. to the point that you use your limited mind to attack, strike back when you feel hurt? Not reciprocated?…

    Astrology is a navegation tool for the human mind.

    Not a Judge, preacher, a punisher for the collective mind ( ego )

    And what you perceive as “anger” it is your own State of internal discord” projected on me.

    I see it as intuition, which indicates that our vibrational state are not a match, simply.

    Just that that your personality translates it as ” anger” because it is the dual mind projecting itself.

    This Full moon in Pisces is your blessing.
    ( with a fish ball lense)

    You are loved

    We are all One in Gratitude

    All is beauty, all is perfect, all is well.
    The blessings already are, we are the blessings

    Blessed we are

    A profound and eternal hug

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