Chiron Trine Mercury And North Node – Open The Door

After 5 months in retrograde, Chiron just turned direct at 27° Pisces on December 9th, 2018. This is the last time Chiron goes direct in Pisces, at least for the next 50 years.

On the same day, Chiron makes a beautiful grand water trine with Mercury (at 27° Scorpio) and with the North Node (at 27° Cancer).

Mercury is our mind. Master or servant, our mind is the ‘manager’ of our life. We feed it with thoughts, feelings, and impressions. Mercury processes them. As a result, we feel in a certain way. We act in a certain way. All our feelings, actions, everything about us can be traced back to the mind. Can be traced back to Mercury. 

When we have a Mercury transit, our mind pays attention.

What about Chiron? Chiron is also called “the wounded healer” but Chiron is much more than that. Chiron orbits between Saturn, the last planet visible to the naked eye – and the last planet we can conceptualize with our Mercurial mind – and Uranus.

Uranus is the first invisible planet, an archetype that our mind cannot grasp yet. That’s why Uranus is associated with chaos and surprises – it’s because what we don’t understand, we fear.

Chiron is the ‘missing link’ between Saturn and Uranus and represents our opportunity to transcend our material limitations, to move beyond matter and time, to something greater than our mind can even comprehend.

Of course, the process is not easy. It means awakening from the limited, false reality we are programmed to live in. At first, it hurts. That’s why Chiron is the wounded healer.

But after we embrace the pain, Chiron can open doors to places you can’t even imagine.

Chiron’s symbol is the key, right?


Chiron is nothing else but the key to wholeness

The North Node represents our purpose in life, our potential to alter our karma (represented by the South Node) and change the course of our destiny.

What happens when these three powerful archetypes – Mercury, Chiron, and the North Node – come together?

Our mind (Mercury)

Our wholeness (Chiron)

Our life’s purpose (North Node).

If there was only one contact – between Chiron and the North Node – we might have missed the incredible opportunity of this transit. But because Mercury (our mind) is involved as well, we simply cannot miss it. 

Pay attention to the messages around you – and inside you.

What message is so clear, so true, so important that you cannot ignore it?

You knew it all along, but you didn’t pay enough attention to it.

Not anymore.  

The portal has been opened. Chiron has given you the key. Step in. Today can be the day that everything changes.


Chiron moves back (and for good) in Aries in February 2019. Read more about Chiron in Aries Chiron In Aries 2018-2027 – You Are Here For A Reason


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10 thoughts on “Chiron Trine Mercury And North Node – Open The Door

  1. Thank you 💛 I find your posts amazing…I’m so grateful to have bumped into you…
    This chiron direct is an interesting post and further more it makes a square to my 27° sag sun and trine my 26°51° cancer rising… maybe it’s all why I feel I’m at a crazy place in my understanding of being spiritual with a human experience and I’m learning deep things about faith at the moment…
    Thanks again, it was very helpful…💛

  2. Just a question sorry.When will the mercury Elongation start and end zthis year and how will it impact people born on 1st of Sept 1970 if i may ask plz?

  3. Yesterday I decided that I would form a group on Near-Death Experiences–to start in January. I feel that what you’ve written here about the Water Trine is relevant to my having made this decision.
    I have a Water Trine in my natal chart, and it forms a Kite with Mars in Capricorn in my 3rd house.

    The last month or so–(during which I often felt very lonely)–I was studying NDEs (again), so that I could send a book, an article, and/or a youtube video on NDEs to my Danish girlfriend in Copenhagen, who lost her son-in-law in late July. She is grieving doubly — for him and for her daughter, as well as for the lost prospect of having grandchildren (which her daughter and her son-in-law had been planning to start working on in September).

    I’m hoping that starting this group will be appropriate for me, since I have not been able to find people in the western suburbs of Chicago who share the kind of spirtiuality that I “received” after some 9 mystical experiences. These started some months after I had received what I believed was a ‘death sentence’ in 2004.
    I did 2 things which I believe helped precipitate these experiences — (1) I started meditating 45-50 minutes a day, and (2) I switched to an organic whole food diet.
    (I have Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Vesta, Pallas and LIlith in my 12th house, so I believe this has something to do with it as well.)

    During my experiences I felt an immense, totally unconditional loving force which animated everything living around me (and shone thru me as well).
    But the people or manmade products I saw were not in this loving light. I realized that we’re all in a kind of Earth School — here to learn to love ourselves and others with the polarities we have here and with the gift of Free Will.
    These experiences put me immediately on a conscious spiritual path (agnostic before), and the depression I’d had for some 30-35 years completely stopped. However, I had to go thru a lot of programs and online classes to bring myself to a level where I could feel a lot of self-compassion (after a lifetime of “failure”).

    It’s still not easy for me — primarily because I really don’t have the support of loving family here — and yet I have nowhere to move to (yet) despite a relocation astrologer telling me 6 years ago that this was a D- area for me.

    Plus, this is an area filled with traditional Christian Churches (and 1/3 to 1/2 of them are evangelical).
    So I haven’t found the kind of people I’ve been looking for — people who are spiritual but not religious, and especially people who have had experiences similar to my mystical experiences.

    I am hoping that I will finally meet people who understand me and my mystical experiences, with whom I can share deeply.
    Meanwhile, I’m cleaning up my physical surroundings (my apt.), which I have preferred to ignore in favor of more “lofty” activities.

    You are a TOP ASTROLOGER. I share many of your articles with the only person I know in this area who believes in astrology; she IS an astrologer.

    I am grateful for your excellent creative and intuitive work,

    Love from Sally

  4. Yes, i agree with above post…live your words, particularly today. I like the added explanation to Chiron…the key !!

  5. My ascendant is on 29 degrees of Pisces so I am happy Chiron goes direct again and didn’t come back for the last years I am on earth. I am 61.

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