Full Moon In Libra – Love And Projection

On March 21st, 2019, immediately after the Northern Equinox, we have a powerful Full Moon in Libra.

You may know by now that a Full Moon alone is powerful enough – it basically represents the energetic peak of the month.


Full Moon In Libra – It’s Action Time

But this Full Moon is at 0° Libra, one of the 4 cardinal degrees, which are the most potent degrees of the zodiac.

Cardinal signs = action. 0° of cardinal signs is where the action starts. 0° is the degree of all possibilities. Anything is possible when we have such a powerful alignment at 0° in cardinal signs.

The Sun is at 0° Aries and is conjunct Chiron, at 1° Aries. The Full Moon is opposite Chiron. This means that the Full Moon in Libra has a strong ‘Chiron’ flavor.

Libra is the sign of relationships and partnerships of any kind. Libra is the sign of the ‘Other’.

Libra – The Set Of The Ego

Sun in Aries, on the other side, is all about the Self. The Sun is exalted in Aries, Aries is where the Sun rises. The Sun is in fall in Libra, Libra is where the Sun sets. Libra is the Sun-set, is the set of the Self, the set of the Ego.

The Aries-Libra axis is about balancing your needs with those of others.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, but also the Shaman who can bring holistic healing and turn the initial wound into a gift.  

If you want healthy relationships (Libra), you need to heal yourself first (Sun conjunct Chiron). Instead of trying to find the right partner, instead of waiting for the ‘perfect’ relationship, work on becoming the right person. Find out who you really are and heal your sense of identity.

Healing your Identity (Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries) means bringing together all the broken pieces of the Self into a Whole.

The process of Self Integration is never easy. We need to face our dark side. At first, we deny those parts of ourselves we find unacceptable.

Libra And Projection

After a while, denial alone (as a self-defense mechanism) cannot justify these buried expressions of the Self that begin to surface. Then we move to the next psychological defense mechanism, called projection.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 1.29.59 AM

Projection is in between denial and acceptance. We are not denying it anymore, we start to become aware of the wound, yet we don’t feel ready to integrate it, thus we project it onto others.

Libra encompasses the mechanism of projection. We project onto others those attributes we don’t yet see in ourselves. We hate angry people because we are not ready yet to accept we are full of anger ourselves. We admire good communicators because we don’t realize we too have the gift of communication.

That’s why Libra is both about relationships and enemies. Relationships because we want to be with people we admire, with people who can teach us something about ourselves. And enemies, because we need them to understand those parts of ourselves, too.

Libra And Love For The Other

But at its core, Libra energy is going beyond projection. Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra is the sign of Love. The secret to fulfillment, wisdom and happiness is love for the Other.

It is only when we see the Other for who they are, as distinct individuals, that we experience love. Love is appreciating someone for who they are. Love is not about who we are. It is not about us projecting ourselves into others. It is not about our needs.

When we truly focus on the other, we forget about ourselves. We break free from the isolation and solitude, from the loneliness of the Self.


If in the first 6 signs of the zodiac (from Aries to Virgo) the focus is on developing the Self, starting with Libra, we realize that there is more to life. That the inner world is not enough.

Libra is breaking free from the micro universe we developed in the first 6 signs. Libra is acknowledging that there is an outer universe that is worth exploring.

Most people never break free from the micro universe. The world is all about them, about who they are as an individual. The others are, at best, just a mirror of their own expression. But in it’s pretty lonely down there. There is no greater happiness than breaking free from the micro universe, from the Ego.

The Full Moon in Libra comes with a breakthrough. We are nothing without love. We are nothing without the Other.

Chiron conjunct Sun will make us painfully aware of the loneliness of the Self, so that we can reach out to the Other and genuinely accept their perspective and view of the world.

When we refuse to take an honest look inside, we project our inner universe onto others. When we are authentically ourselves (Sun conjunct Chiron) we are able to appreciate the Other for who they are, with their uniqueness. And sometimes, simply loving the Other is all we need to heal ourselves.

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